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  1. The drawings in the yellow sketchbook that you thought were referenced came from The Monster Book of Manga, if you were wondering.

  2. Why did people draw bad when they where at middle school 🤣 im about to go to high school and I draw pretty decent.

  3. i was watching this and saw you open the yellow sketch book and i was like this looks like the book i have, the monster book of manga LMAO

  4. I do art when like you know the girls with the bandet thing when they put it around there mouth. I drew those things , and done some fingers with the middle finger up, Even a gun.

    Kids these days.. 🙄

  5. Lol, i have a one subject notebook and a drawer full of drawing on 6th grade and early 7th grade. I hate them but my parents won't let me throw/burn them like Eliza.

  6. One thing that makes me flip out is whenever someone just snatches your sketchbook whenever you're drawing. They just go, "hEy, watcha dRawinG?" Then they walk away with the entire thing.

  7. YO! I FIGURED OUT WHAT THE BLUE IS! She probably drew the dress and then “shaded in” the empty neck hole, then realized she needed to draw a head. Maybe? I did that.

  8. So im now trying to change my poses on my drawings instead of a person standing straight and i watch these kinds of videos so i can improve my art style and thank you so much for inspiring me 😀😄😊

  9. 5:50


    you can see the drawing through the paper

    this for some reason annoyed me 😛

    luv ur vids tho ^^

  10. I threw away all my old art…and click read more for random words

    We aren't even if you want to steal Kermit the frog and I will answer your phone please call right now but I will call you back in a bit and see if you can get a better idea of how much we can talk about the details on what I can E R sorry for the confusion

    That was ironic

  11. oh my yes I HATE that technique! my teacher used to make me use it and I never understood why! I always knew how to draw, but she insisted I do it her way! kind of funny now that I think about it…

  12. This video inspired me too start drawing hands…I used to be so scared to draw hands,I'd all ways draw them behind the back sometimes I still do..LOL

  13. Thank you for doing these videos, it makes me think that not every artist is better than me, and everyone starts somewhere, and not everyone is better then me. Thank you so much, these help me a lot ♥️🤗

  14. 7:24
    You actually DID use a reference! I’ve come across what must have been the inspiration for that drawing on Pinterest! 🙂

  15. I’m that one kid in the classroom who’s one of the artistic ones but never shows my art and I only use a mechanical pencil and a sketch book, I know I’m boring af.

  16. When i was like 4 in pg our teacher said to draw your imagination and then i drew a weird pony with a knife in its back omg my teacher said what are you drawing abeeha and i was like a killer pony and my teacher just turned around and just went quite.

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