– Daniel and Regina! If you wanna find out
what Vy’s juicy secret is, you must compete in the last
to leave the pool challenge! And the last person to stay in the pool does whatever they want to this secret. – They open it up and find out what it is? – No, don’t open it up! I know what it’s like to have a secret. If I win I’m not gonna be
sharing her secret to the world. – I’m gonna give you guys a
bunch of underwater challenges. Build an underwater house, and I’ll come back in five
minutes to check it out. – Get outta my face. – What does underwater house even mean? Like what are we supposed to do? – I got it, watch this! Every great house has a table. Get down there! – [Regina] It’s going down! – We need a couple more things. – What is a house without a computer? Am I right ladies? – [Daniel] Wait wait no Regina
don’t throw that one, no, no! Regina! That’s electronic it’s
not gonna work anymore! – That was a special waterproof monitor! See, you shouldn’t turn
electronics on underwater. – Or else. – Very bad, but that’s a special monitor. What else does a house need, Daniel? – Plants! – Pillows! – A chair! – A lamp! – [Daniel] No no no, wait!
– What? – [Daniel] What did I
say about electricity? – Waterproof lamp! – And Mr. Squiggles. – And what’s not a house without a host? (screaming) – Regina, my Apple Watch! – [Regina] The Apple Watch
doesn’t even work, Daniel. – That’s right, Chad already
ruined it with the water. My flippy floppy! – Mr. Squiggles using my life jacket? – Mr. Squiggles why did
you take Vy’s life jacket? – Looks like we’re the same size. – Well what good is a host
if he doesn’t have a visitor? Come in here girl! – Here I go! (screaming) – [Daniel] Aye! Now we gotta set up the house and make it look really comfortable. We’re gonna be in here for 24
hours, that’s a lotta hours. – And if we don’t make a
good enough house for him, we won’t know what Vy’s secret is! What is Vy’s secret? – [Daniel] You look like an old grandpa. – Hey, maybe. – [Daniel] Guys comment below and tell me if Regina looks like
an old grandpa or not. – Cowabunga! (screaming) (soft music) – Lookin’ good Regina, we
just need a couple more stuff. – Actually looking like a buncha weirdos. You guys actually look like
hackers or should I say, quackers, ha ha, you ducks. – Quackers, we don’t look
nothing like ducks at all. – And you also look like a duck, hey! – Yeah, you look like a duck 24/7. (quacking) – Well you sounds like you have a beak. – Just ’cause I have a big nose, doesn’t give you the
right to say big beak. – This is all you have so far? You only have a little
bit of time to impress me. – Go eat a tootsie roll or
something and come back. – Yeah, get outta here! – I might and I’m not sharing. – [Regina] Okay Daniel, what’s next? – We need some foliage,
like a, oh there’s a bug! – [Regina] Ooh, where? – Oh it’s coming back, like
plants and stuff, you know. That’s what makes a house feel very homey. – [Regina] K.
– PZ9 will definitely love it, he’s a nature boy. – [Regina] Nature boy? (upbeat music) – We must show PZ9 that we are good hosts, therefore, we have a welcome mat. – [Daniel] Oh, okay. – We are open to all visitors. – No matter what they look like, no matter what they smell like. – [Both] No matter what
kind of mask they where. – [Daniel] Hey I was
thinking the same thing. – Whoa! (upbeat music) – We need a lamp to illuminate the pool. – [Regina] I love lamps. (upbeat music) (buzzer ringing) ( bell ringing) – [Regina] Ah, it sting me! Is it still there? It hurts, check! – [Daniel] Hold on, hold
on, everything’s fine. – Help, is it near me? Help me, help me. (beeping) – Oh my gosh guys, you won’t
believe what just happened! Regina got stung by a wasp! – I got all these booboos! – [Daniel] Check out these booboos. Look at that, oh my gosh,
it’s swelling up Regina. – It hurts! – The wasp is right
over there, look at him! – Ah, Like you evil was,
I strongly dislike you. I don’t like the word hate. – Man, do you think PZ9 told that wasp to come and sting you? – I bet he did, it’s all part of his plan. – He wants you to leave the pool so you don’t win the challenge. – Well I’m not leaving the
pool, PZ9, I’m a strong gal! – Let’s keep working on our house. – It’s not much of a house but it’s a cool little work station. – Sit down and give us a tour! – Come down! (upbeat music) – Oh that’s cool! It really is like a real
computer work station! – Yeah!
– Go on have a go. – Okay go Daniel! Uh oh, there’s a bee over there, I don’t like bees, they sting me. (upbeat music) – [Regina] Oh my God! – Ah, Zoinks! I ruined it all! I couldn’t figure out how to
sit on the chair like you did. My big ‘ol feet knocked everything over! – Daniel, what do we do? He’s gonna be coming at any moment! – He’s coming.
– Aah! – Hey, hey big boy, time’s up! It’s not even a house,
I don’t see anything! – The truth is, PZ9. – Daniel ruined our house! – I accidentally tripped
over everything underwater, and that’s why it looks the way it does. – You obviously lost thing
challenge, it’s terrible. – It’s not that bad. – Daniel’s not the best teammate is he? – You know what? That’s true, he kinda ruined our stuff. – [Daniel And Regina] Hey! – I know what you’re trying to do. – What?
– He’s trying to tear us a part again, Daniel. – You’re just trying to
make us hate each other, like you did with the handcuff challenge. – Whoa, shoot! Hey! – Ah, well. – That was rude! – Your next challenge will be, lunch time! – I love lunch – Lunchables!
– Ooh, even better! – But you must assemble it and eat it under the water, in your cozy home. Lunch is on me today (laughing). – Ah!
– Do your challenge. – [Daniel] Ugh. ( upbeat music) – Oh, how did PZ9 know I love lunchables? – Me too, my favorite’s the pizza one, so. – Hey, uh, Oreos, hot diggity dog! – I love Oreos too. – I gotta have at least one Regina. I wanna win this contest,
which means I’m gonna to be able to decide what I
do with the secret envelope. – We already figured out
that Vy betrayed something, what could she betray? – I think maybe it says she betrayed us. Like she’s hiding something
she doesn’t want us to know. So I’m gonna win this challenge. – No I’m gonna win this challenge! – Let me eat these, already. – I’m gonna eat these. – All right, so I gotta
make a cheese, bologna and Oreo sandwich under
the water and then eat it. It’s gonna be all soggy
underneath the water. – [Regina] That’s actually disgusting. – It’s sandwich makin’ time, here I go! (upbeat music) – [Regina] Daniel, how was it? – It creates this new, like spice. It’s a little pizzaz, a little. Uh I think I’m gonna throw up. – [Regina] Daniel! – That didn’t taste good at all. Okay, your turn Regina, your turn. – [Regina] I don’t wanna do it. – How’s your guys’ challenge doing? – We’re kinda failing. – Oh no! Don’t worry, I’m kicking
PZ9’s butt over there so I’m definitely gonna
get one of these secrets. – Ooh, are you gonna
open the secret or not? – Gosh, I haven’t decided
yet, I’m not sure. I’ll let you know. – Good luck Chad! – [Daniel] I love that guy. Okay Regina, here’s your Lunchable. – Here it is we got the pizza flavor. Comment down below what
your favorite lunchable is. – Regina, I can barley hear you. I hope you fail this
challenge and you’re not able to eat it at all and then
you lose and then I win, and then I get the envelope, open it up. – Wish me luck, I’m going down boys! – I ain’t wishin’ you nothin’. (upbeat music) – Oh man, that looks
disgusting down there! There’s no way Regina’s
gonna be able to eat that. She has a very weak stomach,
when Regina comes back up from the water, she’s gonna be hungry. (upbeat music) So I have a plan to get
her out of the water. I’m gonna call Postmates
food delivery service. I’m gonna say, hey, can you
get some chicken nuggets for my best friend Regina? She loves those things,
but I’m gonna tell the guy to deliver it and put the
chicken nuggets way over there. Right by this statue, right there. And once Regina sees the
chicken nuggets, she’s gonna jump outta the pool and
just gobble them all up. And then guess what, Daniel’s
the last to leave the pool. Oh, oh here she comes. (coughing) What happened Regina? Are you okay? – I needed to spit. – You didn’t eat it did ya? – I put the pizza in my mouth
and I just couldn’t chew. – You must be feeling
pretty hungry, right? Well you know Regina, since you’re my most trusted colleague, I’m gonna
order some chicken nuggets. How does that sound? – Yes! – Hey, yeah, Postmates, can
I order a 40 piece Mcnuggets? That’s what you like, right? 40 piece, yeah, uh, hold on Postmates guy. Hey, Regina, Mr. Squiggles is over there. He’s floating away, why
don’t you got get him? – Okay. – Hey Postmates guy, when
you bring the chicken nuggets can you place them next to
the statue in the back yard? Yeah, yes please, not near the pool, okay? All right.
– He’s here! – Thank you very much, see you then. He’s gonna be here with your chicken nuggets in a couple minutes. – We’re gonna get chicken nuggets soon, Mr. Squiggles, do you hear that? – Man, Regina, can you just leave already? I don’t want you to win, I’m gonna stay in this pool for like a couple days. – I’m gonna stay here for a couple weeks. – Wait a minute, (laughing)
I’ve got a great idea. – What?
– Check this out. If I take a little
snoozeroonie on the plank but one of my feet is still in the pool, I think that counts, okay, here I go. Oh, oh oh oh!
– What? – There’s a wasp over there, I don’t wanna get stung like you did. Then I gotta call the ambulance,
then I’m gonna have to go to the hospital, and then I’m
gonna leave the pool and lose. You don’t understand, Regina, bees and wasps are my biggest fear. Okay, I think it left though. – [Regina] The coast is clear, Daniel. – Here I go.
– [Regina] Do it! – One foot is still in. – [Regina] Have fun
turning into a lobster, you’re gonna bake in the sun! – I put some sunscreen on, okay? – Oh, good job, goodnight Daniel! – Goodnight – Guys, I have an idea, while
Daniel is sleeping over there like a little baby, he said
his biggest fear was wasps. So I’m gonna trick him,
I’m gonna wake him up and I’m gonna be like, Daniel, a wasp! And then he’ll get so
scared, he’ll run out. And then I’ll win the
challenge, ha ha ha ha! I’m gonna scare him now, ready? (upbeat music) Daniel, Daniel wasp, wasp, by you! – What?
– Get out of the pool! Get out of the pool, get out of the pool! – Ah!
– Get out, get out! – Wasp, where? – [Regina] It’s right by your
head, it’s right by your head! – Ah!
– Go, go, go, go, go! – Wait!
– What, Go! Daniel, it’s right by your head! – I don’t hear anything. – What, it’s, what? – (laughing) I know that tone of voice. When you’re joking you
speak in that weird voice. There ain’t no wasp I was
one foot away from losing the challenge, you’re playing
dirty girl, real dirty. Uh oh, PZ9 is over there,
what does he want now? – He’s coming back. – Oh, you weirdos again, I see you finally got out of these squares. – Oh wait, that’s not PZ9. – Oh, yeah, that’s a random man. – It’s the Postmates guy, I
called Postmates remember? – Oh yeah the chicken nuggets are here! – They’re here! Hello Postmates guy, thanks. Hey, hey hey hey, Postmates
guy, remember what I said? The special instructions. – Wait where is he going? Postmates guy! – [Daniel] Yeah, there you go. – [Regina] Wait Postmates man! He put the Postmates
all the way over there? – [Daniel] Yeah, I guess
you’re just gonna have to walk over there and get the chicken nuggets. Yeah, it’s right there Regina. Just go ahead and get the chicken nuggets. – You did this! You weren’t being nice,
you just wanted me to lose ’cause you want the envelope and you used chicken nuggets against me! – No, no, no, I don’t know
why he put it all the way over there, I didn’t tell him to do that. – You told him, I have
special instructions. And blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Daniel, it’s on! (heavy breathing) – Ah, rats, oh, okay,
that’s definitely PZ9. – He’s coming back, oh, gosh, PZ9. – Oh not even cool, are we
done with the challenge yet? – [Regina] Yeah we ate
all that gross food! – I hope none of it left your mouth after and contaminated the pool. – Uh oh, well.
– Daniel? – At least I actually ate
it, Regina didn’t eat it all. – Yeah, it’s kind of a
gross challenge, (laughing). – [Regina] Why are you
making us do these things? – Well do you wanna see
the envelope or not? There’s something really juicy in there and I could have just told you guys. What’s the fun in that? – PZ9, you’re a pain in the gluteos. – [Regina] Gluteos Maximus! – That means butt (laughing). All right, next challenge
is, scooter but under water! – [Regina] What?
– [Daniel] What? (slashing) – [Regina] Geeze! – Take that PZ9, yeah,
yeah, how does that feel? (upbeat music) – [Regina] Ah! Get away PZ9, get away! Are you okay? – Yeah, I gotta get from this side to the other side faster than you. Do scooters even work under water? Start the timer in three. – [Regina] Starting the timer! – Two, one! (orchestral music) – Blah, gosh darn it, ding dang it. That was so hard, I totally capsized. You know what I think it is? I just learned, I don’t
know how to swim very good. – [Regina] Daniel, we’re doing
an under water challenge! – That’s why I keep failing
all these challenges. It’s up to you, take the scooter. – I got it. (upbeat music) (beeping) I made it!
– [Daniel] You did it! – I’ll go aah! – [Daniel] Good job Regina,
you’re good at scooting. – I scoot my boot, but now that
PZ9’s not here can we just, like chill in the pool
for the next, like aah! – [Daniel] Whoa, whoa!
– He’s here! – Good job! – I did it, PZ9. – Yeah, it’s actually really lame. One of you guys are gonna
have to leave eventually. I’m just gonna enjoy
dinner ’cause you ordered some Postmates that I
don’t think you’re gonna be able to eat so that’s all mine! – Daniel, you gave the
chicken nuggets to PZ9! – [Daniel] Oh, no, I just
paid for PZ9’s dinner. (laughing) Ah, ratatouille.
– Nuggets! It’s too hot over here,
I’m getting all crispy. I’m gonna go in the shade. – See you later! You know what, Regina know my
worst fear, bees and wasps. But I know one of her
worst fears, someone peeing in the pool, what if I
pretend to pee in the pool? I’ve done some disgusting
things in my lifetime, but peeing in the pool, that’s too much. I’m gonna hack the pool’s
heater system and make the pool water ever so
slightly warmer than usual. You know what I mean? Kinda like the temperature of pee pee, and then when Regina’s like,
wait do I feel something warm? I’m gonna be, oh you bet
your bottom dollar, you do. It’s number one for PZ1, let’s
raise it by a couple degrees. Oh, Regina, what are you doing over there? – I’m relaxing, why? – Oh, it’s a beautiful
day for a swim, huh? It’s really hot outside
but the pool water’s really nice and cold, right? – Yeah, I mean it was
nice and cold over there, but for some reason it’s
kinda warm around this area. – Maybe the pool water’s
a little warm, huh? – Yes, why is it warm? – Ooh, uh oh. – Daniel you did not pee! – Uh oh, I think I’m peeing,
I’m peeing right now! – Stop, stop peeing! – I can’t stop!
– Make it stop! – It just keeps coming out! (screaming) Yes!
– No, no, I didn’t mean it – No, no, you left! Every part of your body was
outside of the pool, I win! I’m the last to leave, yes! – Give me the camera! I can’t believe Daniel is that disgusting, he peed in the pool, my instincts
took over, and I ran, ugh! – I did it, I was the last
to leave the pool, I won! – [Regina] Whatever.
– I won, I won, I won! – And probably like the
grossest way ever, ya nasty. – Just hand over the envelope, I won. – Well, congrats, even if you’re a winner in this challenge, you’re
still a loser to me. – Well thanks, PZ9. – Daniel, come on! That’s Vy’s secret, you
shouldn’t say her secret to everyone, the whole world. – Guess you’re right Regina
but I just wanna know what it is, let’s see, let’s see! – Daniel, no! – What in tarnation? There’s holes in this letter! The spy ninjas, with, months, your? Wait, wait, wait a minute. In the last video, Vy won the
challenge and PZ9 gave her something that looked just
like this, it’s very similar. – [Regina] Let’s put the papers together. – [Daniel] something like this? – [Regina] Yeah. – [Both] Oh! – [Daniel] Wait a minute. Vy Qwaint has betrayed the spy ninjas. She has been, something, with
three months, your backs. What?
– [Regina] What? – But Vy Qwaint has
betrayed the spy ninjas? – Are you lying to us to us, PZ9? Did Vy really betray us? – Why do you think I go through
all the effort to create such fun and unique
challenges for you guys to compete in if it wasn’t that important? – Well how did Vy betray us? We gotta get the last piece of this. – If you wanna find out,
you’ll have to participate in the next challenge! (screaming)
(laughing) – [Daniel] Tell us now, tell us now! (upbeat music)

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