hello pals good morning so today is a
day full of commissions and I’m actually really excited I’ve not done commissions
for a while and recently on Instagram I asked if anyone would like a Commission
doing cause I have a little bit of spare time I mean I made some time I didn’t
really have much spare time I kind of stressed myself out because I said yes
to a bunch of Commission’s and then worried about getting them done but
we’re on track so far I’ve actually finished one today I think it was for
possibly the easiest client I’ve actually drawn something for her before
and she asked for another Commission which was amazing like getting new
customers is amazing but having repeat customers really adds like a huge
confidence boost because it helps me know that I’m doing something right I
finished that Commission earlier she said it’s all good so I thought I’d show
you that I’m gonna send it to my laptop now and just bring it into illustrator
and make sure it’s all okay I’m gonna zoom in and check on it but I did
fully draw it on procreate and I actually really really like it I’ve not
drawn anything like this for a while so this is the little drawing how adorable
I did a heart wreath and before I’ve done like little flowers in the corners
I’ve never actually done flowers all the way around but I thought it worked
really really nicely because they both have quite like neutral cool toned
outfits and stuff on so I wanted to do like a nice warm banner and then the
thing around it I actually really really like it I’m well impressed with myself
not gonna lie tooting my own horn let’s watch this little like replay this is me
drawing it I was just picking up colors from the
original photos to use for the drawing and yeah I actually did it a different
style and then deleted it you see that I just deleted it and start again so now
I’m colouring it in again and I just I miss doing Commission’s maybe I’ll do
more more often love it next on the agenda I am going to do another portrait
commission I’m actually going to record this one I get a lot of questions
about how I do it and what I do etc etc so I’m gonna fasten my other
camera up on here when I find it I don’t really know where I put it it’s on my bed I’m gonna
use this this is what I use to clip my camera on so it clips onto the shelves
above my desks which is where you’re sat I then like bend it over and then the
camera points straight down towards my desk that was one of the main reasons I
put these shelves where they are because it meant I could draw and film myself I
was thinking ahead of myself so yeah I’m just gonna put my iPad down here set it
up I need to double check that all my camera batteries are charged because it
uses a whole lot of camera battery before I start doing the other one I
can’t sidetracked so easily I’m gonna send myself this drawing so I
don’t want the background on it so I’m just gonna send this to myself as a
PNG and I can just airdrop it straight to my laptop when it realizes that my
laptop is here come on iPad my laptop is right there
there we go and then it will pop up in here I’m
going to open it up in Illustrator and position it on a a4 piece of paper and
then I’m gonna order it and I’m on my own YouTube channel we love a bit of
promo progress has been made I have started
this drawing I’ve just sent this to the client before I put any shadows and
finer details on it because I like to check the color of the hair is right and
the color of the outfit is what they want because when I start adding shadows
it’s hard for me to change them but yeah this is this is what it looks like very
cute I need to do the garland and obviously all the details but that’s a
good en’ I’ve just been on soul and fires Instagram account and I have a bunch of
tags from people receiving their prints how exciting is that I literally only
sent them yesterday so they’ve got their really speedy and I actually got a
really aesthetically pleasing photo sent to me of a print up in someone’s room
and it just makes me so happy it feels very strange to have my own work in
other people’s house I feel like that feeling will never get old but it’s very
nice and it makes me want to design even more so I guess I’ve done the main
Commission’s for today for me the most frustrating part about commissions is
kind of like waiting in between like I’d quite happily sit and finish finish this
drawing now obviously I want to check it with the client and I can’t guarantee that
the client is gonna answer me tonight so that can delay a little bit obviously no
fault of the client or my own it’s just just how it works however I can’t
continue this drawing because my iPad is dying which isn’t ideal I thought it was
fully charged but I’m guessing I just used it too much in the past few days
and it does take ages to charge which is so annoying I think just because it’s so
big it just takes a while so I’m gonna plug it in overnight and that’s me done
drawing commissions for now a lot of people ask actually I use the iPad pro
the first generation one and it’s the bigger one I think it’s like twelve
point nine inch screen it’s pretty much the same size
screen as my laptop and then obviously I have the pencil and it’s the original
Apple pencil I keep eyeing up the new iPad because I think it’s smaller and
lighter which would be super handy because I wouldn’t feel like it’s a
burden to take it places with me I don’t take it anywhere really because I always
need my laptop with me for video editing and adding this in my bag as well is
actually so heavy I used to do it at uni and I don’t know how so I don’t
really take it anywhere but I would like to because I could draw some more
like nature things maybe and get like inspiration from elsewhere so maybe one
day I’ll treat myself to the new iPad but for now no they are so expensive
I mean iPads in general are expensive this was pricey I feel like this was like
maybe 500 or 600 pounds but I bought it with my student loan because I had money
at the time and I used it as an investment and it turns out it has been
a good investment so you know I also bought it secondhand it was refurbished
and secondhand from Amazon top tip there if you want to get a cheaper cheaper
version of the product have a look at the refurbished ones because they’re
pretty much the same and they have warranty on them just like the regular
ones anyway talking nonsence boring myself to death I don’t know what to do now I
was expecting this vlog to be really long but my iPad has died let’s go
charge the iPad up that’s job number one the next thing I want to do is think of
some ideas for greetings cards because I have it written on my Instagram page
that we’re going to be doing greetings cards and I haven’t yet put anything on
paper but that is something I 100% want to have on soul & fire so I think
now’s a good time it’s almost Christmas I don’t want to leave it too late maybe
I’ll just bring out like two Christmas cards or something I don’t know
something quite simple something maybe punny a bit of a lil bit of a joke you
know something I would send to my own boyfriend or like my own friends so I’m
gonna have a little browse on Pinterest gather some
inspiration I do love making a mood board if you guys know me you know I
love a mood board so I’m gonna do that and then looks like I’m gonna have to
actually physically sketch which I very rarely do nowadays
I always sketch on my iPad but as you know it is dead so what we’re gonna do is find a notebook of some sort and I’m gonna sketch and doodle a couple of ideas before we get sketching I ordered this a couple of weeks ago and it’s from the happy news
Emily Coxhead she shared it on her stories and I was like oh my god I have
to buy it I love Emily she’s amazing huge inspiration for me and it’s a
little stand up desk calendar thing so it’s like a5 size and it stands up in a
little triangle I’m not gonna open it because I want to save it and keep all
the months a surprise but on the back are a few of them um so there’s February
January and obviously March and just how cute is this gonna be on my desk I
just couldn’t resist buying this and I like replied to her story saying I’d
ordered this and she was like oh my god I’ve not even seen them myself yet so I
actually had this before she did which I found quite funny but yeah I’m very
excited to put this up in January I feel like it’ll add a bit of brightness and
Happiness too and otherwise a very dull month I’ve come up with some pretty
solid ideas I think I’m kind of moving away from the idea of doing Christmas
cards though because that obviously limits me to only like one day a year
for them to be relevant or one month a year depending on when you give
them I thought maybe doing like couples ones so like one should send to your
boyfriend or your partner or your girlfriend like I love you but or like
little cute punny couple ones I feel like that is more me hmm I’ll work on it I’ll
work on it but as you can probably tell now I’ve got the lamp on it’s so dark
already it’s not even so dark it’s just very dark in this office what time is it
it’s half past five I bet it’s gonna be dark in like an hour
and a half but I just wanted to show you my new gadget are you ready
alexa turn lamp off okay turn lamp on little things as well so I have
obviously an alexa and Amazon had an offer on the like smart plugs they were like £9.99
instead of like 25 or something so I just spontaneously bought one because I
decided I needed one I definitely didn’t but I wanted one I think I might have to
get another one for my bedroom bit of a tangent but yeah right I’m gonna now I’m going to design a logo so I have been going back and forth with
someone it took quite a while for them to be sure that they wanted me to do
their logo but they got back to me yesterday and they do which is great so
I have a form which the people who ask for logos fill out so I send them a link
and I ask them to fill out this form so I can kind of figure out what they’re
after and give them a quote so I’m gonna show you the form because I feel like if
any of you guys out there do logo design or something similar to what I do you
might find this useful so I have this I need to update the branding on it I think I
said that the last time I showed this I made it on Google Forms it’s completely
free and really simple to set up and basically it’s just a bunch of
questions that will help me design someone’s logo so in it I ask for your
email address your name the name of your business so the exact name of your
business how you would write it on official documents a lot of people
abbreviate them and I want to make sure I’ve got the right one
especially if I’m writing the actual name in the logo itself then I’ve got
please tell me a little bit about your business so just a short little few
sentences about what you do who you do it for you know what is the purpose of
your logo and where will it be used so basically I want to know if it’s going
to be used online or in print or both because that defines kind of the size I
should make it and the format I should make it when’s your deadline generally a
lot of people don’t really have a deadline which is great too because I do
this kind of stuff kind of on the side so I fit it in when I can so having a
deadline would stress me out but it’s in there just in case tell me everything
you can about people who will be using your service so I want to know about
their target audience I want to know who will be looking at the logo who will be
buying their products or their service then also their competitors just to make
sure I’m not making anything too similar to their competitors and to make sure it
kind of stands out but also works within that sort of category then what do you
like so then this is the most important bit for me I have always asked for files
that people liked so I tell people to go on Pinterest on Google and find a bunch
of logos they like the look of and send me them because that gives me an idea of
the direction they’re going in so I ask them to add them to here and then
finally I just asked if I can share it on my youtube channel because like now
I’m about to film what I’m doing and I want to make sure that’s okay I want to
you know I don’t want to be showing someone’s secret logo or secret project
before it’s due out so I’m gonna head into the response that this latest
client gave me do you know what I forgot how unattractive this lump is when it’s
on my face I’ve not vlogged with the lamp on for so long because
it’s been summer I very much enjoyed having summer in my
office I don’t know how I feel about working in the dark I don’t want the
clocks to change when do they change actually alexa when do the clocks change Sunday the 27th of October is when the
clocks go back sadtimes so am I allowed to show this on my channel yes that was
the first question I wanted to be answered so I can export this or print
it out but I generally just read off the bits I need and then save the images so
I’ll skip the email so I’ve been asked to design a logo for a chiropodist I
think that’s the name so it’s a mobile foot health professional most clients
have been through recommendations but now competitors are increasing it’s
about time to advertise my business more nice so that’s definitely a good way to
go so they’re going to advertise online
Facebook and maybe print it out so I need it for both print and digital no
deadline but ASAP no problem customers are mostly elderly but the new
Facebook page could bring in anyone I’ve got a bunch of competitors which I will
open up in a second and then on here I’ve already clicked on this before so I
know what’s on it but it has a bunch of logos which are actually really cool
logos that Melanie likes the look of so we’re gonna work from these and
hopefully design a logo that she loves that’s the aim that’s my job I am gonna
recycle the back of my weekly planner and I’m gonna doodle some logo ideas on
here all right we have some doodles I’m now
gonna take this downstairs and just kind of put this on my laptop and play around
with some ideas so I’ll screen record my laptop and insert that now so you can
see what I’m up to all righty so it is another day you’ll
notice I’ve got a different top on it is now in the evening I’ve spent all day
doing all the bits of work but I have finished the second Commission well
pretty much I need to write something on the bottom but I’m waiting for the
client to kind of let me know what she wants on it but in terms of the drawing
it’s pretty much done there might be a few tweaks here and there from the
client for I’m really happy with it I thought I’d show you it so here it is I
really really like it hopefully the client loves it I’m either gonna write
like I love you or both of their names or to be honest whatever whether she
wants in the bottom and I decided to color the love heart in yellow it was
pink originally but I thought that was just a bit bit obvious so I went for
like this nice kind of sunshiny yellow color which I think complements that
orange on the bottom and the little flowers in the corner very very cute I’m
happy with this it’s been a long couple of days getting all those commissions
done the logo I’m still waiting for feedback on that so fingers crossed
she likes the progress so far if not I’ve got a few other ideas so I can send
her those but yeah I’m very happy with what I’ve been doing it’s nice to get
back to doing Commission’s so yeah if you ever want a commission just follow
me on Instagram and it’s always on there where I share my availability so if I
have availability I will put it on my stories and it’s a first-come
first-serve a kind of thing I’ll give you a quote and you can you can say yes
if you want to yeah thanks for watching the video and I’ll see you soon for
another one


  1. I have the new iPad it’s sooo nice I love it I use it with a pencil to design my cakes because I’m a baker definitely recommend

  2. Ahh this is so cool to watch Alice! Especially as it’s my mums/our enquiry haha – thank you for sharing it ☺️x

  3. Hi Alice! I really appreciate you sharing all of this amazing, helpful content. As a designer myself, I am trying really hard to find new & lasting clients.. I would love to hear your story/ method to acquiring new clients or putting yourself out there. I feel like I’m too shy for YT & not the best writer when it comes to long form writings such as blogs… would just love some advice from someone who understands the struggle is real!
    Thanks again, & God bless!

  4. You should try PeoplePerHour, I’m a freelance graphic designer and I’ve got over 10 plus clients who some continue to work with me on a permanent basis after only a month of working!

  5. Aww ur videos are amazing I’ve only watched a few but there really good,I met you today at my school and you are so gorgeous❤️x

  6. U came to my school 😂. Love your vids and subbed❤. Didn't get to ask u a question today because im too nervous but…. These videos are amazing and you are an inspiration❤

  7. Thank you so much for coming into out school yesterday! (Im looking through the comments now and I can see everyone I know saying the same thing 😂)

    Thanks for all the tips on starting commissions! I’m telling my friends and family that I’m starting and I’m super excited!

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