LOOP YARN ๐Ÿ’– How to Hand Knit Headband + Blanket

LOOP YARN ๐Ÿ’– How to Hand Knit Headband + Blanket

Hi, Guys! And welcome to Studio Knit. I’m
Kristen and I am here with Delilah Delilah is my niece my very knit worthy
niece and some of you might remember her from our last collab which was what in
2016 NOT MY ARMS CHALLENGE. The Not my arms challenge and that was Halloween and
that was a really fun little crafty challenge that we had together when I
went to go visit you in Los Angeles but today we are in my studio in San
Francisco together so we thought we’d have some crafty fun and we picked up
some LOOP YARN there are a lot of different brands out there at our local
craft store this was what we picked up so let me show mine I picked up this
color pink and you don’t need any meaning you don’t need any knitting
needles so this is gonna be really fun and Delilah what color did you pick the
closest color they had to make green mint green is Delilah’s favorite color
and so this was a really good choice as well so I decided but I want to make a
cute little blanket for my dog Roxy because pink is a really cute color on
her and what do you want it just I’m gonna make a headband a headband I know you keeping the elephant ears on when you wear your headband are you taking
them oh okay Wow Wow we don’t usually see the elephant ears come off so this
is a great idea too Delilah had the idea to do the headband I’ve never seen that
done with this yarn before so she’s going to be designing her own pattern
and let’s with just your loop yarn and scissors you have everything you need to
start your project beginning with the yarn end count out how many stitches you would like to knit in my example I am knitting 10 stitches I’ll bring my
working yarn on top and this first loop on the top up put it under this tenth loop and then the next loop under my working yarn I
put under the next loop and I continue all the way down the row I’m working in garter stitch so the next
well I’ll knit differently so this time our working yarn is on the bottom and we
put this loop in the working on in the front of this loop and the next one we
also put in the front of this loop and this knits up the garter stitch will go
all the way down the row and on our third row and we do the same
thing we did on the first row so we bring our working yarn above and we take
our loop and we put it behind the other loop since my blanket uses a lot more
yarn than the Lila’s project I’m using two balls and I want to show you how to
join those two balls so keep knitting your loops and I’m finishing up here and
you’ll want to stop when you have three loops remaining it can be anywhere on
your project now take your new ball of yarn and since it’s on bright here you
can see I have a darker pink for my new ball of yarn and I take those first
three loops and I just place them directly on top of those last three
loops and then I just knit them as I normally would but I’m putting the old
and the new loops right there I’m knitting them right on through together
so here I have those two loops stacked on top of each other and then I just
knit right on through oh and I wanted to point out to you knitters that when you
have your yarn on the top and you are placing the loops from behind through to
the front like I am right here that is equivalent to a KNIT STITCH in knitting
and then you just keep on knitting all the way down the row with the new yarn
and once you’ve gotten to the end of the row just like Delilah showed us I’m
also doing the garter stitch so I’m bringing my working yarn on the bottom
and then I am placing my loops from the front and you want to make sure to try
and make sure that your loops aren’t twisted and for knitters this is the
equivalent of a purl stitch and just keep on going all the way down and
you’ll see we get to those double loops right there where we joined our yarn and
all you have to do with your new working yarn here is you
just go ahead and put those loops through both of them it’s actually
incredibly simple but I just wanted to show you exactly how it’s done if you’d
like to make a larger project with your loop yarn and I just think this is
really fun for us knitters to introduce knitting to kids and people of all ages
who are not familiar with knitting I think this yarn is a really great
introduction to the love of knitting and sort of the mechanics of how everything
sort of fits together and when you’re finished knitting it’s time to bind off
to begin simply knit the first two loops like you normally would
and put it in front of the last loop and this is how we’re binding off and again you take the next loop and
knit it and then you put it through the front of that last loop and keep binding
off all the way down the row when you’re finished take your scissors
and cut your yarn if you’d like you can also cut the loops to make it a little
easier and with your fingers just put that yarn tail through the last loop and
you are done and now I’m gonna make a headband with 30 loops and Delilah your
headband looks super cute on you I love it that was a great idea and it seems
like my dog Roxie is enjoying her new little dog blanket as well so thank you
so much for joining us here at studio knit I hope you are inspired to give
this LOOP YARN a try. I’ll have links to the different brands where you
can purchase loop yarn come in the description below thank you for watching
make sure you like subscribe comment down below and share perfect yes thank
you guys so much and we will see you here next time. BYE!

18 thoughts on “LOOP YARN ๐Ÿ’– How to Hand Knit Headband + Blanket

  1. Garter stitch is knitting every row? Yet…you are purling a row? Is it because you are not turning the work in loop knitting.

  2. I was hesitant when I first saw this yarn because I wasn't sure how it would work out. Now I see how I can use this with my nephews and nieces who wish to learn but aren't sister-approved yet to use the needles/hooks.

  3. What a cool video! Delilah is a star! Iโ€™m going to try finger knitting; even with my stubby fingers, I think I can do it. Thanks, Kristen and Delilah!

  4. This is so cool! I had seen this yarn in the store and thought "how do you knit with that?!". Now I want to go buy some! Delilah is going to be taking over your business soon. She's a natural! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you both for the ideas!

  5. Oh Kristen!! Your little niece was fantastic on camera! I love her headband project. And Roxy was so sweet on her blanket. Dogs LOVE when we knit for them. As you know, I knitted for Willie for years, and he was always so excited to get something new. Very interesting, yarn, but I think I'll stick to my knitting needles. Thanks for sharing. It's so fun to see all the new products coming out.

  6. I picked up some of the loopy loop yarn at Joann's the other day. It is so much fun. It knits up so quickly. I am knitting or should I say looping a baby blanket. ๐Ÿ’–

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