Lucario Pokemon – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Lucario Pokemon – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial. Today we will create Pokemon Lucario, as he won the poll, so let’s get started! Until the moment when Lucario won the poll I haven’t heard about that Pokemon. I’m really sorry about that, but I’m not into these new generation Pokemons. But when I looked it up, well I was quite amazed how great this Pokemon looked like. And well I was looking for what to create. So, here we go! Let’s create Lucario! We start with the head as always. So, just take a blue ball and these pieces I added, of course, these will be the ears. You can already see that. I’m marking the area where I will fill in just a very thin layer of black clay. So, here we go! Next is the characteristic Lucario’s nose. It is black so I’m using my knife for cutting to get sharp edges, edges. I’m going to sharpen this nose later. You can go ahead and do the same as me, or right now because currently the nose is too long. This was a bit tricky, because I found different pictures of Lucario. I couldn’t look it up in Pokemon Go as I usually do. Yeah, so here we go. The bottom side, the nose of this snout is blue, so just take a thin layer of blue clay and add it to the snout. These will be the eyes. Normally, I share some details about the Pokemon I’m creating but on this Pokemon, well I don’t know much about Lucario. I know that he’s pretty strong. Even stronger than Mewtwo? This is a question for all you folks. And that he can speak with humans. This isn’t very common for Pokemons. Yeah. This will be the iris. I took yellow. No. it’s an orange roll. With a black layer of clay and it looks just nice. So, just add it to the white in the eye. And now only the black part, the inner part of the eye is missing. So, here we go. Looks quite nice. I’m preparing the mouth of Lucario. Because I decided I wanted to make him with an open mouth. With his sharp teeth. So that he looks like a bit more dangerous. Well, I don’t know him but I think he’s not that dangerous. He looks still very kind and nice. That it isn’t that kind of Pokemon which just attacks some children in the street. Yeah, these will be the sharp teeth we are adding right now. Just placing them. This is a bit tricky. OK, the head is finished, we can prepare the body. I’m using aluminum wire for that. I’m bending it. To get a stable aluminum skeleton we can use. Armature, I think it’s called armature, right? At this current working step it’s quite helpful if you think abut the posture your final model should have. So, just think about that for a minute. Wrap around this black clay, so this is pretty simple. There aren’t many details on feet and legs. Well, you can make some details for the toes. For the knees. This working step will either be the trousers, or fur. I don’t know. I think this is some part of the body so it’s fur. So, this is the next layer we’re working on. Please participate in the poll which Pokemon should be next. The next layer is some kind of a cover, so we are working from the feet to the top. That makes it more simple, you know, which step is next. And now we are mixing some white and some yellow wrapping around so this will be the stomach area. Just adding a tiny detail to that. This is the fur detail. And I made some kind of a texture to the body. To the core body part. Just adding some more fur details. And these parts are some kind of shoulder armor. We need some more aluminum wire for the neck. Wrapping around a thin layer of blue clay and we can stick it into the body and the head on top. OK, next are the arms. We need some more aluminum wire and the arms are pretty thin. So, I tried to make them as thin as possible from this thicker aluminum wire. Just bending them right into position. Yeah and now we can work on the hands. I thought they were very detailed, but they aren’t. I place just a black drop, it looks like a water drop onto them. And now what is missing the thorns. Lucario’s characteristic thorns. So, here we go. I use some silver clay for that, but you can also use just some bright grey for that because I think silver clay is quite rare. I’m attaching the arms to the body and now I’m beginning placing everything right on the plate. I’m using toilet paper for fixing and another cup for fixing and these will be the hair/hat. I thinks these are some kind of hair pieces. I’m also using some toilet paper for fixing to go into the oven. Just adding a shiny detail in the eye and you can leave this step out if you like. I decided to create some more details on the fur. So I attached that later which made it a bit difficult because the arms and everything was attached. Yeah. This is the tail. The last step for our figure. And we are ready to bake everything. in the oven! Freshly baked Lucario and his tail. I made it separately. But now we can glue it together. The tail to the body. I’m using my superglue for that. And next step would be working on this energy ball which he is throwing. So, I’m using just some white wool. This is blue and purple. Make a very thin layer of this wool. I’m even attaching some more white. And it looks like some kind of a candy. And I’m gluing it into the hands, And the ball is sort of floating right in the middle. And I think it looks quite nice. This is some more energy stream coming out of the hands. So I’m just gluing them to the arms. Yeah I found just some different pictures of Lucario attacking. This is the transparent polish for the eyes and the mouth. And I think this should work with the wool. OK. Now it comes to an end and I think finally that’s it! Now that we have finished let’s welcome Lucario’s best friend to the stage. I don’t have any friends. Mewtwo! – You are kidding me, right? I will kill you! I’ll eat you for breakfast! I guess that’s it. Thanks for watching. Leave me some comments and I hope to see you next time. Bye!

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  1. You do know that Lucario can since its trainers and emotions and aura to help Comfort them so why did you say it would attack God dang children

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  3. Can you make regime can you please make it so then I’ll be very happy please make it OK

  4. how can lucario bee flipping purple are you flipping spacsticate is your name flipping john like what the hell i think this guys should get some new clay

  5. Hi my name is Jordan you made Lucario very nicely but can you make Zekrom and White Kyurem EX they are my favourite pokemons please make them

  6. @clayclaim 10:07 Lol that lucario vs metwo "battle" at the end of the video was hilarious X'D your lucario and mewtwo clay creations are very cool! Are planning on making any more pokemon clay creations in the future? If so, then Darkrai would be very cool.

  7. Lucario cant normally talk to humans but in one of the Pokémon movies, Lucario’s aura allows him to. New is also in it and he saves ash because ash died. (Like in every Pokémon movie 🤣)

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