LONG DISTANCE PAPER PLANE – How to make a paper airplane that FLIES FAST & FAR | Destroyer

LONG DISTANCE PAPER PLANE – How to make a paper airplane that FLIES FAST & FAR | Destroyer

Hi guys! Today, I’m going to teach you how
to make the bets paper airplane in the world, the Destroyer. This paper airplane is the
enemy of the Galaxy Fighter. And now, let’s start.
To make the Destroyer, you need a (sheet) printing paper. You can use either U.S Letter
Size or A4 paper. Now, let’s fold the paper in haft horizontally.
Make sure that all edges are lined up. And make a nice crease here.
Now, flatten the paper. Next start from this edge, fold it to the
center crease, and also for this side of the paper.
Make a crease here as well and also for this side. Next step, start from this edge, I fold it
to the center crease, and also for this side of the paper.
Make a crease here and also for this side. And now, I will fold this part down.
You can see this point here—the intersection of this edge and this edge.
I use this point as my reference to fold this part of the paper down.
When I fold this part of the paper down, I will hold the paper like this.
I will make sure that this gap (you can see the gap here!) will match with the center
crease. I will fold this one down first, and I will
make sure the gap matches with the center crease. And now, I am confident to fold this part of the paper down.
And, I will. I’m going to make a nice crease here.
Next, I will unfold the paper. Then I turn the paper over.
You can see the crease here already. It is easier for us to fold.
Can you see the triangle shape here? I will fold it down.
Make sure that you fold it correctly, and you can see the crease there.
One more time, you need to make sure this crease matches with this crease.
I will flatten this part of the paper as well. Next, I turn the paper over, and I start from
this edge and fold it to this edge. Same thing for this side.
Just fold it, and repeat the same fold for the opposite side.
I need to fix it a little bit. Okay, it looks very good for now.
Next, I will fold the paper over again. You can see this triangle shape here.
I will fold this triangle shape up (like this) And it looks very, very nice.
Next step, I turn the paper over. And you will see this part of the paper, I
will fold it down. And now, I fold the paper in half.
And make sure you make a very strong crease. Press it very hard.
And then, I am going to create the stabilizers first, and then I am going to create the wings
First of all, I will estimate about ½ in along this edge.
I start from this corner, and I fold it down. Make sure that the edge we are going to create
parallel with this edge. Alright, and same thing for the other side.
You can hold the paper like this or whatever you want to create the stabilizers.
Fold it first. Let’s me see if they are… even.
It looks very good for now. Next, I’m going to create the wings.
I start from this edge, fold it to this edge. You know it is very hard to match this edge
to this edge until the top here, so we’ll cheat a little bit.
By folding this wings straight to this point. It is about ½ in from the tip here, or you
can say it is about 1.5cm. Now, we are going to create the wings – the
other wing. I will do the same thing. Now, we just need
to match this edge to the edge of the other wings.
You can fold the paper up like this to fold. And I fix the part of the paper down here
as well. Make a very strong crease. Press it hard.
Now, I will unfold the paper to create the wings.
Now you can see the stabilizers pointing down like this.
This is exactly what I want. Now, I will show you how to throw the plane.
First of all, you need to hold it at the right place.
You can feel the hard part right here, at the center of the plane.
Hold it right here and throw it up at 30 degrees. However, before you throw the plane, you need
to create the elevators at the end of the plane.
At the end of the wings, you can curve it up a bit like this. You can see how I curve
the end of the wing up. You can curve both sides up, so I curve this
side up as well. Make sure you fold it evenly for both sides.
And make sure the stabilizers are straight down. It should create an angle at 90 degrees
right here. You can check it out, and if the plane flies
well for you, like the video, share it with your friend and subscribe my channel.
And finally, thank you for watching.

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  3. so good I did It and it was amazing and then i cut off the the nose and it went double the speed and double the how far it went for me

  4. It worked 😁😁 i threw for india it landed in antartica😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

    Just a joke 😂😂

  5. this airplane is so good it could probably go around the whole wide world even know my was not perfect like yours😁😁😁

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