MAIL ART – Copic Sunflowers on Yupo Paper

MAIL ART – Copic Sunflowers on Yupo Paper

– [Kristina] Hi, everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to another video
at my YouTube channel. Today I’m going to be doing
another mail art envelope, but before we get to that, I
have to back up a little bit, because the idea for this envelope actually came to me
while I was in California over the weekend, visiting Lawn Fawn. I was left alone with their catalogs and some fun, creative things happened. They left me with these catalogs (laughs), and unattended Copics, so here we are. It’s interesting, this is glossy paper, so it sort of looks
like Yupo a little bit, with the alcohol ink. So here I am using Yupo paper. I’ve cut it down to the
size I need for an envelope. This is going to be a
five by seven envelope, or rather the card size that’s going to go inside the envelope
is five by seven. I have a We R Memory Keepers
Envelope Punch Board here, and it has a graph
printed on the board here, so for a five by seven card, I need paper that is 9
1/2 by 9 1/2 inches wide, and I’m going to score the
envelope when the edge, or corner of the envelope is at four. So I’ve cut it down to 9 1/2 by 9 1/2, and now I’m using that punch board. So I wanted to mention
that this Yupo paper, I bought a big sheet of it
from Blick, from Dick Blick, and then I cut it down. And this is the translucent Yupo paper, so you’re gonna be able to
see the card that’s inside. It’s almost a little bit like vellum. It’s a really ethereal look and feel, and I’ve never done an
envelope quite like this, but after doing those flowers
on those catalog covers, I was completely intrigued by creating my own floral design on an envelope. So here I am with the envelope, and if you need more instruction on that envelope punch board, I’ve done quite a few videos on that. I’ll try to link one up in the top corner. So I’m gonna be using just a small selection of copic markers, and I’m going to recreate the sunflowers that I put on that catalog. So I’m using this Y17 and just drawing really
simple petal shapes. I’m not being really precise. I want this to look very organic and have a lot of personality to each one of these flowers. So, in fact, I noticed, when I looked back at the pictures of those
catalogs I did earlier, when I did the sunflowers, I actually dragged the yellow petal directly from the brown dot. So there was little bit of the brown at the very bottom of the petal, and I think that looked really cool, too. So now I’m coming in with an orange shade, and I’m just flicking
that onto the center area of each petal coming out from
the middle of the flower. And then coming back with
that same yellow marker, and spreading out that orange. And just like using liquid alcohol inks that you’d drip onto Yupo paper, this alcohol ink inside the
Copic markers behaves the same. So you can really move and
manipulate the alcohol ink by putting more ink on top of it. So you’ll notice that I was able to kind of draw this smaller sunflower and it intersects with the petals on the first flower I drew. It kinda overlaps it and
looks like it’s on top. So I’m just going around, and I’ve sped up the video quite a bit, and my plan is to have
these flowers travel up and over to the flap of the
card, or the envelope, I mean. And it’s going to have this
kind of cascading effect of all of these flowers. So now I’m gonna take some
green and add on some leaves, and I don’t want the leaves or the flowers to extend past the bottom of
the envelope or the left side, because I wanna keep
everything except that top flap completely clear on the
back of the envelope. And I’ve also got a
piece of white paper down behind my envelope here, so that I can draw right off the edge, and also since this is a
little bit translucent, it makes it so I don’t have to think about those grid lines underneath. Although, the grid lines
will come into play later when I need to write the
address on a straight line. So here are my flowers and my leaves. I’m ready to put the
recipient’s address on. So this is going to Peggy. She submitted her address over at my blog on the mail art address submission form. So if you want to do that,
I’ll have a link down below. You can just click over
and submit your address to be considered for
future mail art envelopes. And so she did give me
permission to share her address, so thank you so much, Peggy. I used a black Copic marker for her name, and then I’m using this marker,
I think it’s from Pilot, I can’t remember exactly
the brand of this marker, but I’ll have it linked
down below in the supplies and in the video description. So I’m writing on her address, and then I decided to
fill in that bottom corner after her address was there
with a few more flowers, or just one flower and some leaves, just to kind of make
that address look like it’s nestled in the middle
of all of these flowers. So I’m gonna turn the envelope around, and I’m going to work on
my return address now. And I just used that same marker, just wrote on my address
really, really simply. Nothing too special. So when it comes to actually
assembling this envelope, I was concerned, like this Yupo
paper is a little bit slick, like would it adhere okay? Would it hold together? And you know what, it did great. I did some testing with
some different adhesives, and the tape that I used,
it’s actually from Copic. It’s their X-Press It tape, I
think that’s what it’s called. And it holds up on this
paper extremely well. It was really, really tight. So I’m putting on this tape right here, and I’m going to have
it not go all the way to that corner, because, as you’ll notice, once I fold these flaps in, the very top corner of the bottom flap will not have any of the
side flaps underneath it, and I don’t wanna like
glue my envelope shut, so you don’t wanna put the
adhesive past those areas. All right, I’m using my bone folder just to crease those edges. Yupo paper doesn’t really
wanna fold all that well, but once you have it adhered closed it shouldn’t be a problem. So I’m putting some postage on here. I’ve got a vintage stamp, and then I’m going to use a more current, non-machinable surcharge stamp, so that should be plenty of postage. And I also wanted to mention that I did put a little bit
of water on the edge of this, made sure nothing’s gonna smear or smudge. I think this is really good. As long as no actual alcohol hits any of the address or anything, I think it’s completely weather-proof. I think it’s gonna go
through the mail just fine. So that’s the envelope for today, just some really fun
inspiration using Copic markers or alcohol ink on translucent Yupo paper. On screen I’ve got three
more mail art videos for you to check out. You can click through and watch those, and thank you so much for watching, and for subscribing, and
for liking my videos. If you watched this mail art video make sure you give it a big thumbs up so I know to do more
like this in the future. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll catch you guys next time.

61 thoughts on “MAIL ART – Copic Sunflowers on Yupo Paper

  1. How beautiful. Hmm seems everyone but me has heard of Yupo paper lol…going to Google it right now!! Thanks Kristina 🙂

  2. BEAUTIFUL. So how does one get an envelope? Seriously you could send a blank piece of paper in an envelope and it would be just as good as getting a card. Love love love your envelopes

  3. I love your mail art so much. I’ve love to see you do the other types of flowers. Hmmm – never thought to make an envelope with Yupo. We have lots of glossy and photo paper around….trotting of to see if they will work….

  4. Kristina, your making our days brighter one project at a time. I wonder how many people pass on what they learn from you and how many lives you touch, so beautiful💌

  5. I LOVE your mail-art! It is so fun to watch a plain paper turn into a work of art!! Keep up with the Mail-art. My favorite of your videos.

  6. Hi Kristina! Imagine my surprise when I saw my name & address on You Tube’s notification of your video!! I ran to my husband and said “Look at this!”. Your envelope is beautiful and what a cool idea to use Yupo paper & alcohol markers. I look forward to receiving this and will treasure it! It’s so nice that you do this to brighten someone’s day in addition to showcasing your amazing talent! Thank you very much!!

  7. Love these videos!!! So inspiring! As a postage collector I’d really think a postage stamp collection video would be awesome to watch!

  8. Totally gorgeous and equally fascinating to see you use Copics on Yupo. Yippee, another medium to play with! Thanks for the revelation and great video Kristina!

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  10. It's just gorgeous Kristina. I love the flowers of course but I really am blown away that you hand drew and colored these gems. The colors cascading into eachother is so pretty and just the right color of green for the accompanying leaves. I wish I was getting this beauty in the mail.
    God bless you Kristina and that God given talent of yours ❤ XOXO

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