Little Mermaid Halle Bailey Fan Art | Copic & Ohuhu Brush Markers

Little Mermaid Halle Bailey Fan Art | Copic & Ohuhu Brush Markers

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets Creative!
So recently we have heard some casting decisions are being made for the Disney live action
remake of the 1989 animated film Little Mermaid. And, possibly controversial, some people don’t
really like it… I’m ecstatic about it. Halle Bailey, not Halle Berry, Halle Bailey has
been cast as Ariel, and like I said. I love it! I think she’s great. I think she’s gorgeous.
And she’s going to do a great job. So to celebrate that, let’s go and draw a portrait of her
as Ariel. So for this piece I decided to do a small marker illustration. I am working
pretty much exclusively in a combination of Copic and Ohuhu brush markers. I love my new
Ohuhu rush markers. Go check out the review I did of that, if you haven’t seen it. I will
make sure that it is linked somewhere here. Maybe in the iCard. Maybe in the end card.
I’m not sure. At the very least, it is in my marker art playlist, and my product reviewing
playlist. Yup, you can find it. I think it’s on three playlists. You can find it! Anyway,
stop rambling Jenna. Let’s get going. So I did a piece. It is Ariel with two of her under
sea friends. I was basing this on one of Disney’s promotional pieces for the original animated
film. So obviously I did Ariel based on Halle Bailey, because that’s who’s going to play
her in the live action. I know in the live action obviously they’re going to go a lot
more realistic with their styling. I tried to keep it Disney animation styling. So I
basically just put Halle’s head on traditional Ariel’s body! And coloured her like Halle.
For Flounder, our cute little blue and yellow fish, he’s going to be voiced by Jacob Tremblay,
so I just pulled up some pictures of Jacob Tremblay and kind of tweaked the face a little
bit. I definitely gave him Jacob’s eyebrow shape, I changed the eye shape a little bit,
I gave him a smaller nose than usual because the kid doesn’t have a really obvious nose.
I kind of slimmed down his face a little bit, but I had to keep it Flounder shape. I realize
that the animals in the movie are probably going to be realistic looking animals like
when they did The Jungle Book, but I really don’t know where they’re going to go with
it, so I just kept them Disney cartoony. For Scuttle. Err, not Scuttle. For Sebastian.
Oh goodness! So when I was reading up on casting decisions that have been made at this point,
I saw Awkwafina for Scuttle, and I’m like Oh perfect! I can make the crab female. And
I went through the whole piece… drew the crab kind of more feminine, trying to play
off the fact that this is going to be played by a woman and is going to be a female character.
And then as I was showing this piece to my sister afterward, oh wait! The crab is Sebastian.
Scuttle is the seagull. So I completely messed up Sebastian’s face for no reason. Ignore
that! I wasn’t trying to draw Sebastian’s face and horribly screwing up. I was being
an idiot and thought that this was the character that Awkwafina would be playing, and I was
trying to make it look more feminine while still keeping it a classical Disney animal
vibe. But anyway… That’s where I went with that. I had a lot of fun doing this. It was
really cute. I designed it by- I copied Ariel’s pose from, like I said, an old original Disney
promotional image for the movie. For the 1989 animated film. And then I put Sebastian and
Flounder in there with her kind of in the same poses that they’re in in that original
picture, except I swapped the sides of her that they’re on, and I repositioned them.
And then once I was happy with that sketch drawing them exactly as they appeared in the
1989 film, I then traced that over to another page using a really light red sketching pencil,
my Col-Erase, so that I could then draw over it, and drawing over it I worked really slowly
in small pieces and modified it until Ariel looked like a Disney animated version of Halle
Bailey, and until I was happy with my modifications of Flounder and at the time happy with my
modifications of “Scuttle.” Not Scuttle! I’m sorry! Poor Sebastian, I’m sorry. Ignoring
the mess up gender bending Sebastian when we don’t know who’s playing Sebastian yet,
I am happy with this. I think it turned out really well. I ended up using the Ohuhu markers
a lot more than I thought I would for Halle Ariel’s skin tone and hair, and I really like
how it turned out. I kind of tried to get her curly dreads implied in there without
drawing every single one of them, and I think it went really well. The darkest colour I
put in her hair before the line work happens to actually be a purple. It’s Copic’s BV99,
I think that’s the shade, which is Slate. Really nice colour. It was one of the Copic
Colours last year, when that challenge was still Copic Colours and not Colors of the
Month. And I am using a piece of the Strathmore 400 Series Marker Paper. I took a piece from
the smaller 5×8 pad that came in the SketchBox this month, and then I just trimmed off the
ends, because as I mentioned in the SketchBox video, with the smaller pad, the glue on the
gummed side is a little too much for this size piece of paper, and it kind of roughs
up the end, so I just trimmed it down. Doesn’t really matter. I really like it. I’m definitely
going to scan this and put it up on my online portfolio at some point. I wish I could safely
put this on products and sell it, but I am afraid of monitization disputes with The Mouse,
so I won’t be doing that. Sorry to anyone who would want this kind of thing. But I am
happy to do videos of Disney fan art! Especially when I’m designing my own characters in the
Disney style, like this, because Halle’s going to be playing Ariel in the live action, so
this won’t ever actually look like what they come up with for her. It was a lot of fun!
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me, are you excited about the casting decisions being made for the Little Mermaid? Are you
disappointed? Are you confused? Clearly I was confused with the Scuttle vs Sebastian…
Do you like the new run of live action Disney adaptations in general? Because really…
I’ll go see them, but overall I haven’t really been ecstatic about the fact that they’re
just doing live action remakes of their classics. I’d like to just see them do new stuff. I
was really happy with… when they started with Beauty and the Beast, they started actually
doing them as musicals, because yeah, their live action Cinderella was a mess! I know
Halle is a singer, so I’m expecting that this will be a musical adaptation as well. Aladdin
was. That was a great movie! I do still have to put out my Jasmine fan art and ramble about
that one, because I loved that one. I know it got a bad rap for some things, but I liked
it. Hoping that this one will be good. Anyway, this is going to be a shorter one, because
I don’t know what else I’m going to ramble about. Thanks so much for watching, and I
will see you in the next one. Bye guys!

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  1. Omg you did amazing!
    I love it. I'm super excited about the casting decision but not as excited about live actions.

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