Make a bird nest with paper plates

Make a bird nest with paper plates

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer. I will show you how to create a bird’s nest
as a decoration for Easter or Spring time. To make a nest out of paper plates, you’ll
need a paper bowl, a small paper plate, a pencil, small scissors, white glue, several
colours of paint, a sea sponge, artificial straw, a decorative little chick…
and chocolate eggs. Start with the small paper plate and draw
a circle on the bottom of the plate. Cut out the circle with small scissors. Then put white glue on the edge of the paper
bowl and glue the paper plate with the hole centered
exactly on the bowl. When the glue is dry, paint the inside of
the nest and let it dry. Then paint the outside of the nest and let
it dry. If you want to add a texture effect on the
outside of the nest, use a sea sponge. Take some paint in a contrasting colour with
the sea sponge, remove the excess paint by lightly tapping
the sponge on waxed paper for example and then pat the sponge on the outside of
the nest. Let dry. If you want a nicer finish, add a coat of
acrylic varnish; that will emphasize the colours. When everything is dry, put the artificial
straw in the nest and complete the decoration with a plastic
egg and a chick or chocolate eggs. This simple project is always a big hit with
young and old alike. To access a free educational document that
accompanies this video, click on the link below the video.

31 thoughts on “Make a bird nest with paper plates

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  2. This is a rly good idea. Or though im not sure if i would want to paint it. My bird has a tendensee to bite on his stuff and i dont want him to eat something toxic

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