Make AWESOME Minimal Poster Designs In 5 Minutes!!

Make AWESOME Minimal Poster Designs In 5 Minutes!!

in today’s graphic design tutorial
you’re going to learn some skills and some techniques in Adobe Illustrator
that’s going to allow you to master 3d minimal poster design also I’m going to
throw in some typography tips too so let’s get right into the video so for my
minimal poster design I’m going for a gray background so you want to come into
the color palettes and choose your color and then press M for the rectangle tool
and cover the entire canvas with a rectangle just to make things easier for
your workflow press command or control two to lock down with this rectangle so
it doesn’t move around throughout your workflow now for the main kind of focal
point for the post there we’re going to make a 3d shape using circles and a very
specific tool so press L for the ellipse tool hold down shift or you can hold
down shift and the alt/option key and then click and drag to make a circle now
I find really bright and really bold colors work well for this kind of poster
and I’m working in RGB so the colors are more vibrant on screen so the first
circle I’m gonna go for this kind of cyan color and then once I’ve made that
circle I’m gonna hold down the alt or the option key click and drag and
duplicate it upwards to make things more interesting I’m gonna go for different
sizes for my circles and in total I’m gonna make 4 circles and to make it reca
ficient li you can use two three or even four colors for your circles now there are many different ways to
make 3d posters or 3d designs in the illustrator but today we’re using the
blend tool which is over here in the tool bar you have to select your objects
your circles first and then just click one by one and you will see the blend
creation happened right before your very eyes now what you can do from here is
you can use the direct selection tool located in the toolbar to click and drag
and manipulate the anchor points to rearrange and change your 3d shape and
if you remember I’ve got some typography tips coming up later that are really
gonna set off your poster design also located here is the curvature tool which
will allow you to actually instead having straight lines on your 3d design
you’re gonna end up with curved lines as well so that might be something you want
to look into when making your design also with the blend tool selected you
can hold down the alt or the option key and you will bring up the blend options
which is also something you might want to take into consideration depending on
your design so I’ve gone ahead and added some typography here and I’m gonna
explain my thought process through the poster design and how I think it makes
it work visually speaking so firstly down in the right corner here you can
see I’ve got the main text I like to make this slightly darker the background
and to do that you just use the eyedropper tool to sample the background
color and then slightly increase the huge so it’s a bit darker and notice
that I’ve used contrast on color size I also font thickness to create a nice
visual content in the bottom right corner and again at the very top left I
also use some more contrast with my main heading being really thick bold and
large and then the lower text being more thin and smaller the other alternative
that you could go for is to have the main focal points covered with the
texture bhaag Rafi now this is completely up to you but it is one way
of doing things you can then rearrange the focal point
of the 3d objects and you can rearrange typography and just have some fun with
it you know just experiment with the skills and the techniques are provided
with you today and it’s very quick but very sweet and short tutorial I want to
know from you guys which are the two poster designers do
you think work best the first one uses balance from top left to the bottom
right whereas the second poster design has basically the main focal point in
the center but yeah let me know down below what you think of today’s video as
well as which poster you feel is best if you want to keep learning essential
skills and also graphic design content relating to psychology of design tips
and other things graphic design related do you subscribe to my channel for
weekly grammars and content but Internet’s and guys design your future
today peace

49 thoughts on “Make AWESOME Minimal Poster Designs In 5 Minutes!!

  1. I was going to release a video on hierarchy today, but that is coming next week. So do enjoy this poster design process and try it out for yourself!

  2. Great video as usual 👍🏻👍🏻
    I loved the 2nd design 😍
    Speaking of posters, Could u please make a video on how not to ruined the edge of the design in printing, I mean how much space should I leave,what should I ask the client about the printer they’ll use..etc and how to make sure that the colors of the design well shows up exactly like I made them. sorry if I’m annoying u with my questions 😬

  3. Amazing that you listen so much to your subscribers needs! Guys formulate what you wanna see so it's better to understand and miracles happen! Thank you Tom! Just noticed that through implementing hierarchy in the text this can add depth to the illustrations that the text cooperates with.(that adds to the 3d effect in this case) Wow.

  4. This is really great! I never used Blend tool in Adobe Illustrator. Simple and easy to follow tutorial like this makes me want to watch more tutorials from you.

  5. haven't watched it yet. is it going to be the blend thing illustrator can do? I've used it in letters to make them look 3d

  6. The 1st poster is definitely my fav 💙 I like how the layout takes a good amount of space but still giving everything enough room to breathe

  7. Hey Tom! Thanks for the amazing tips. I love the first one, to me it looks more balanced with the 3d object as a focal point.

  8. I really liked your explaining of thought process, as a junior design intern , this is something I struggle with at times ! I like the second poster tho!

  9. Tom the first design works best. That said (not playing devil's advocate), the second option drives the eye to the centre is also different and interesting.

  10. Hey, I love your tutorials, I have a question about my own channel. Is it allowed to screen record photoshop and mac osx behind for tutorials and commercial used them here, like you do? Do we need special license from software comps? Thanks..

  11. I like the first one more 🙂. You could make videos where you would criticize posters done by your subscribers 🙂

  12. I like both but somehow on the first poster 2k19 is kinda to close to the right side. Kinda feels like it will slip out of paper. Balance

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