100 thoughts on “Lorde – Royals (US Version)

  1. I never seem to finish all my food

    I always get a doggie bag from the waiter

    So I just keep what's still unchewed

    And I take it home, save it for later

    You know what follows, Weird Al Yankovic fans.

  2. Give Lorde another beer Jake the Muss.What does she want money for?She's got everything she needs,beer and food.Perhaps some milkshakes…

  3. eLord, i master light and darkness. Shall we dance reptilian snake? I am a true Lord. I will eradicate your stupid reptilian soul now. Want more gold??? Dance.

  4. It happens that 1 of the 5 Lords on the planet masters atomic energies. Good luck. I am a Dragon. He is radioactive. And so are you now eLord.

  5. This song reminds me when my dog freaking came back to my house with a damn cat head… and this song also reminds me when I got stuck in a tunnel 💀 so yea I don’t like listening to this song AT ALL

  6. Like I literally just remembered this song after years of forgetting like dang she poped in my head out of nowhere 🙂

  7. A ruler is supposed to work as much as an ordinary worker does now-a-days. Weekends, holidays etc are recommended. 😁
    Rulers stand responsible for the state of law & order under their rule. If a person is in a race/competition to become a ruler of a state then he/she must also prepare for receiving the burden of inner suffering. A parent suffers when any of the children suffers. Those who are looking for additional responsibilities need our compassion and cooperation in order to keep their personal lives on track.
    Muhammad Ali Jinnah is an example. What did we/pakistanis offer him before and after independence? More work that is.
    Someone who has struggled a lot a right in front of your eyes needs some rest and relaxation after giving us the desired result. The result should have a work breakdown structure as well.
    Otherwise choose young and energetic leaders and use them thoroughly before giving them an early retirement package. 😝
    This message came from John the Baptist btw. Cool guy.

  8. I was 6 years old when this came out and now im 12 ;-; i remember listening to this song in the car on the way to my cabin.. I miss the good ol days …

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