100 thoughts on “Loot Lake & Liquid Soap (Fortnite Battle Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

  1. Wow, people are talking about season 6 well season x just launched .why are we still talking about 4 seasons ago lol.

  2. Before you said “screen protecter” i died on the inside but you said it so i was happy (i am making you die on the inside by not making the i’s capital)

  3. yes i know secret information that your past self didn't know…. the vacation home is dead… so is the island..

  4. I have enjoyed all the fortnite creations you have done so far but a challange for you to try would be loot lake from season 10

  5. Please can you do something other than fortnight? Maybe go back to pokemon (just a suggestion). That would be awesome, thanks.

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