Live PD: The Best of Walton County, FL | A&E

Live PD: The Best of Walton County, FL | A&E

[music playing] We’ll be on Laverne Street. It’s a red Dodge pickup. This whole not stopping
thing is kind of interesting. No, you good. Yeah. Your taillight’s not working.
That’s why I stopped you. Oh, [bleep].
The taillight. You got your license on you? Yes, sir, I do. I stopped him for a tag light,
just a minor traffic violation. When I first lit
them up, they rolled for quite a bit real slow. Has me kind of thinking, hey,
they’re hiding something. There’s something going
on in the vehicle. Nothing in the vehicle
that’s not supposed to be here or anything? No. OK. No drugs or anything? No. Just the one– one beer? He doesn’t have
anything on him? Nah. Do you mind if I search? Check? Yeah. – Go ahead.
– Sweet. That’ll work. Grab her and step back with me. OK. You’re good. Ha ha. That’s pretty neat. You don’t see many
folks carrying their cats out with them. She just stays
like that with you? It wasn’t that I
was just striking up conversation about
his cat because I wanted to know about it. Just trying to keep his
attention on me and not on my other officers
while they’re trying to conduct the search. This wax, Holmes,
you smell it? No, I didn’t smell it. Is this yours? Oh, yeah, man, there’s
no doubt what that is. Consent was given to me
to search the vehicle after I gave him a warning. During that, I found
some marijuana wax. Did you forget about it? She’ll join me
here in a minute. I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to– She is going to join me. Yeah, no, I wasn’t trying to– [laughter] I don’t know that I’ve ever
had a cat get that comfortable. You’re going to have to turn
around and grab her back. There’s nothing on you
you’re not supposed to have? OK. Yeah, I’ll let you if
you want to put whatever is in there on the hood. You can put them on your head. I’m actually going
to check you– you got drawers on? No or yes? Spread them a little
bit more for me. Don’t move. Well, he’s got something
tucked in his rear. You gonna tell me
what it is or– just a pipe? Go ahead and spread your
legs a little bit more. Is it actually
tucked tucker where it ain’t going to come out? [music playing] He’s being arrested. Obviously he tried to– Conceal something? Yeah, conceal it, so
he’s going to take a ride. You’ve been very
cooperative with us. As such, we’re
going to write you a notice to appear for the wax. That’s a misdemeanor, right? That’s a misdemeanor arrest. The law gives us a
little leeway where we can make a decision whether
to make a physical arrest or issue a citation. Again, he’s been cooperative. We had no reason
to believe that he wouldn’t show up
for his court date, and he’ll be free to go then. SGT. CORY WEBSTER: Got a
report of a reckless driver on the interstate. Looks like now he’s getting
off here at the exit. [inaudible] 10-50, on it. [bleep] Some
[bleep] gas station. How are y’all doing? Traveling? OK. The reason I stopped you is you
swerved from the travel lane over into the turn lane there. I got you. All right, can I see
your driver’s license? All right. You have your insurance
or registration with you? How long y’all been driving? 12 hours? All right. I’ll be right back with you, OK? I couldn’t smell anything
while I was at the window, so I don’t know if
it’s alcohol-related. They may just be tired, but
they just seem kind of shady. How long you say y’all
have been driving? From Virginia? Yeah. OK. All right. You had anything to
drink tonight at all? Anything alcoholic? You had a beer earlier? OK. Do you mind stepping
out of the car and talking to me
for a few minutes? OK. How long ago was it
you had that beer? Three hours ago? You just had one beer? Yeah. OK. You mind doing a
few exercises for me to see if you’re safe
to operate the vehicle? OK. Let’s see if we can find a
decent level spot to do it. All right, take your left
foot, put it on the line. All right. All right, take your
other right foot– take your right foot,
put it in front of that. Heel to toe. Hold it just like that. Yeah. All right, don’t start yet. Let me finish. All right. Forward nine, turn around,
then back nine, OK? All right, go ahead. 209 to 339, can
you give me 10-51? Turn around? Yep. OK. Nope, cartwheels not necessary.
Look. Turn around. Put your hands behind your back. What’s that? You didn’t perform the
exam satisfactorily, and I believe you’re under
the influence of something. I didn’t feel comfortable with
his status in turning him over. I feel he’s under the influence. Right now, he’ll be booked
and processed for DUI. Do you mind performing a few
exercises to see if we can turn this vehicle over to you? OK. OK. OK, all right. Step over here with
the Deputy Laird. He’s going to talk to you
for a few minutes, OK? OK. Whoa. Ma’am? You OK? All right. Look, it’s OK. We don’t have to worry about
any exercises or tests, OK? She ain’t in no shape
to take the truck, so I’m going to tow it. OK. Think y’all can standby with
it till the tow truck gets here, do a tow sheet for me? Yeah, we can do that. OK. There’s a couple
of hotels close by. We’ll drop you off at
whichever one you’d like. I’m not sure how the rates go. That’ll be between you
and the manager, OK? But we can at least
get you there. All right? DEP. CHAD BERNACKI: Just kind
of patrolling the area that we call the stretch. It’s just a long stretch of
highway with nothing on it. No businesses, no gas stations. Got a speed limit of 65,
but people tend to come out here and open it up. DISPATCH: 308. It’s gonna be a silver Dodge. He’s pulling over prior to
me even lighting him up, so I’ll see what’s
going on with him. How you doing? DRIVER: I’m doing fine. I just took my seat belt
off when you came up here. But you got a
cracked tail light. DRIVER: I know. It was like a rock or
something that, like, it hit or something when I
was back that way. Do you happen to have
your license on you? DRIVER: No, sir.
– Registration? DRIVER: She has hers.
PASSENGER: I have mine. You don’t have yours? DRIVER: No. I stopped the vehicle for
a minor traffic infraction. While talking to the
occupants, you could smell the odor of marijuana. You gotta come
back here with me. OK. The reason I
asked you out, there is an odor of marijuana
coming from the vehicle. Oh, no, no, no, no. So has it been
smoked in there? – We don’t smoke.
– Uh-uh. Somebody else borrow it? I don’t smoke. [interposing voices] Is it your vehicle? DRIVER: No. So it’s somebody
else’s vehicle? DRIVER; Yes, it
is, and we don’t– me and her don’t
smoke marijuana. As far as you know,
there’s nothing in there? No, I promise to God
on my son’s life, no. We do not smoke marijuana. Well, we’ll be
spinning our wheels then, but because of the smell,
I’m going to search it. There’s probable cause
to search the vehicle. I promise you, I
cleaned this car out. There’s no marijuana. What about the
owner of the car? DRIVER: Probably. Probably? [chuckles] I wouldn’t
borrow the car again. [music playing] Well, where y’all coming from? Panama? Yeah. The only thing that’s
got me kind of concerned would be these right
here, because those are normally removed when
you purchase the clothes. So if you got that many tags– DRIVER: The only thing that’s
in that bag that belongs to her is that fur coat. That’s it. That’s not– So where’d all the
other stuff come from? DRIVER: It was
already in the car. Already in the car? DRIVER: I swear on my son. It was already in the car. Can you take this stuff
and just let us go, please? Just take the stuff? DRIVER: I mean, just leave it. Yeah. Here’s your
shoplifting device. This would be a common
shoplifting device. What they do is they’ll
take a large bag and they’ll take tin foil
and wrap it up inside, and they’ll use the tin
foil to block those sensors. Well, there’s another
purse with somebody’s ID. It looks an awful lot like hers. Pretty close to you. Tell him
[inaudible] my sister. This is my sister’s car. This is her stuff. I’m telling you. So is [bleep] driver’s
license suspended? I don’t know. I believe this
ID is you, and I’m going to ask you specifically,
looking at this ID, is that you? You need a few minutes to
figure out if this is you? I’m confused. Listen, you’ve been
very cooperative. She has four warrants for
similar type offenses as this. $20,000 bond. With a $20,000 bond, so this
isn’t obviously the first time. She’s a pretty big
player in these offenses. [sirens] [music playing] This car’s been yanking back
and forth all over the place. I mean, it’s accelerating
heavily and tailgating. This person’s driving horrible. [music continues] WOMAN: I’m sorry. I’m so ready to go home. I’m so sleepy. Sleepy? WOMAN: Yeah, sleepy. I just got– You’re all over
the road, tailgating. WOMAN: Oh, my god. It’s like some of the worst
driving I’ve seen in a while. WOMAN: Really? You want to take a breathalyzer? I smell alcohol, but– WOMAN: I swear to
God, like I just got my real estate license. How long has it
been since you drank? WOMAN: Um, this morning. This morning? WOMAN: Yeah. What are those
keys down there? Oh. WOMAN: These aren’t keys. Is that O2? Are those like whip-its? WOMAN: Those are from like
a party the other night. Y’all were doing whip-its? WOMAN: Yeah, yeah. You weren’t doing those
while you’re driving, huh? WOMAN: Hell, no. The problem with this
one with those whip-its, inhale too much, you
can actually black out. So I mean, in terms of things,
just as dangerous as driving on any other narcotic
or controlled substance or alcohol, if not worse,
due to the fact that it can cause you to black out. You take any medication
or anything besides the– – No.
– No? No. OK. I don’t do drugs. I’m not a big drinker. Like, I don’t– OK. Would you be willing to do
field sobriety exercises for me? Yeah, sure. When’s the last time you
did one of those whip-its? Come right here. Just watch your step
up over this curb. It was at a festival. Just come over
here to this line. All right, come on right here. So you haven’t
taken anything else? No marijuana or
anything recently? Oh, no. How long has that been? Marijuana? Yeah. Marijuana makes
me hide in bushes. 1, 2, 3, 4. 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000. Don’t be sleepy and drive. Pull over and give
yourself a break or else you’re going to be like this. But you saw me ace those– was that an ace? No. No? No. Like a B? A B? I wouldn’t even give you a
B. Those whip-its will get you an immediate high, and
then the farther it goes, she’s probably going to get
better and better, but I mean, in between her driving,
to her just getting out of the vehicle being
unsteady on her feet, leaning against it. When you put
everything together, she’ll end up going to
jail for DUI here shortly. [dispatch] Go ahead and put your hands
behind your back for me. OK. I’m going to place you
under arrest for DUI. DUI? Yeah. Everything says
you’re impaired, OK? Everything? The driving, the contact,
and your field sobriety. I’m having a conversation
with you right now. Do I sound– And the problem is,
especially with whip-its, the longer it goes,
the more coherent and everything you’ll sound. The better you’ll be. The farther you distance
yourself from the last time you took a whip-it. That was like three days ago. Come on over here with me. Can we put her in yours? [music playing] Oh, you got to be kidding me. That’s a 100-pack, 50, 50. You’re probably looking at
300 whip-its that she had. And I mean, there’s a– I mean, just reaching in there,
I just pulled two open ones. She had open ones all– I mean, where
they’d been punched. She had open ones
all around her. This, I’ll sit in front
of a jury on any day. [sirens] We’re on patrol
in American Farms. It’s a high traffic
area for methamphetamine and a lot of traffic
late at night. We observed this
vehicle pass us. He failed to dim
his bright lights. Also, he has no tail
lights on the vehicle, so we’re going to stop him
and see what he’s got to say. How you doing, sir? Deputy Miller with
the Sheriff’s office. Yes, sir. The reason I’m
stopping you, you failed to dim your bright
lights, and also, you have no lights on the rear
of the vehicle at all. No, sir. Do you got your driver’s
license, registration, proof of insurance? OK, why is there a tag on the
vehicle if it’s not registered? OK. Any guns? Hand grenades? OK. The rear passenger, he’s known
to carry improvised fire arms. Sir, go ahead and stop for me. Turn around and place your
hands on the vehicle real quick. Right now I’m detaining you. It doesn’t mean you’re
going to jail or anything. I’m just detaining you
just due to the weapon being right there. OK, step right there
with that deputy. It’s pretty
creative, actually. And it just goes to
show you that a firearm can be made out of anything. It doesn’t have to necessarily
look like the typical firearm. I don’t think the
AC works anymore. Little fancy way of
charging your phone. This is like the
modern anti-theft. No one can drive sticks anymore. So the straw that I found
back there, tested– presented positive for meth. Earlier, I asked you about
any weapons inside the vehicle, and everybody in
the vehicle said no. And upon further review, we’ve
found a homemade shotgun. Is that yours? You forgot it was in there? OK. OK, is there any reason why you
haven’t just bought a shotgun instead of trying to make one? Don’t have the money? There was a red straw found, OK? Inside that red straw,
we used a cotton swab, we field tested that,
and it tested positive for the presence
of methamphetamine. Does that belong to you? OK, who does it belong to? OK. All right, I’ll be
right back with you, OK? I’m going to push
this door closed. Yes, sir. We’re going to collect the
makeshift firearm and also Deputy Doggette has
placed to passenger– right rear passenger–
under arrest for possession of methamphetamine, and
also possession of drug paraphernalia due
to the presence of narcotics in the
straw, which was in his– his– readily accessible to him,
and that’s where we’re at now.

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