Lucky Paper Star. Easy instructions to make a Paper Star. Origami Star tutorial.

Lucky Paper Star. Easy instructions to make a Paper Star. Origami Star tutorial.

Hello 🙂 You’ll need to cut yourself some paper strips, or you can buy them ready-made, and anything around about
this size is fine. We’re going to start by folding a knot at one end of the paper…. like this. This particular kind of paper tears easily, so I’m going quite slowly and easing it in as I tighten it. Now we have to tuck that end in, so
you can either cut it off or tear it off and tuck it in – or fold it over, like I’m
doing. Now we’ll start wrapping the long end around that shape. You’ll find it kind of knows where it wants to go, if you just fold this along those edges. And we just keep folding it around until we get almost to the end of the strip. Right, so that end is going to be too
short to tuck in, so we’ll backtrack a bit and again we’re just going to fold over
that edge, and tuck it in. Right, now! 🙂 holding it at the edges we’re going to
very slowly and gently press in the middles and sort of pinch the corners…. and it should start puffing out into that star shape Just keep going all
the way around until you’ve got your star. I hope you ended up with a star! If
you didn’t, don’t worry! It’s quite normal for it not to work the first time
or the first few times. And if yours was looking a bit like this here’s something else that you can try. So holding it at the edges (just make sure you’re not
holding the middle) we’re going to very slightly blunt the edges. You can
either use the back of your nail or some sort of hard edge like a ruler or a pen It looks like we’re not doing very much but you’re just very gently
broadening the edge out a bit and it helps that star to start puffing out. So we’re going all the way around and then just gently pressing in and now it’s
puffed, so that you can go all the way round. I find this paper a bit easier than the other kind but again experiment with different types of paper because
you might find one easier to learn with than another kind what you might want to do is make
several of the flat shapes so that you can practice the puffing out bit and
then it’s not too frustrating if one doesn’t work. You can just move on to the
next one and just keep trying. Before you fold them you can write out your wishes
on the stars or things that you’re grateful for. You can also thread them up and make them into necklaces or garlands for tree
decorations… there’s loads you can do with them. Thank you for watching! 🙂 I hope that
you found that helpful and that you’ll now be an expert paper star maker! and if you liked the video please give it a like and subscribe and I’ll see you next time 🙂

2 thoughts on “Lucky Paper Star. Easy instructions to make a Paper Star. Origami Star tutorial.

  1. I hope you find this video helpful. I had several comments on my other video for these, that people wanted a slower video and one where I explained it.. so here it is. 
    Let me know what you think, and I hope you can make the stars ok. They look easier than they are, so keep trying until you get it. It's not rocket science and if I can do it, you can too.

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