Live PD: Best of Florida Compilation | A&E

Live PD: Best of Florida Compilation | A&E

Attention signal 41– Walton, is this going
to be Chris [bleep]?? MAN: It is. OFFICER: It’s a
relatively common call we get from this complainant. She likes to fabricate
stories to try and get her family put in jail. One of her family
members tried to run someone over with a vehicle. And he apparently has
a gun in his hand. So Sergeant Webster
just arrived on scene. And we’re trying to run
there and back him up. Did anybody hear gunshots? Uh-uh. I heard something loud. But I was on the phone with 911. And I’m not real
sure what it was. But it was coming
from over there. And I was yelling for Brian
go home because I need him. I mean, but nobody
acts like that. How about you, brother? Did you hear anything
gunshots-wise? I heard– I heard the truck. And I heard them screaming,
don’t run over me. Don’t run over me! Yes, sir.
OFFICER: Got the perpetrator. Yep. You can call the bondsman
when you get to jail, bud. Yeah, I gotta
call the bondsman. No, sir. It will be a felony. So you’ll have to see your
first appearance in the morning. What’s that? Well, cutting trees down,
that’s a civil matter. You got to take him to
court about cutting a tree. But whenever you got a man
cutting trees in the woods, and you ram your truck
up in the woods at him– How about him [inaudible] –that’s a problem, Billy. That’s a problem. Look, if you hadn’t
have showed up here in the first place and took– you took your truck in the
woods on him, none of this would have happened. – [inaudible]
– All right, let’s go. Come on. OK. Nope. Nope. OFFICER: So basically, what
happened when we responded, we found the suspect
sitting in his vehicle, found tire tracks leading into
the woods, aggressive tire spin, showing where
he had attempted to try to run this individual in
the woods over with his truck. Well, trying to run somebody
over with a truck, brother, it’s not a legal way to– I did not– All right, hey, look, I’m
not going to argue with you. OK. But there’s
tracks in the trees where you stuck your
truck, where he’s– where he’s falling a tree. Yeah, [inaudible] He’s falling the tree. And you put your
truck on top of him. How did– how do you– how
does that look to me, Billy? [inaudible]. I know how it looks. I made a [inaudible] He’s talking about– Yeah, but if you hadn’t have
put your truck in the woods, you wouldn’t be in
this situation, Billy. I know [inaudible]. Over here. I’ve heard that before. Open your feet up. Put your cigarettes
in your truck because you can’t take
them with you to jail. What in the world, Billy? You want Mitch to
come get your truck? You can’t come talk to her. But I can get her and tell
her to get your truck. Well, you can call her too. All right, so these
pocket knives [inaudible].. Uggh! Don’t touch that. Damn, Billy! [bleep] in my car. Driver’s side
door handle, Sarge. [bleep] in my car. That’s nasty, man. Why you going to carry something
like that in your pocket? She finds everything
all the time. Flush it, man. Huh? Flush it. Don’t tell me it
won’t flush, Billy. [inaudible] Have a seat. We’ll take him into custody
for aggravated assault. And we’re going to
continue the investigation and see what else
we can find out. All right, Billy. Deputy Clements
pulled a vehicle over. I’m not sure what they
pulled him over for. They’re down here on spring
break right now from Alabama. He called for us. He said that he can
smell some marijuana coming from the vehicle. So I’m going to run
Zeus around the car. [music playing] Top seat. Cool. [clicks tongue] All right. Hey, sir. Could you come over here
to talk to me real quick? All right, man, like
I said, my name is Deputy Mann with the K9 unit. If I start digging
around in there, what all am I going to find? Do you guys smoke weed? OK, all right. All right, let me see what all– there’s an overwhelming
smell of air fresheners. A $2 bill, hmm, haven’t
seen those in a long time. Aren’t you supposed
to ask me if you’re supposed to search my car? What’s that? This is my car. OK. Aren’t you supposed to ask me? No, ma’am. I don’t have to. My dog alerted on the vehicle. I got probable cause. Go ahead and stand
back over there for me. Stand over there. It smells of pretty
potent marijuana, huh? Oh, yeah, it’s in
here somewhere. There you go. Yeah? Let’s see. Let me try to find a name. Oh, and a gun. And a gun? Yep. Loaded? Yeah. I’m 19. In Florida, you gotta
be 21 to carry a pistol. It’s not a high-gram amount. Accompanied with a
firearm is where it definitely becomes a problem. It’ll be a felony. It’s an upgrade for
the firearm because it was in the presence of
narcotics, and it was loaded. And it was concealed. And the purse is not holstered. And there is no kind of
method to make it safe. It’s basically accessible. You can pull it
out of the purse, and you can fire it
right off the the bat. [music playing] SABRINA MATHEWS: So
we’re going to this call. It’s at a strip club. And apparently, we have the
manager from another strip club down the road that
went to this strip club to confront a gentleman
about trying to pass off fake money to his dancers. We’re going to
check on the money, see if that’s
counterfeit, and then find out who’s trying to pass that. How are you guys doing, SABRINA MATHEWS: OK. OK, so he came
in the club, handed off the money to a dancer. Mhm. She came up to me and
asked me to check it. It’s all counterfeit. He left the club right away. I messaged other clubs to
find out if he’s there. I noticed his description. They said he was here two
minutes after he left our club. SABRINA MATHEWS: So why
didn’t you call us right away? I did. No, when you were over
there before you came over here to confront somebody. That’s what we’re here for. They came over here. And they rushed over here. And they circled me,
like, seven deep. And they were like– they came out. And they said that I was
giving out fake money, right? So I said, listen, if
that was the situation, I will pay it back
as a good citizen. I am sorry. You know what I mean? SABRINA MATHEWS: OK. In that– in
that type of view. I’m 49? No. All right, come
on over to my car. We’ll get that inside.
– I’ll grab that. Don’t worry about it. Yes, sir. So we’re looking here
at this counterfeit money. And we can tell. Just one of the ways
I can tell right now is that it doesn’t have
the strip going through it that you need to have. And it has a different texture. It’s a lot thicker. It feels like there’s, like,
two bills, like, taped together. And a lot of times,
what they’ll do is they’ll print each
side on a piece of paper. And they’ll actually cut
them out and then glue them together back to back. It’s obviously a crime to
pass counterfeit money. And then it’s a crime to
have so much– so much of it in your possession. What if– what if the
friends that I was with, what if it was passed– what if it was passed through
them through the night and came into my pocket? How could I be in
trouble for that? How–
SABRINA MATHEWS: Wait a minute. Somebody passed something
into your pocket without your knowledge? No, I’m saying that the
counterfeit money that you guys found, how could it
be pinpointed on me? I never had it in my possession. You just said, what if
it came into my pocket. The only– this– the only thing that I
had in my position– Possession. My possession was– Right. –that $10 bill. OK. And they said, game on. That’s– how could
I be– how could I– how could I be arrested
for counterfeit money? OK, look, you’re
in hot water, OK? You’re in the back
of the cop car. This isn’t where you
want to be tonight. Let me finish before
you even start, OK? Yes, ma’am. I gave you the respect. Give me the respect.
– Yes, ma’am. OK? So then we shut the door. And then, now, you’re
like, you know what? They do have footage. And they do have witnesses of
me throwing that under the car. So maybe I want to be a
little bit more honest. All righty. All right. Maybe when you get to the
jail, and he sees the doors, he’ll decide to start
talking a little bit more. We’re going to go
over to Lollipops, the other strip club. And we’re going to have
the dancer come out. And we’re going to
bring our offender over there in the cop car. We’re going to light him
up so that she can see him, and she cannot– and he cannot see her
because she’s our victim. And she’s going to
be able to tell us if that’s the individual that
passed the fake money to her and, also, they
deprived her of $13. So she’d be our victim
for the petty theft. We’re just waiting
for the dancer to come out, hopefully clothed. MAN: Come on down this way. Come right on down here, OK? Yeah. Right this way. OK. OK, now, this guy,
obviously he’s in handcuffs, OK, for a different crime. I just want you to give us
your honest opinion, OK? So that– that’s him? Yeah. OK. SABRINA MATHEW: Yeah. OK. He’s asking to speak
with me one-on-one now. So, obviously– He’s going to tell you. –the truth is going to
come out a little bit more. So–
– OK. I’ll see if I can it released. – Right now–
– It’s OK. It’s OK.
– Right now we have to keep it. SABRINA MATHEWS:
So he’s going to be arrested for the possession
of the counterfeit currency. And then he’s also
going to be arrested for the petty theft
from her because he had given her fake money. And she gave him real
money in exchange for that. So he’s going to be
going for both of those. All righty? [music playing] We just got a call subject
that earlier was involved in a hit-and-run
accident, was later found about an
hour later driving, appeared to be intoxicated. He’s been stopped. And in the middle of placing
him into the patrol vehicle, he began kicking out the window. What led to him
kicking the window? (ON RADIO) 10-26. Irritation mostly likely,
just being irritated. We offered to park his
vehicle and not tow it. He didn’t want that, so– BART SMITH: A hobble
is a device that we can secure this individual
so that he can’t kick out any more windows. Pick your feet up, man. OK, that’s fine. Kick your feet over here. I didn’t [inaudible] (ON RADIO) 10-26. You think? Spit on you. You want to do
that on his feet? Get on out. Come on out. Get on the ground. Are you [bleep]
kidding me, dude? We’re not going
to play with you. Turn over. Turn over. Turn over. Turn over. Turn over! Oh, [bleep]. Quit fighting it. And we won’t have a problem, OK? – I’m not fighting at all.
– Put your hands– Turn over. Put your hands– these hands go behind your back. Dude, I can’t [bleep]. Listen to me. Go straight on your face. [bleep] There you go. Oh, my god. All right, you got him. Don’t move. – I’m not doing–
– Don’t move. You hear me.
– I’m not fighting at all. What the [bleep]? OK, then you’re good, OK? Just stay right–
move your– hey– I got this, coming up. Dude, I’m not moving at all. [bleep] you. Go this way. No, sir, we wish we
didn’t have to do this. But you got to be cooperative
for us not to have to do this. Dude, I’m not moving at all. What the [bleep]
are you guys doing? Does it make you
feel [bleep] strong? [bleep] Dude. I’m not doing anything. [bleep] You just kicked the
window out of a patrol car. You are doing something. There you go. Dude– Put this on a chain, and– You can stick that
through the loop. Oh, yeah. – Stick this through the loop?
– Yep. Right down. Hook it straight down. You guys have never
done this before. Yeah, yeah, that’s cool. Yeah? You can tighten it. OK. What the [bleep] is this? Going inside? For his safety’s
sake to the officer and the safety of our equipment,
he’s been put in a hobble. That just basically keeps his
feet immobile with his hands so he can’t do any more damage
to that vehicle on transit to the jail. Our original response was
for a hit-and-run accident. We had information that this
suspect struck another vehicle. His girlfriend had been present
in the vehicle with him. She went to assess the damage. And in doing so,
he fled the scene. What did we wind
up with charges? I know we he had the
signal 3 from earlier. And– He’s going to have
resisting, the signal 3, and then the battery
on– what do you call it? Criminal mischief. The criminal mischief
to the patrol car. OK. Right now, Deputy
Miller has pulled over this vehicle that was
passing in a no-passing zone. And he pulled over over here
for some oddball reason. And once he got out
there and talking to him, he detected the odor of alcohol. So we’re about to do
some field sobriety task here in just a second. OK, give me just one second. You’re cutting weeds? OK. [inaudible] I’m going to turn you over
to this gentlemen right here. He’s going to explain
all that to you. I’m going to push
your door closed. Come [inaudible]. I’m Deputy Clements. How you doing, sir? Hey, how are you? Deputy Miller said he
smelled a little alcohol. What’s that? Deputy Miller said he
smelled a little alcohol. So what I’m going to do
is I’m going to ask you– OK. OK. That’s fine. Well, would you– would you
consent to doing some field sobriety tasks for me? OK, that’s fine. That’s fine. [music playing] I walked up. And speaking to
him, I automatically detect the odor of
alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath. When I asked him to do
field sobriety tasks, he initially told me he was
very offended by me asking him. Heel to toe, one, two,
three, and so on to nine steps. Four, five, six, seven,
eight– how man is nine? One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. All right, let’s
go to the next task. One, two– Back up to the back
end of that line. We’re going to go with
the next task, OK? The next task, we’re going
to do the one-leg stand. I think you’ve had
too much to drink. Am I right, or am
I wrong about that? You’re wrong. OK, I’m wrong about that? OK. OK, I didn’t say I would. I was trying to be to a
certain point with you. You know what.
Can I– Don’t turn around on me, OK? No, sir. No, sir. Can I– Can you what? Can I get– let them people
back there take my keys? – Yes, sir.
– I have two dogs. Just a second.
Turn back around. Yes.
Sir. Good. OK? All right, come on
back here with me. Yes, sir. You want to
release your vehicle and the dogs to the
individual back there? Yes, please. Yes, sir. All right, just turn around. We can release the
vehicle to this gentleman? Yes, sir. OK. What– what– what have I done
not to earn your trust then? Have you ever dealt with
Deputy Miller of the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office?
That would be me. Have you ever
dealt with me, sir? OK. That’s absolutely fine. Like I said– Hey– sir, and you’re allowed
to have your opinion, OK? So this gentleman
really does not really like law enforcement. He’s quite irate, irate that
he’s getting arrested for DUI. I wouldn’t trust
them as far as I could throw a dump truck, period.

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