Łódka z papieru – Origami #2 (Paper boat)

Łódka z papieru – Origami #2 (Paper boat)

Hi, welcome you all very warmly. Today we will do a boat made of paper. I invite you to watch. First we file card in half. Then again we file it in half to determine the center. We spread, and now we file here to this center, that we set ourselves. Now this piece that here was, eversion of. And we turn to the other side. And those corners which arose here, folded. Now on the belt that we have left we also bent corners. And everting this piece. Now at this intersection in the middle, we bend. And we bend up the corners. On the one and the other side. Now again we bend back to this side. And here pull the top, the two sides. And in this way we created us boat. Thank you for watching and see you.

100 thoughts on “Łódka z papieru – Origami #2 (Paper boat)

  1. Super! Bardzo dobry poradnik 🙂 Nie umiałam tej łódki robić przez okrągłe 13 lat, a teraz się nauczyłam 😀

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  3. aż żal czytać komentarze. 90% młodych ludzi nie potrafi napisać poprawnie "łódka"…, ehhhh….

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