Love Actually (4/10) Movie CLIP – Jamie and Aurelia Go Swimming (2003) HD

Love Actually (4/10) Movie CLIP – Jamie and Aurelia Go Swimming (2003) HD

Um, would you like the last, uh– No? That’s all right. More for me. l’m vey lucky. l’ve got one ofthose
constitutions where l never put on weight. [ Phone Ringing ]
Oh. Hello? [ Ringing Continues ] Oop. Sory. Hello? Thankyou.
Ah, no! – [ Speaking Portuguese ]
– Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, God, it’s halfthe book.
Oh, no.Just–Just leave them! Please! They’re not important!
They’re not worth it! Uh, stop. Stop.
[ Shudders ] lt’s all just rubbish! Just leave it. – Oh, God, she’s in.
– [ Gasps ] Right, and now she’ll think
l’m a total spaz ifl don’t go in too. Fuck! It’s freezing! Fuck! lt’s not worth it, you know.
This isn’t bloody Shakespeare. Just stop, stop. l really must do copies. You know, there’d better not be eels
in here. l can’t stand eels. Oh, God! What the hell is that? [ Panting, Chuckles ]
[ Chuckles ]

71 thoughts on “Love Actually (4/10) Movie CLIP – Jamie and Aurelia Go Swimming (2003) HD

  1. Firth sometimes complaint about Darcy stuck with him. Austen's brooding, but romatic hero. Here we have a successfull deinstallment of the infamous wet shirt scene. It's the girl who dives into the lake first and he stumbles after her, not elegant at all. Firth is amiable as the smiling and clumsy Jamie Bennett (!). [Name cannot be a coincidence ;)]. He hates the cold water and is afraid of slippery eels. The best thing to escape a character an actor once played is to make fun of it. 😀

  2. I'm brazilian and i love the fact that i understand what she's saying most of the time, and he doesn't understand a word she's saying. hahaha

  3. This is one of the best scene in this movie… Watching this scene makes that fire inside your heart stronger than ever…..

  4. Sou brasileira, sim (: Português é uma língua difícil mesmo. E quem tem o inglês como idioma primário costuma ter mais dificuldade ainda. :/

  5. Jamie & Aurelia were my favorite pairing in this film, followed closely by Natalie & the Prime Minister

  6. Bela Ana Lúcia Eu aprendi Português para vir aqui e propor a você. Eu não me importo que você viva do outro lado do oceano. Se você disser sim eu vou nadar para você.
    We must get rid of this Colin Firth fellow. You mean nothing to him.

  7. They are such a cute couple! I always enjoyed writing myself. I also love his house being in the Country side. Such a peaceful place for a writer to be, heh!

    “What kind of idiot doesn’t make copies?”


  8. The best storyline in the film… I wish they would’ve left out the garbage plot lines (like Colin going to America) to spend more time developing this story.

  9. "I'm a thistle sifter. I have a sift of sifted thistles and unsifted thistles. Because I'm a thistle sifter."

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