“Live Edge” Pallet Wood Slab and Maple Cookie Wall Art

“Live Edge” Pallet Wood Slab and Maple Cookie Wall Art

whoa whoa whoa I got this so I’m actually making a set of two of
these pieces one’s going to be a giveaway more details on that later but
I also wanted to demo two different processes to do this inlay so I’m gonna
start with that guy over there that one’s thinner it’s about two inches
thick I’m going to cut that entirely on my X-Carve CNC this guy here is a bit
thicker about twice as thick so I’m gonna have to cut this one entirely by
hand so you get to see the same process done with two different techniques hey thanks for watching this build I
made this piece of wall art for my friends over at Carolina Shoe Carolina
makes super high quality long lasting work boots that I wear in the shop every
day and everywhere else really and supporting them helps support me as well
you want to get your own pair of Carolina boots use “PalletWood10” at
check out I’ll link their website down below many of their styles of boots like
these guys right here are made right here in America in their factory in
Pennsylvania and that is where this guy is going but Carolina likes to share as
well so the good news is that you have a chance of winning this guy’s little
brother here any giveaway that I’m running with Carolina but this one is
gonna be even bigger than normal now not really teaming up with Carolina for this
one but also my friends Evan and Katelyn so they run the YouTube channel Evan and
Katelyn and they just released a video today as well making a pneumatic water
blaster now I gotta watch it already it’s a lot of fun goes through the whole
design process from prototype the final working model so definitely go and check
that out for yourself also follow the link to the giveaway not only are we
giving away one of these wall art pieces and Evan & Katelyn’s pneumatic water
blaster but also a handful of people are gonna win their own pair of Carolina
boots alright I think it giving you enough
homework thank you for checking out this build and sticking around and I will see
you on the next one

100 thoughts on ““Live Edge” Pallet Wood Slab and Maple Cookie Wall Art

  1. You get a link, you get a link, EVERYBODY GETS A LINK!!!
    ► Get your own pair of boots: http://bit.ly/2IIqe4F

    Power Carving tools used in this build are from Arbortech. It's a couple of tools I honestly think everyone should have in their shop!
    ► TurboPlane – http://bit.ly/2u36fYQ
    ► Contour Sander – http://bit.ly/2tVmTcW

    CNC used on this build is the Inventables X-Carve
    ► http://bit.ly/2z2FJo9

    My exclusive solution for hearing protection in the shop, ISOtunes PRO
    ► http://bit.ly/2uIsq7M

    See the full build article for all of the details – http://bit.ly/2KA1Wi9

  2. The minimum thickness of the wooden block, should be from 16 cm to 16 inches, to block the radiation (2009), to avoid ✝️…😁…™™

  3. your editing is as clever as your woodwork, inventive, fun, but how do you find customers who can pay for all that work. And if you don't mind, what is the glue you used and is it weather/waterproof

  4. Thank You for the very nice bum shot at 2.47! Bum aside, I really enjoyed this. It looks a beautiful end result. You’re very talented. Thank You for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Big kiss from the U.K. 💋 💋 💋

  5. Well done brother ! Great production too. I almost never comment but this was a great project and well made video arrangement.

  6. как имея дорогое оборудование можно зарабатывать (наверное) на хобби

  7. You made the creepiest high five ..does that give, or take points away?.. lol. Who knows. But one thing is undebatable: yeah. The creepy high five thing.. it’s the creepiest I’ve ever seen.

  8. NICE ! Very Therapeutic Indeed
    I wasn't sure what the end product was going to be until the end.
    I thought it was a porn sign

  9. Отличная работа! Я восхищен вашим мастерством! Желаю вам успехов. 👍

  10. well that was beautiful piece of work! I'm sitting here in the park with my dogs watching this video on my phone and and my feet are freezing and wet my old boots have finally blown out and I need a new pair! I am now going to check out Carolina Boots because of this video. good work on all ends.

  11. Something no one really does is show us how many hours you actually put into this. I dont think people understand the time and effort that goes into something like this when its broke down into a few minute video

  12. Здорово скумекано! Вот толко в конце босиком то на полу стоять холодно – ботинки нужно одеть.😀👍

  13. Great job! The techniques you used in this project really help solve some of the questions I've had on similar build project(s) that me and my father have been contemplating and working on using mesquite burl for trying to create some table tops here in AZ. Thanks for sharing with the world. Liked, Subscribed, Shared, & Hit the Notification Bell!

  14. Sometimes i wonder about the genre of the channel, its more editing and mixing than wood working.. great job mate 👌

  15. I think we’ve reached peak “throwing things in a pile” montage, I get it, it’s fun… it’s been done….

  16. Bravo. Masterfully conceived and realized. First time at your site. Thank you. Instructive and entertaining. I'm looking forward to reviewing all your projects. This video is sheer poetry.

  17. I wonder if one could do a floor with these pallets, just clean them up and don't cut the wood real thin . But maybe the wood is not strong enough for floors?

  18. First time checking your Chanel. Man I have to say that the video editing is fantastic, Also very good woodworking skills.
    I'm subscribed!

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