Love Boat: A Love Story

You get your gear load up your boat, head on down a river and see what’s in between there and the takeout and oftentimes what’s in between is some of the most beautiful, magical experiences you could ever imagine I’ve been kayaking for 10 years here in Montana and it just turned into a Lifelong passion that’s grown into me owning a shop. My name is Andrew Gonzales, and I’m the owner of Love Boat Paddle Co. here in Missoula 2019 is gonna be a big year for us at Love Boat. Welcome to the Future Sight of Love Boat paddle Co. Come on in. Right now, we’re in just kind of a remodel phase of it We obviously carry everything anyone would need to be on the river. Life jackets, helmets, paddles. Everything people would need to go surfing on the river. We’re just trying to be that place for folks to come, and if they need some sort of craft or vessel that we’ve got you covered. Here it is This is the shop! This space here, this is gonna be the repairs and rentals area. So everything from fixing rafts, to all of our rentals stand-up paddleboards, surfboards, it’s gonna happen right here. This is where the magic’s gonna happen. This is the paddle shop. This is Love Boat right here. We’re gonna have all of our new kayaks, paddles, all of our new gear Summer time we’ll have the doors up, sunshine flowing in, it’s gonna be great! Missoula is special in the fact that we have so many rivers and they’re not always the craziest or the gnarliest rivers out there, but for the pure beauty and scenery it’s unmatched. We’re spoiled with having Brennan’s wave we can just go down on an any given evening, or lunch break, or morning, and go have a surf session. Ten minutes outside of town we have the Blackfoot River which is arguably one of the best places to start kayaking. And the Alberton Gorge, a very welcoming, awesome place to go paddle. You’re not going to get scared, the water’s warm, the sunshine’s always shining in and there’s smiles everywhere. And in the springtime if you have a Lochsa River. Which for a lot of us is the one river in our lives that will always always come back to. Like our rivers they’re so close and everything’s so beautiful. And that’s just a great representation of our community. That’s very unique There’s no exclusivity. Anyone can paddle and everyone paddles together and the community is just so loving and caring and we hang out, not only on the river but outside of the river. We at the paddle shop can be the catalyst for a lot of what goes on in the community and we really enjoy that. Being able to provide really cool opportunities for folks to get together and Celebrate the rivers, celebrate kayaking, just enjoy life and we love being the place for that.

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