Maggie – 3 – Pack Up Your Troubles / Rub a Dub Dub / The Carrot

Maggie – 3 – Pack Up Your Troubles / Rub a Dub Dub / The Carrot

♪ Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
in Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ Come along if you can ♪ ♪ Hey ho, come on let’s go ♪ ♪ To Nowhere Land ♪ ♪ With Maggie and
the Ferocious Beast ♪ BEAST:
Great googly moogly! (Wind blowing) MAGGIE:
Very nice. A little closer
together, please. That’s perfect. Now, everyone smile! Now, where did I put my crayon? (Sheep baa-ing) I beg your pardon? (Beast hiccupping loudly) What was that? (Beast hiccupping loudly) (Light, inquisitive music) I know I had that
crayon here somewhere. (Sheep baa-ing) What a peculiar day. (Hiccupping loudly) This corner to that corner. And that corner to this corner. (Hiccupping loudly) (Sighing) This isn’t a boat. I wonder what I did wrong. (Hiccupping loudly) (Sighing) HAMILTON:
Oh, Beast! (Humming) You’ll never guess what I got. Whoa! Whew, that was close. So what’s in the box,
Hamilton? In this box are one dozen– (Beast hiccupping loudly) Ahhhh! Whoa! (Melancholy horn) (Gasping) One dozen squished
pumpkin muffins. Don’t be sad. But I spent all
morning making them. I burnt the first batch, I dropped the second batch, and now I’ve squished
the third batch. Ugh. Let’s go find Maggie. (Hiccupping loudly) She’ll know what to do. OK. ♪ (Wind blowing) (Yawning) There, all finished. (Wind blowing) Oh, no! (Sheep baa-ing) ♪ Whoa! Hi, Maggie. Hi, Maggie. (Hiccupping loudly) (Laughing) So, you’re the one
making that noise. What are those? I’m trying to
make paper boats, but my– hiccup!– hiccups
keep getting in the way. Oh. (Gasping) That’s my drawing
of the dream sheep. The wind took it away. Sorry, Maggie. I can’t help that my
horns are so sharp. I am the Ferocious– hiccup!–
Beast, you know. It’s not a good day, is it? It’s a peculiar day. (Beast hiccupping loudly) Things aren’t that bad. Well, I just wish my troubles would get up and go
far, far away. Hey, I’ve got an idea! We’ll send our troubles
on vacation, out to sea in a boat. Greet googly– hiccup!– moogly. I’ll fold, and you
can flatten them down. ♪ (Beast hiccupping loudly) ♪ Now, what’s our first trouble? Hmmm, what about your drawing? That’s not really a trouble. I can always draw another one. Drawing is fun. What else? My muffins are flat. Mmm, they taste great. Delicious. Really? You have invented something
new here, Hamilton. What do you mean? Muffins you can put
in your pocket. (Hamilton laughing) Muffins you can hide,
and find again. Muffins you can
throw like frisbees! (Maggie laughing) (Maggie, Beast,
and Hamilton laughing) Well, it looks like this
isn’t a trouble either. I have one. I couldn’t make my paper boats because I have the hiccups. But we’ve made the boats, and I don’t have
the hiccups anymore. Great googly moogly! What are we going to
send out to sea, then? We can just send out
these boats. Yeah! Let’s do it! BEAST:
Bye! Goodbye. Bon voyage. (Maggie sighing) ♪ (Thunder) MAGGIE, HAMILTON, BEAST:
Rain, rain go away. Come again another day. Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. I think it’s working. Let’s try it one more time. ALL:
Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. MAGGIE:
It worked. Hooray! (Laughing) Come on, Hamilton. I don’t know, the
water’s kinda muddy. Outta my way,
here I come! (Splashing) Hooray, Beast! (Laughing) Ohhhh, look. What? All I see is more mud. Yippee! (Laughing)
What a mess. Go, Beast, go! (Maggie and Hamilton laughing) (Laughing) Whoa, whoa! I’m one big, muddy
Ferocious Beast, aren’t I? Yeah, and you need a bath. A bath? Oh, I love baths. Here I go! Wait! Why don’t you give
me your spots? I’ll wash them for you. Well… you know I like to keep
my spots on at all times. It’s OK, Beast. Hamilton will take
good care of them. Well, all right. Ewww! Stand back, Maggie! (Splashing) (Sighing) Here’s some soap. Gotcha! (Humming) Don’t lose any of
my spots, Hamilton. Don’t you worry, Beast. Do you need any help? Oh, yes, please! Scrub a beastie in the tub. Rub-a-dub-a-scrub, scrub, scrub. Rub-a-dub-a…
(blowing bubbles) Glub-a-bub-a-rub, rub, rub. OK, Beast, time to rinse. (Splashing) (Maggie laughing) (Beast laughing) Let’s have a look at you,
Beast. You are 100 percent
squeaky clean. Squeaky clean, that’s me. (Laughing)
Beast! The sun sure feels good. (Sighing) Are my spots ready, Hamilton? Yep, they’re dry. What’s wrong? My spot feels funny. It looks funny, too. See, it’s all wrinkly. Oh, no! I knew we shouldn’t wash them. Quick, Hamilton,
to your box. We need something to
flatten out these spots. ♪ I don’t have an iron,
Maggie. Just keep looking, Hamilton. We’ll find something else
that’ll work. Whoa! This is it, Hamilton. A book? How will that help? I’ll show you. Spots, please. We put them in the book
like this, close the book up, and sit down. Come on. ♪ How long do we sit here? Just a little while, until your spots
aren’t wrinkly anymore. How long is a little while? Is it as long as
the River of Dreams? No, not that long. That’s a long, long time. It’s more like this. Ah. Maggie, is a while
longer than a moment? Yes. Ah. And the little while
is now up. Ta da! Hooray! Thank goodness! Great googly moogly. That’s much better. Thank you! (Laughing) You’re welcome, Beast. Now, all your spots
are clean and flat. And I have you
to thank for that! Stop, Beast. I see a blue-eyed berry picker. Where? I see him. Look. Where? Hamilton, look. Isn’t that a
red-winged spoon bill? Where?! There he goes. Where? Let’s move on, Beast. Oh, all right.
(Sighing) Don’t feel bad, Beast,
we’re bound to… Look at that funny
little rabbit. Where, where? He’ll never dig that
carrot up by himself. Where?! Why are you shouting? Because nobody
ever answers me. (Laughing) Beast,
look, right over there. Great googly moogly. He can’t do that by himself. Let’s see if we can help him. ♪ Excuse me, I think you
could use some help. This is my carrot, and without a doubt
I’ll dig it up, and I’ll get it out. What an unpleasant
little fella. We really wouldn’t
mind lending a hand. I hope you’re all
gone by the time I count 10, for
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is my carrot,
and without a doubt, I’ll dig it up,
and I’ll get it out. The little fella
looks a bit pooped. His color is strange,
and his ears have drooped. That rabbit’s as mad
as a speckled white hen. He wants us to leave
by the time he counts 10. Well, that carrot may be his, but without a doubt, if he won’t let us help him, he’ll never dig it out. (Rabbit moaning) BEAST:
Great googly moogly. I hope he’s not hurt. Poor little fellow
just fell in the dirt. Poor little rabbit. Let’s take him under
that willow tree. ♪ My carrot,
where’s my carrot? Don’t worry, it hasn’t
budged an inch. Keep him quiet. I’ll fix him something to eat. It’s OK,
we’ll take care of you. (Sighing)
Thank you. What’s your name? Nedly. That’s a very nice name. I’m Maggie. And I’m the Ferocious Beast. Hamilton, this is Nedly. Hello, Nedly. I’ve made you a nice pot
of lettuce tea, and some cucumber sandwiches. Oh, I love it when you cut
the crusts off the bread. They look very fancy. ♪ How do the sandwiches
taste, Nedly? Delicious. Won’t you have some? Oh, no, thank you. Those are for you. Oh, there’s more
than I can eat. Well, there’s no use
letting them go to waste. HAMILTON:
Stop, Beast! We must get that carrot out
of the ground for Nedly. Let’s get moving. I never tasted
cucumber sandwiches, and I do so love it when
you cut the crusts off. (Maggie laughing) Wait here, I’ll get a rope. Have you ever seen
such a huge carrot? (Laughing) That’s an awful lot of carrot
for a little rabbit. HAMILTON:
Here’s what we’ll do. I’m going to tie
this rope around it. All right now, pay attention. Beast, you take the ends
of the rope between your teeth and pull. Maggie and I will grab hold
and help as much as we can, OK? One, two, three, pull! (Moaning and groaning) Let’s try it again. One, two, three, pull! (Moaning and groaning) Agh! (Loud thudding) My carrot. My carrot, isn’t it beautiful? And it’s all mine! Taste it. Good idea. ♪ Yeah, it tastes awful. I guess it’s been in the ground
so long it tastes like wood. (Maggie, Hamilton,
and Beast laughing) What is so funny? ALL:
You! (Maggie, Hamilton,
and Beast laughing) (Nedly laughing) I was ridiculous, wasn’t I? I wasted three whole days trying to dig up
that awful carrot. But now, we have
another problem. What are we going to
do with the carrot? You’re right, Hamilton. We must do something,
but what? (Bird chirping) I have a plan. (Maggie whispering) ♪ Look, two families
moved in already. Where? That was a great plan,
Maggie. And thank you for
helping, Nedly. You helped me, and it was only fair
that I should help you. And I’m happy the way
the story ends. I dug up that carrot
with the help of my friends. When you think of me,
remember these words, Nedly’s carrot was
fit for the birds. (Birds chirping) ♪

47 thoughts on “Maggie – 3 – Pack Up Your Troubles / Rub a Dub Dub / The Carrot

  1. 18:50 You can clearly see Nedley drinking lettuce tea while eating cucumber sandwiches…
    18:52 Once the Ferocious Beast starts to change emotion…
    18:53→18:54 He's already changing emotionally!

  2. I like the stories, but I also like the trees.  You have one that looks like a stick with marshmallows.  Some of the trees are weird shapes and strange shaps.

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