Make Amazing Waterslide Decals for Tumblers, Mugs, and Glasses!

Make Amazing Waterslide Decals for Tumblers, Mugs, and Glasses!

– Hello everybody, my
name is Jennifer Maker. Today, we are making waterslide decals. I’m The Great Maker Show & Tell. (bright music) So, about a year ago, someone asked if I would show them how to make a waterslide decal for a mug. And I remember thinking, “Water what?” So if you were like me, and not sure what a waterslide decal is, this is a really great way
to get full color designs onto smooth surfaces like
tumblers, bugs, and glasses. It’s called a waterslide because you soak the decal paper in water, which allows it to slide off the paper backing and onto your surface. It’s really amazing. So here is a glitter tumbler
with a waterslide decal at the top and the bottom,
the front and the back. It’s vibrant and transparent. You can even see the
glitter right through it. And this is a mug with a
waterslide decal that has words. And this is a wine glass with a sunflower. And, I printed, all of
these decals at home on my inkjet printer and
cut them on my Cricut. For this project, you’re going to want to start with a surface. You can use a glitter tumbler, as I did. I have an entire tutorial
on how to make these from start to finish. Or, you could use a mug,
a glass, or even wood. It just needs to be pretty smooth. And you’ll also need a printer. I made mine with an inkjet printer, but they also sell waterslide decal paper that works for laser printers. I used an HP Envy inkjet
printer to print my decal and it did a great job. You’ll also need a
waterslide paper itself. I have links to the exact paper I used as well as several other good ones in the description of this video. I recommend the transparent paper. If you want to be able to
see the surface of your mug or tumbler, or whatever, through it, and that is
what I’m using as well. Other supplies the tools
you want to have on hand. Is it can acrylic sealer, a bowl of tap water,
and some paper towels. Oh, and you’ll need a design. You can get your own, buy one, or use my flower garden design. The garden, and this design
is filled with images of my paper flowers and paper butterflies. I thought that would be fun
to do and it turned out great. So let’s head on over to my blog so I can show you where you can find this free flower garden design. And then, I will show you how to print, cut it, and put it onto a surface. If you’d like to use my
free flower garden design, go to my blog at and click on “libraries”
up here at the top. Then scroll down and click on “enter the free resource
library” right here. You’ll need to enter your password. The password is the bottom
of any email that I send you. And it’s also available
at the bottom of my blog, you just need to fill out a little subscription form, which is free. Once you’re in the library. Look for the flower garden decals PNG. And that will download and it’ll open up, and usually it’ll unzip for you but if it doesn’t even want to
double click it to unzip it. Now, if you don’t have a Cricut
you can skip the next part, but if you do have a Cricut, let’s head on over to Cricut
Design Space right now. We’re going to upload
the flower garden decal. So, click on “upload”, then click “upload image”, and “browse”. And, you’ll want to locate the file that has all of the images. Now you’ll note that inside of this directory that you
downloaded, this folder. There are several files. Some are labeled as smooth. Like these two here, and some are labeled as precise like these two here. If you intend to use
the decal on a tumbler use the smooth versions. These are easier to handle and apply and you won’t be able to see the edges of you’re decal after you seal it anyway. But if you intend to use
a decal on a wine glass, use the precise versions
like this one here. I used this one myself. That will minimize how much extra decal you see around the edges of your design. For mugs, you can use either one. If you are new to applying
and waterslide decals go for the smooth versions. They are a lot easier to apply. So let’s go ahead and
select a smooth version of the flower garden design. Click on “open”. And then the screen comes up, click “complex” and click “continue”. It’s all set and ready to go,
go ahead and click “continue”. Make sure image is selected as
print then cut, which it is, the green box around it
indicates it’s selected, and click “save”. Now might take a little while to save. This is a fairly complex file, so give it a little time and be patient. Now once the file finishes saving, go ahead and click on the image to select it, and click “insert images”. Now when your image first comes in, you’ll need to resize it. I have this image set
to a higher resolution, so it prints nicely, but
that means it’s larger than it should be when it’s first uploaded to Cricut Design Space. So select the image, just click on it. And then, up at the top you
want to use the size boxes to resize it, just change the
height to 9.25, like this. Click the return key on the keyboard, and it will resize to exactly the size that I used for my tumbler. Now, of course you’re
going to want to measure your tumbler, or whenever
you plan to put this on. You might be smaller. If you need it to be larger, then I’d refer to Larger
than Mat tutorial, to understand how to break up
files across multiple mats. But, chances are you’re not going to need to go any bigger than this. And that’s it, your design
is now ready to be printed from within Cricut Design Space, and I’ll show you how to do that. But first let me say that if you plan to make your own decal, I recommend you put a white box
or circle behind the images, just as I’ve done here with
my flower garden design. For example, let’s go find an image. So click on “images” over
here on the left side, and we’re gonna look for a full color image that’s super cute, like this sewing machine here. So click that, and click “insert images”. I’ll put this over here. Now click on “shapes” over on
the left, and choose “square”. Change the color of your square to white, up here, so just choose the white box. And then let’s move the box
on top of the sewing machine and just make it a little bit bigger than the sewing machine itself. You can click this unlock
icon in the lower left corner so that, then you can– It doesn’t have to be just a
square it can be a rectangle. So just like that. And now we want to put it
behind the sewing machine so go to arrange, and
click “send to back”. There we go. So now we just need to select both of the rectangle
and the image, like that, and click the “flatten” button down in the lower right corner. And that’s it. Now this is ready for
a waterslide it down. Alright, so once you have
your decals ready to go, click “make it” in the upper right corner, and you’ll see your images up here on the mat preview screen. Note the black box around the image. This is necessary for the Cricut to locate and cut it precisely, so go
ahead and click “continue”. Now it’s time to print. To print your decal from
within Cricut Design Space, click “send to printer”,
and in the box that appears you want to turn off bleed. You don’t need that for waterslide decals, for the most part, if
you’re doing the precise one it’s fine to leave this on, but we’re not, we’re doing the smooth ones so go ahead and turn that off. And then, you want to click on “advanced options” right here. Now if you’re not using a
Cricut, that’s okay, too. The next steps will be
the same regardless. In your printer settings box that appears, make sure the correct printer is selected. So, I’ve got my HP Envy right up here. And then make sure your print quality is as good as possible. So I’m gonna this slide
is all the way over to the far right, and make sure your paper
type is set as glossy. So, photo glossy paper just like this. Now your screen might
look different than mine because this is based on your operating system and your printer, but this is what you’re
looking for, glossy paper, photo glossy paper in fact, and the best possible quality, and this will give you
the most vibrant image with the highest resolution possible. When you’re good to go, click “print”. All right, so get out your
waterslide decal paper. Make sure you’re using transparent
and inkjet printer paper, assuming you’re using your inkjet printer. Now, the paper has a dull
side and a shiny side. You want to print on the shiny side. So you need to make sure that you know which side
your printer prints on. If you need to do a test cut
first, definitely do that. And if you don’t have an inkjet printer. There is a laser version of this as well. So this works in a laser machine, just make sure you’re using transparent. It does come in white, but I
like the transparent better. Now, your next step is to seal your waterslide decal three times. Now make sure that you’re spraying in a well ventilated area
and wearing and respirator. I am using Krylon Crystal
Clear Acrylic Sealer. The brand isn’t so much important as the fact that it’s an acrylic sealer. You spray it, you wait 30
minutes, you spray again. Wait 30 minutes, spray again, and then wait 30 minutes. My instructions actually said
to wait just a minute or two, but that was definitely not enough time for it to dry between coats of sealant. So, I advise that you wait 30 minutes. Now once your waterslide decal is dry. It’s time to cut it out. Of course you can just use
scissors if you’d like. If you don’t have a Cricut, or any other kind of cutting machine. But, if you do have a Cricut, this is how you do it. Put it on your mat in the
upper left hand corner straight as you possibly can
and load it into your Cricut. Now once you press that “go” button, your Cricut is going to start looking for the calibration lines, which is that big black box
around the edge of your image. And it’s using that to make sure that it knows exactly where your image is, so that it can cut it precisely because that’s the whole awesomeness of a cutting machine like a Cricut. So I’ll speed this up here since you don’t need to
watch the entire thing. And you’ll know, and I’m
messing around in the back here. You need to make sure
whenever you use a Cricut that you don’t have anything behind, like these cords that might trip it up. So, I had to move them out of the way. But, like, it’s amazing
because it cuts it out exactly the way I want it to. Now I need to note that
when I cut out mine, I used the precise version,
not smooth version, so you’re probably going
to use the smooth version, but I want to make sure that we could use that precise version, so
I tested it with this one. Alright so when it’s
done you just unload it and your waterslide decal is ready to go and ready to be applied to your surface. But before you can apply it you
need to prepare your surface for putting on your waterslide decal. Now I’m going to use
several different things, one of which is it glitter tumbler. So, I have an entire tutorial on how to do this from start to finish. But, I’m giving you a little preview of how I prepared this one for this particular project. We painted it white, we
spread it spray adhesive, and then we did a blue and
white ombre glitter effect. And I have a tutorial
on that coming out soon. So, it might already be out by time that you watch this, but… So, those two tutorials on how to do it with glitter
tumbler from start to finish, and how to do the ombre effect will tell you everything you need to know. And then we need to put a
coat of epoxy on our tumbler, before we put our decal on. So, right now it’s on my tumbler turner. I have a tutorial for that as well. And the epoxy is on and it’s curing. Once the epoxy dry, and I waited
24 hours before this step, we need to sand it. It’s important that you
use safety equipment. glasses, a respirator, and gloves, because epoxy dust is
nothing to mess with. We want to keep you safe. So get your safety equipment on, make sure that you have
good ventilation as well, and you’re gonna use
a fine grit sandpaper, and you’re going to get all
the roughness off the surface. You want your tumbler to
be as smooth as possible. So just go ahead and sand it until it feels smooth to your fingers. And then, you’ll want to
wash the whole thing down with some rubbing alcohol. So, it gets all the debris off all of that epoxy dust off everything that might make it difficult
for your waterslide decal to go on smoothly. So, just get all of that
off, clean off your surface. And if you’re doing mugs,
or wine glasses, same thing. You’re just gonna– You don’t
need to sand them of course, but you need to wipe everything
down with rubbing alcohol so that you make sure there’s
no dust or dirt on them. All right, now it’s time to
put our waterslide decal on. We’re gonna start with
the easiest one first, which is a ceramic mug. You take your decal and you place it into a bowl of tap water. It’s gonna curl up like
this, don’t worry about that. Now you’ll need to check your packaging to see how long it should soak. Mine needed to soak for 60 seconds. While I’m waiting for that, I’m going to put some water
on the surface of my mug. That’s going to help it
slip and slide on that mug and allow me to position
it a little easier. So once it’s been enough time, you can gently pick up
your waterslide decal set it on your mug, hold
it in your left thumb and slide with your right
thumb and forefinger. And it comes right off just like that. Isn’t that cool? Now, you’ll see, it can
move around on the surface. So, go ahead and position
it where you want it to be. This is one of the cool things
about a waterslide decal. And then you’ll want to dry it just with the paper towel just lightly move from the center outward. This gets out the excess water, and also clears up some
of the wrinkles as well, but if you have issues you can pull it, like I am doing right here, to make sure it’s really smooth and clear without any wrinkles, or
folds, or anything like that. And here’s what it looks like. It’s very smooth, see. And really very vibrant. I think it’s really lovely. Okay, let’s do a wine glass. And we’re going to do a sunflower, that was cut the precise cut, so it’s got a whole little bits. So again we’re going to put
that into our tap water, and we’re going to let so for 60 seconds. While it’s soaking I’m
gonna get the surface of my wine glass a little
wet just like before. You don’t want your waterslide
decal to soak any longer than it should, because the
decal can come off in the water and then it’s really difficult
to use and manipulate, so don’t go beyond what they suggest, unless you’re having a lot of issues. And once that’s ready, gently pick it up and
position it on your glass. And just like before,
you’re gonna hold it on with your left thumb, while you slide the backing off with your right thumb and forefinger. Just as I’m doing here. And this is the precise one so these pedals are a lot fiddlier and there’s more likelihood that they’ll want to fold
in as you’re sliding it. That’s what looks like, we
can see there’s some wrinkling and a couple of the pedals are not in position, but we can fix that with an exacto knife or weeding tool. And when that looks like
the way that we’d like it. We’re going to take our
paper towel and very gently, we’re going to wipe
from the center outward and get the wrinkles out as
well as all the moisture. And while it’s about like this
you can still reposition it, and that’s really, it’s really helpful. So if you don’t like it
just keep working with it. If you have to, you can put a
little extra water on there, while you’re get into position. But, once it’s in position
get that excess water off. And this is what it looks like. And you’ll notice that
because I used the precise cut version of this, we don’t see, like a circle around your sunflower, we just see the sunflower. And that’s why I recommend
the precise cut version for the wineglass. It is just harder to use so be aware you may want to practice
a little bit first. And just keep trying, and they get stuck. Okay, so now let’s do the tumbler. The tumbler is the hardest because it’s got a lot of things going on. Before you start, you should always test to make sure that you got
things the right size. So right now just placed my decal, without a big wet or
anything, on my tumbler to make sure that this
is going to look right and everything is in position. And I’m gonna get my water and then we’re going to
start soaking the sunflower. Again, I cut mine out
with the precise cuts, instead of the simple smooth cuts, because I’m wanting to be sure that we can do it this way. But you are going to be happier
if you use the smooth cuts, you really cannot see the edges of the decal, the transparent decal paper. After you put on you’re
epoxy the second time. While your decal is soaking, remember to get your surface wet because that’s going to help
it slide off a little easier and also allow you to position it reposition it on your tumbler for the right look. Once that is soaked for 60 seconds, we’re going to gently pick it up. And we’re going place it on our tumbler, just like we did with a
mug and the wine glass. And, you can see already those pedals are going to be tricky, but it’s okay we can do this. So again, we hold it
down with our left thumb, and we pull it off with the right thumb and forefinger, very gentle. Because you don’t want it to
rip out or anything like that. though I didn’t have
any ripping, but still, pull it off gently. That stem is going to need to be fixed and that’s okay because
we can fix all of this. And I’m going to use my exacto knife to get these leaves put
back in the right position. And then that looks good. And you just pick things
up and move them around just be very gentle. Make sure that stem is as
straight as we can get it. And it’s a little long,
I’ll cut that off later. And then, you can see here
the pedals have folded over in a couple spots, but I can fix that. We just sort of pick it up and peel it off away from itself and then lay it down again
and put it into position. You can use a tool or
something just to get that. Alright, so here is the sunflower, and again we’re going to dry that off, just like we did before. And make sure that getting
all the wrinkles out and all the water out. And this actually looks fantastic. I was worried that the precise cuts would be too difficult but
with some perseverance, it turned out just fine. Alright so now that we
have a sunflower on, I wanna put on the flower
bed at the bottom of the mug. Now, this wraps around the mug. And it should be just about
the right size to fit. It might end up being a little bit longer but that’s okay, ’cause we can
always snip a little bit off. Now, if you’re not letting these dry before you do your next
decal on the same surface, you’re going to want to
make sure that you don’t set your decal face down or touch it, because well it’s drying
it’s still very fragile. So, be very careful with that if you keep working
with it while it’s wet. Alright so let’s put our decal
into our tub of tap water. Let it sit there for 60 seconds. And while that is going on we’re going to get the
bottom a little bit wet. Just like before. And then, we’re going to position it. And I decided to start
it, like in the back. And gently pull it off, holding it down with our left hand and pulling with our right hand. Of course, if you’re left
handed you do the reverse. And, it slides right off just like this and you wrap it around. And again we can use water,
if we need to keep it wet while we’re repositioning it, and it overlaps a little bit in the back but I snipped it off. And drying it all off, just like before. And again, the drying really
does make a difference because it helps smooth it out. There we go. That looks awesome. Okay, so now it’s time to do the top. I separated these into two pieces because I really thought it
would be easier to use that way. ‘Cause they’re really quite thin. And also it fit on the sheet better for doing print then cut on my Cricut. But I want to position these so that I don’t really notice the joint. So, I’m going to put the
joints on either side of the tumbler, you know on
either side of the sunflower. And it’s the same thing,
hold it with one hand and slide it off gently with the other. And then you can reposition it
so it’s where you want to be. I wanted mine to be right up at the very top edge of my white on my tumbler. And same thing. Get a little bit wet, dry off one side and get the
other side a little bit wet. And then, when it’s ready you hold it in your left hand and gently pull it off and into position. And there we go. Just move everything around
where you want it to be. I love that part about this you cannot do this with
self adhesive vinyl. Once it’s there, it’s there. You have to rip it off and put it back on. And then, there’s just a
little bit more overlap than I wanted so I cut that off there. And the bottom is a little bit rough here where I joined it, but that’s okay. It’s not a big deal. It’s supposed to be leaves, right? So, sorry, it’s supposed to be grass. It doesn’t have to be perfect. And once everything is dry, and being very careful
not to touch the parts that are drying. We’re going to put on the very last bit, which is the “Craft a Life you Love”. And I’m gonna soak that just like before. And this will be the easiest
part of this tumbler. It has a nice smooth edge. That makes it very simple to
put on compared to all the… The fiddly little flowers
that we’ve been doing. So, as you can see how easy
that was just position it into place, make sure it’s straight. And then dry it off. And there we go. And then, we need to put
them in a butterflies on, because with the precise cut the butterflies we’re all individual. Which, you know, is nice because then you get to
put them where you want. So, it’s the same thing. I’m just letting them soak for 60 seconds, and then you just put
them right onto your mug and slide them right off and into the position that you want. And that is, that’s all. It’s very simple actually. The little butterflies are easy to do. Alright, so make sure everything is dry, or at least the excess
water is blotted off. So be sure to let your waterslide decals dry for at least three hours. And then, you’ll be
able to seal and, or set your waterslide decals onto your surface, depending on which one, on which sort of surface you used. Now, this is what my mug
and my wine glass look like before I put them into the oven. And now, I’m gonna go
ahead and put them in. I’ve set it at 230 degrees Fahrenheit. And we’re going to bake
them for 15 minutes. And then, I will show you exactly what they look like when they’re done. Let’s see, there’s no guesswork here. And here is what they look
like after they’re baked. And you see there’s no discoloration. Nothing, I mean it looks
like they’re printed on. It’s amazing. It actually bakes it to the surface. Now here’s our tumbler. It’s also had three hours to dry. And we’re putting its second
coat of epoxy onto it. So that it will seal the waterslide decal right inside of it and nothing can hurt it at all. And so, here it is. Doesn’t this look amazing. I mean, it’s got this
beautiful sheen to it, but you can still see the glitter under the waterslide decals, because we use the transparent kind. I just love the way that this looks. You’ll notice that on this, on the tumbler versus on
the mug and the wineglass that the image gets a little blurry. The only real reason for that is because we’re putting it onto a surface that has some texture, and something else going
on like the glitter. So, it changes the look of it. But when you put this onto
a mug or a wine glass, or a plate, or a piece of wood,
all of your detail is kept. So, just keep that in mind,
that with a glitter tumbler is gonna really kind of, have
a more of a watercolor effect, which I think that’s really cool. I am beyond thrilled with how this waterslide
decal tumbler turned out. I mean, the mug and wine
glass are awesome, yeah, but this tumbler has to be one of my favorite things I’ve ever made. The colors they’re so vibrant and happy. I am a big believer in waterslide decals and I’ll be using them
a lot more from now on. One thing I do want to note is that I chose a fairly
ambitious project for my design. If this is your first attempt, you may want to start
with this simpler shape without a lot of projecting bits. Like the sunflower. These projections have a
tendency to want to fold over as you apply it. And in hindsight I think
it would have been fine to have had a smooth
margin around the flower. So, like a circle here, because you really can’t see the edge, once it’s all dried and
has the epoxy on it. And I went back and I’m
in alternate version of the flower garden design that has smooth edges so you can use that instead of what I used. But, it’s your choice
what you want to use. Whatever you do, definitely
do a practice sheet first. In fact, I recommend you
print spray and cut two decals or sets of decals, so you can practice with one set, and use the other one for
your finished product. Don’t bother to try practicing with just a blank sheet of
waterslide decal paper, you need the ink and the sealer on it, the paper for it to work properly. And course once your
waterslide decal is dry, which is usually after a few hours, don’t forget to either seal it with epoxy, like I did on this one,
or baking in the oven. Use the directions that
come with your package for the best results. And keep in mind that finished
waterslide decal projects, need to be hand washed, not dishwashed. And if you have any questions at all about making are using waterslide decals, please leave a comment below or post over in my amazing Facebook group at And if you’re interested in learning how I made this blue and
white ombre glitter tumbler, watch for my next tutorial, I will be showing you
exactly how to do this, as well as other fun glitter effects like this. And, that’s it for today. Remember if you can tell
me what you want to make, I can show you how to make it. Until next time. (bright music)

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