Make a bookcase using a single sheet of plywood

Make a bookcase using a single sheet of plywood

it’s just a single sheet of plywood you can make this bookcase check in the description for free plans and design and finishing options I’m going to start breaking this down into a few rough the 36 inch shelves are too big to fit on my table saw so I’m cutting them to exact length using my circular saw since I have a whole bunch of 9-inch pieces to cut I’m going to use my table saw and just cut all of the pieces at once so that they’re the same size and I can cut all of the two-and-a-half inch wide strips at the same time and that’s all of the pieces cut for the bookshelf the only thing I need to do now is use this piece to make the pinhole drilling jig and what I first need to do is find the center point on a 3/4 inch piece of plywood and that’s pretty easy to do on plywood because you can see the center ply now I can just move this stop block over until it touches and clamp it down I’ve got this fence set up about two inches from the drill bit so now I can remove this piece and I’ll be able to cut four holes that are exactly in the same position on each side I’ve got some brass tubing that I’m cutting into three quarter inch long pieces I’m just filing the inside a little bit to remove any burrs all right now put one of these in each of the holes now I can attach this cleat and I just want to make sure that it’s flush on both sides you can screw this piece on if you wanted but I’m just going to use my brad nail and that’s all there is to making that jig and I think it’s such a cool jig and I like it so much that I decided to make one this time using the correct dimensions I’m going to start by making the four rectangular boxes and just going to line this cleat up against the edge of each shelf and I’ll clamp it down I’m using a 5/16 inch drill bit to drill halfway through the board’s the blue painters tape tells me when to stop it just occurred to me that I’m going to put an edge banding on all of the exposed plywood edges and that’s got a little bit of a thickness to it so on these end pieces I need to put that on before I drill the holes otherwise the holes won’t line up with my jig so I’ve already done this one but what I can do is just flip it over and this will be the bottom piece we probably seen me use this iron-on edge banding before it works really well okay I got all of these short edges edge band and I can get back to work it making holes to line up the jig all I’m doing is pulling it up against the edge of the board and then just feeling along the edge to where it’s flush then I can clamp it down and all of these square pieces get two holes in each side as well as these short pieces do so they’ll be a lot easier the only thing I need to make sure of is the grain direction so that it’s going up and the holes are on this side and these end grain holes will go in deeper I’m going to iron on the edge banding to the rest of the pieces now I only need to do the front I’m not going to do the backside that won’t be visible and I’m just going to glue in these pre-made dowel pins that you can get at the hardware store well one nice thing about using those dowel pins is that it makes everything perfectly square now I’ve got all these boxes turned upside down and I can start putting these dividers now that all of these are dry I’m going to make a mark at the halfway point four and a half inches and I can go on these center support dividers I just line up that Center ply of the plywood with the mark yeah I’ll just give it a little bit of clamping pressure I think it’ll be a lot easier if I stain and finish all of these boxes before I assemble them what I want to do now is tape off all the areas that are going to get glued up just trimming this masking tape down to a little bit thinner than 3/4 of an inch since I’m using pine plywood I’m putting on some pre-stain conditioner that should help keep the same for blotting I decided to try something I haven’t tried before on this project and it’s this stain and polyurethane in one and I’ll see how it works well that product is something that I’ve been wanting to try out for a long time because all the other products that that company puts out I really do like the combination polyurethane and stain was a disaster it’s just not going on I followed the directions exactly I put a sealer over it before I put it on there I sanded between the codes I put a second coat on and what’s happening is it’s just looking blotchy and streaky and the whole idea of this was to save time it’s not saving me any time at all so I’m going to cut my losses and I’m just going to paint over the whole project yes in the end it turned out all right although I probably should have stuck with spraying on some lacquer thanks for watching this video be sure to visit my website at woodworking for mere mortals comm and visit me over on Facebook too and I’ll see you next week

100 thoughts on “Make a bookcase using a single sheet of plywood

  1. Hello sir,
    You ended up blotching the entire project, may be because you didnt removed the extra stainer from it.
    Conditioner >> stainer >> remove extra stainer >> polyurethane. Works superb.

  2. Wow that's not easy at all 💔🙃 and I'm sure that i will not be able to do it cause I don't have that all machines but it's so okay I enjoy watching the video, Thank you 😄👍🏻

  3. Steve I love your videos. You do not hide your "mere mortal" mistakes, but rather correct and have a good laugh too. The videos are a lot of fun b/c of this and b/c of your overall positive, can do attitude. Liked, subscribed and favorited.

  4. That edge banding veneer never want to take any sort of stain, oil, gel stain, whatever. I've stopped using it completely unless I'm desperate. You can paint it, that's about all.

  5. Stain and Poly in one is like Shampoo and Conditioner in one. Just does not work. I like to project. Learning a lot from your channel.

  6. Im not surprised that u getting almost 1m subscribers. pleasure to watch your videos!
    keep doing this great work!

  7. I HATE MINWAX POLYSHADES!! It was a nightmare to use and wasted countless hours. begins to dry fast, blotchy, i had to do 4 coats to get the desired colour, realized doing this during hot weather didnt help me either and the list goes on…..stay clear from Minwax Polyshades. And now I'm repainting my cabinets.

  8. mr. ramsay may Allah bless u for benefits of people i wish to be your student i really wish that sir thanks for the interesting and usefull video hat up for you

  9. That cherry is amazing! Too had it didn't adhere. Maybe it's because you used the oil first! I know this is an old video and you might not respond but did you try it again but without the oil first!

  10. hey all, Thats a good video here. The most complete woodworking projects that I have ever used was Toms Magic Wood (i found it on google). Without a doubt it contains the most useful woodworking projects that I have ever tried.

  11. This is probably my favorite project, and I love the paint color. It is how it was meant to be. Glad to know the stain poly mix didn’t work well.

  12. Yes, nice project.  That stain/urethane combo from Minwax is complete trash.  I tried it on a toy box build and it ruined the finish.

  13. OMG I made a shelf just like this – except 3 tiers not 4 – using 2×12 wood and sold it. this would be so much more profitable. thanks!!!!

  14. You handle frustration well. If it were me, I would have slashed and burned the project out of anger.

  15. Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok
    Let me just say this. Do you still have this. It will be awesome to re do the thing. But up to todays standards. Micro Jig or Casper oriented.

  16. Thank you. I really appreciate your honest feedback about techniques and products like the finishing coats in this project.

  17. NICE job! Found your video looking for "shadow box" shelves. I'm working on a much smaller scale. BUT – I do AGREE with the stain/poly in one. Used it on a project. Did NOT like it. Too long to dry. STINKS, even after dry. Uneven color. I do really like the color you picked to finish the shelves 🙂

  18. Watching this in 2019. Wow, you were so young! I almost don't recognize you.
    Thank you for the video, Mr Ramsey. Can't wait to get my hands dirty building it.

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