Machine embroidery:  SECRETS OF FSL lace embroidered designs

Machine embroidery: SECRETS OF FSL lace embroidered designs

Breaking embroidery news I have discovered the secret to creating gorgeous freestanding lace and lace Keep watching and find out what the secret is, but first my intro Okay, guys I have literally found the secret to freestanding lace to creating it not just stitching it to creating it how you want it and it’s Fantastic. So are you ready? Here’s the secret it is called my lace maker Software and it’s from designs and machine embroidery and it is standalone software That is absolutely fantastic And of course what I always do I test everything to its fullest for you guys? So you guys don’t have to worry about it I’ve been at it for about two days now and all I could come up with is gorgeous, absolutely, gorgeous lace and free-standing lace, there are 1,100 motifs and by motif they mean the design and Different things different shapes there is everything that you need to create gorgeous lace like this or Gorgeous lace like this. This was my very first attempt and it literally took me About ten minutes to do it took longer to stitch out but it’s gorgeous. It’s still wet I’m gonna flatten it out for the nice reveal pictures, but this is something you guys are gonna love it creates gorgeous lace and again, I have tested it to its fullest you don’t have to have Digitizing skills to be able to do this and the results are truly gorgeous. So you’ll be surprised So, let me give you guys a quick peek into The software and then the stitch out So you guys can see for yourselves how excellent this is and we will be working with the software over the next few weeks and you guys will be really Happy with this. Now. This is stand-alone software So if you don’t have any other digitizing software this runs by itself And it’s really good. So I think it would be an amazing addition to any embroidery software Anything this does it fast and easy you guys would be surprised. So let’s go to the software Alright here We are in the software and there are tons and tons of shapes that you can do or borders These are absolutely fantastic. There’s holiday ones There’s shapes animals basic shapes I’m gonna pick the Easter egg because I think it’s really cute and I’m in a four by four hoop here and You can resize it. You can do everything you want now to turn it into the lace It is one click the lace and the border together and then you have options for the lace Inside of how you want to do it now This is the coolest part of it is you can pick from eleven hundred elements or motifs to add to it and This is the time saver. And this is also the beauty of it. There’s so many different pieces You can create something spectacular and original so I picked this cute little Seahorse, and I’m just gonna resize it and put it where I want and I think that looks really cute maybe not a seahorse and an egg, but you get the idea and Changed the colors easily enough make it look a little bit better. You can change the color or do it all in one color But the color changes are easy to do one click and I think that looks really good now I wanted to cut a hole in it and that is also one click because I want the seahorse to only have green on it and Literally just one click to do it’s it’s so easy and look it’s done That looks spectacular I’m so happy. That’s all it takes to do it. Alright, so let’s take it to the machine That’s super speed. So you can see how my design panned out now I didn’t do the Seahorse one, but I I just threw some decorations on An Easter Egg for Easter. I think my mother-in-law really liked it and it stitches out amazingly. I didn’t have any Problems with my machine, of course, it’s on WSS And there’s a tiny bit of puckering but nothing pulls apart So it’s really set up properly and I love it. So If you guys love freestanding lace Say lace in the comments because I want to know how many people are excited about it. I’m really Impressed with this software. I can’t tell you how much I Tested it and worked on it and worked with it and that the designs that you can create are Amazing and this is proof right here that they stitch out beautifully now the final design is Absolutely stunning I just love it and it was so easy to and I really loved the whole process because you can literally Design your own lace. It doesn’t have to be freestanding lace that just happens to be what I tried first and You can do any kind of lace. So lace lovers comment. I love lace or lace in the Comments section of this video. I think you guys are really gonna enjoy this Series and I think the software’s excellent. I noticed on the designs and machine embroidery Website that they actually have a whole bunch of software and some of them look really cute This is the newest software. So I’m really happy to get my hands on it I’m really happy to test it for you guys and show You my results and we will be working on this in the next couple of weeks I’m going to be working with this quite a bit because I really do feel That this is going to be an asset to everybody Basically the sky’s the limit with this software we can make bookmarks We can you can write there’s so many things to do So I will be going through and giving you guys the ins and outs of this software and how easy it is and We’ll do lettering we’ll do everything that I can think of to test it out so even if you don’t have this software make sure you watch the series and you will know everything about this software before you even get it and I think everybody is gonna get it because I’ve never seen anything like this Like I said freestanding lace is gorgeous. I love stitching it I love making bookmarks for Christmas or any kind of gifts But freestanding lace the really nice Freestanding lace like this egg is really hard to do for digitizing and it’s extremely time-consuming So I love this answer. This is literally a game-changer for Embroidery for designers and for stitchers alike. It’s a Absolute game changer and it’s gonna enable everybody to make amazing lace So follow along with me for these this next series, so that’s breaking Embroidery news. I hope you guys enjoyed this and we will be working on more lace and I’ll see you guys in the neck by

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  1. Oh Wow….I love all things lace….thanks soooo much for taking the time to do this you rock!!!!!!!

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  3. A great big thank you for taking time to share and teach me!! I am a beginner with big ideas and you have helped with the learning curve so much. Thank you for keeping embroidery dun!!

  4. Thank you so much, this is intriguing, looks like it could be useful for applications beyond lace too. Wonderful to hear your knowledgeable critique, much appreciated, thanks again.

  5. Hi, Does embird software has the stippling feature ( similar to quilting) alike in wilcom? It is not easy to do that manually by hand even in illustrator.

  6. I too love lace! I've recently seen this software&I'm excited to see your future videos on this software. I've created FSL in Embrilliance's Stitch Artist, with successes, yet it is time consuming.If this is as intuitive as it seems to be, I will have to get it soon! Thank you Sue&Don for all of your helpful videos on all things embroidery!

  7. I have loved FSL since I started out in the world of embroidery, this software looks amazing, but at $500 is not something I can consider purchasing just now. I work in PE10 and was hoping you would be showing us how to create lace in our current software.

  8. Definitely going to look into this software!! Thanks for the heads up! Can’t wait to watch your upcoming videos on it!

  9. Thank you Sue; I will certainly have a look at this software. I have never really tried lace but…… and I do Love Lace!

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