LIQUID CRYSTAL? Trying 4 Kinds of Color Changing Crafts

LIQUID CRYSTAL? Trying 4 Kinds of Color Changing Crafts

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pin comment because when you’re a grain you come in like a hurricane and here we
go so in all technicality touching it
should be enough to change the heat wow I’m so excited he greens I can’t express
how excited I am for this let me let me try anyways think of it as your most
anticipated or the dream vacation that you’ve always wanted and it’s the night
before where you’re like oh I am so close to going but at the same time
you’re like oh croop I forgot to pack that’s me
all the time I only pack like half an hour before I go on vacation you pack
early or do you talk about being off topic huh so as you saw in the preview
of this video I am so excited because we’re going to be making projects that
will be yes changing color a few weeks ago I was on reddit and saw a post that
looked really epic I mean so epic the idea behind it is that you can touch
something and it changes color based on thermal that’s what it’s I
don’t know what I’m doing this but that’s what it is now it’s like thermal
color-changing contact thing don’t ask me to explain the science cuz I’m here
to craft into craft only so it definitely caught my attention and I was
like well I need I need me some of that and so when I contacted the people at
solar color dusts and asked them to send me some stuff to play with they were
more than happy not sponsored not affiliated but yes full disclosure they
did send they did English please not today communicate they did send me all
of the materials in here so if you’re interested by anything I’ll leave all
the information in description box below as well as a coupon code for you grains
again it’s not a sponsor link it’s not an affiliate link it is purely for you
grapes if you want alright let’s let’s stop delaying I really want to open this
cuz I wanna play with some materials maybe I should stop hold eBay right here
I wanna play I’ll be honest I kind of forgot what’s in here cuz I’m like I
want this one and I want that one and give me all of it so let’s rediscover
what’s in there together first so for those of you who don’t know what what
we’re going to be creating essentially are going to be resin pieces and resin
that hardens kind of like a plasticy glass it starts off as a liquid but what
you put on the inside of that resin will dictate pretty much the effects it’s
going to have and that’s why I’m really excited with these pigments because
there’s so much so the first thing I picked up is this thing here I needed
two of them because you can’t have enough and this here is like an air
sprayer where you put your liquid that you want to spray and you have an
aerosol over here so this is really cool because one of the projects we’re going
to be doing requires it to be in a mechanism like this and then we have an
art resin kit I’ve never tried art resin itself I’ve always used either the ones
from the Home Depot or I’ve gotten my resin from Sophie and Toffee but I’m
really really excited to try art resin because people say amazing things about
this resin is a resin again press press press play and then molds lots and lots
of molds first is this bear line hippo mold which is absolutely adorable and
then we have a cow pig chicken mold these are these are really cute too I
don’t know why I was I was so into I’m like I need me
and that’s because I have my own bird and I love him so much
even though he’s a weirdo let’s take a look at him right now yeah he’s weird I think he takes on
after me and then I have six different sizes of spheres ranging from the
biggest one over here which is about three inches to the tiniest one which is
maximum about an inch I haven’t used two-part modes like this one so I’m
curious if I’m gonna mess it up and it’s just gonna leak everywhere because
that’s it’s very possible with someone like me isn’t it don’t say yes and then
the next mode which I am really excited about are two a little unicorn the
sleepy unicorn heads there’s one in the bigger size over here and we have a
smaller cuter chibi one I feel like I want to make like 20 of these who have
time for that ain’t nobody got time for it and last but not least a chess set
mold piece part of me thinks that we can probably fill one side twice in order to
make a full set a full a full rounded 3d piece I don’t know if we’re going to be
able to or if we have time to since the only day that we have sunny is one day
this week Thank You Canada we only have one sunny day this week and I need the
Sun you’ll see why later somebody comes through the color changing the pigments
or the around that we can have the first one I have is a thermal dusts and
what’s really neat about this is that it changes color when it gets cold I may or
may not have taken a little bit of everything
next we have color that changes in that sunlight I’m actually going to
demonstrate this as soon as I finish explaining this little part here so bear
with me for a couple more seconds next similar to the cold one we have color
that changes in heat they also set me a couple of extras which have glitter and
three spoons as well as a mini little heated piece kind of thing I have these
and they’re really good for my back whenever I have like back pains all
right let’s play a little bit this one here is color changing in sunlight but
since it’s raining outside and it’s absolutely gross the idea is that it
needs a UV light I happen to have a UV light this is supposed to change from
yellow to blue so let’s put our UV light for just a couple of seconds and we
should be able to see the effect and tah-dah
oh the light turned off tada so you can see where the spots of the
light is it created a blue color blue to green it looks like
had some kind of alien disease coral to blue weight to a vibrant blue and look
at it disappear so quickly that is crazy white to violets weight to green oh this
is my favorite this is the one that got me really into this okay you ready four
inch to blue well that doesn’t show too much here but I’m really excited about
that this one and yellow to blue and as its own category last but not least
liquid crystal this one here once applied to a black surface should be
able to once you touch it change colors like a mood ring so depending on the
heat that is in different parts of your hands should give us a different color
this this is this is going to be the piece that is a stuff that’s enough
exploring let’s start making pieces and let’s have fun with color-changing do
you think I’m joking look at all this stuff stuff everywhere alright so my
first question is does it work with UV resin the awesome people had solar dust
– definitely knew that it works with two-part epoxy but they’re like UV resin
I’m not sure so let’s test it out and for this I’m going to take yellow to
blue because I love color changes that are very extreme and I’ll be using this
mold over here the chest mold and I’m gonna do the horse for those of you who
don’t know the difference between epoxy resin and UV resin is that epoxy resin
is two parts you mix them together and you leave it sit for about 12 ish hours
whereas when it comes to UV resin all you have to do is put it on your
windowsill for about half an hour to forty minutes and it should harden or if
you’re like me and you have a UV light it’s about two minutes alright so let’s
take a scoop okay like it might be much but better safe than sorry
come on there we go this parts going to be really
interesting because we do have a UV light that activates the color but it
also activates the liquid to hardening I’m curious how it’s going to look like
all right let’s harden it and leave it there for a minute and let’s see what
happens one minute 37 seconds later and the
answer is weird so that means it doesn’t work with UV resin here’s our night
let’s try again with the UV resin because I’m not convinced and nothing No
Oh No I thought I could save time by using UV
resin to make all the projects no let’s try with the heat and cold ones maybe
those will be different actually I’m still not convinced let’s let’s take
this outside let’s take it outside that sounded like I’m challenging you but I’m
not cuz don’t hurt me please lol alright so let’s give it a try and my
buddy I see some color change alright as you can see there’s some color change
but not quite maybe my ratio was off let me put double the amount and let’s try
again so here’s the double amount of the powder let’s see if it changes color and
surprisingly the answer is no UV resin and the solar one do not work the same
color change is there but it’s just it’s struggling whereas if we take the powder
in its pure form watch it change right before your eyes and here it is again indoors and let’s
put it under UV light and here it is wait wait a minute let’s try the one
with the double powder no no if you go and after oh the color goes really
quickly and so I’m starting to suspect that the UV one probably has to do with
the Canadian Sun Canada thank you very much for maple syrup and hockey but not
so much for your sun and so as you can see under an actual UV light the color
goes from dark to light pretty quickly but there is a color
change which means in theory the ones that have to do with hot and cold
temperature should be okay to give it a try so let’s test out the one that
changes with heat which goes from black to turquoise I’m going to be boiling
some water and pouring it on top of the finished piece alright so this is
interesting I love I love experimenting so much this is really exciting because
we’re going to start hardening it now but something that you grains may not
know is that when you harden it under a UV light the resin gets really hot again
there should be an expectation that it’s going to harden it but at the same time
should change its color let’s find out did you great and see that oh meh gerd
okay I’m just gonna leave it under I got goose bumps
I’m gonna leave it under the light for a minute and let’s look at it once it’s
done moment Nadel and yes alright it changed color your grains can’t see it
too too well but it is very much a turquoise and just so you know yes the
resin piece is still hot so once it cools down it’s in theory going to go
back to black alright let’s bring this outside and play with cold and hot water
and watch it change colors so as you can see in Canada it’s pretty cold let’s
finish it off by making it even more black and here we go with hot this is
good so Canadian is the Canadian Sun that we’re just gonna focus on things
that work in the Canadian weather so since I have six different colors for
heat changing I’m going to go ahead and use these adorable animal wolves and
let’s change so obvious rookie
nerdEcrafter mistake molds that are not transparent will not be okay with UV
resin so the answer is no so this thing here goes oh I didn’t know the salt was
coming out so instead I’m going to go with a transparent mold that has cute
little bunny bear and kitty and various other adorable shapes because what in
addition to pouring into the tiny cute little molds the individual colors the
leftovers of that same color I’m going to be pouring it into the unicorn of
shape that is going to be really cool to see all these different colors into one
mold all right so actually this is probably
not protection at all make sure that you’re wearing stuff when
working with resin and let’s go ahead and unmold these pieces I did take the
soft type prison so that’s why it’s a little gooey and last but not least our colorful
unicorn I can’t wait to see it switch from colors the colors that’s gonna be
outside it’s gonna be nice just so big doesn’t break
getting undressed struggle is real one eternity later there we go oh that is so
cute I think I have a new favorite mold so to get these pieces sticking to each
other I have to use flex tape yes flex tape it works as advertised all right
here goes the hot water here goes the cold water alright unicorn time let’s see what
happens with hot water technically shouldn’t change that much but let’s
let’s see it or me good alright time for cold water holy smokes what a huge
difference let’s do hot again and cold I think that
is officially the most outdoors I’ve gotten all week I really love
introverted outdoor activities like camping I promise alright so now what I
want to do is use the liquid crystal and as I saw on reddit (and simply nailogical) it was really cool
being able to leave those little finger prints and hand prints where the color
would change so I definitely want to try that with our little unicorn this time
the bigger mold so I’ll be using the art resin it’s going to be the first time
ever experience this so let you know what I think about that too
and so as with most epoxy resins you have to mix a 1 to 1 ratio of the
present and hardener once that’s done I added a little bit of a colorant poured
it in and now we wait anywhere between 12 to 18 hours if you don’t have a
special colorant you definitely can use acrylic paint just make sure that you
wait a little longer because it will take longer to harden I poured the resin
back out into the cup because it is way too bubbly i’ve waited about 10 minutes
like i do with any of the other resins i use and this one’s too bubbly i’m going
to pour it anyways because we only have 45 minutes to work with it and i’m going
to use my Sofie and toffee two-part resin which as close as possible to
bubble free 24 hours later here we are the next day
I am really excited to see what the artresin is like for those of you who
work with artresin let me know it’s optimal condition so let’s start with
this one and again unmolding is going to be finally like undressing and here it
is it is a little bubbly on the top part here but I kind of expect that because
the way that the mold is made makes it so that the bubble has nowhere else to
go almost but other than that I think it’s a pretty good base next our Sophie
and toffee I really like those molds and again I expected the accumulation of
bubbles down here because it gets stuck so probably my suggestion would be to
fill up to here try to pop as many bubbles as possible and then continue
filling up but I think we have two good bases so according to the instructions
what I’m so excited about the final awesomeness so all we have to do is
shake well and spray from one foot away we should do about five to seven coats
and of course since I don’t want to mess up my desk I’m going to be using a
little box and the 2020 lazy susan to turn it around and get all the sides to let this sit for another 15 20
minutes on its final coat it is pretty hard to get then even mist even though
I’m really far it still comes out pretty clunky like this but I can already start
seeing the colors accumulate so because I like to test things out I’m going to
go with the pure form and I’ll use it on this little one over here alright so I’m
just this much because as I’m spraying it and heating it up I’m getting I get
I’m getting so many little crusty things over here that you can easily push out
my guess is probably because this was too close and also the fact that the
sprayer seems to be letting out much much thicker bits of water thicker
denser larger that’s my sheets so I’m going to have to start this one over and
unfortunately I did use half the bottle so I’m going to go ahead and try the
next product which is a sprayable concentrate and they say ideally for
that one if you don’t want crusts like that one it’s always better to use the
liquid crystal I mean it’s cool we’re gonna go wash it under to make sure that
we can at least get something similar to the project that they showed with the
tumbler that changes color or even that really cool dragon head that also
changes color so I would say attempt number one 3 meanwhile the tiny one that
I’ve been using a brush on it’s a little splotchy but we’re getting somewhere so
I’ll keep painting this with different coats meanwhile I’m gonna wash this one
and start over with the air spray alright another issue while you’re
actually painting this with a brush the layer underneath starts peeling off we’re probably better off dabbing it and
not this just this and since it’s because the resin is very smooth and the
liquid crystal is water-based I’m going to go ahead and spray one coat of mr.
super clear just so that there’s something a little more gritty for it to
hold on to alright so I’m sitting here trying to spray this thing but it’s just
air coming out even though I’ve downloaded this as per the instructions
it seems like you really do need an airbrush ideally rather than this cuz
it’s splotchy sometimes it’ll spray sometimes it won’t and I promise I’m not
on a big angle there should be enough liquid oh there we go and there we go
again it comes and it goes whatever it what there we go
and it’s gone again finally after this is just the second
coat and we can already see that the color is starting to show so I think I’m
gonna do two more coats and wait in between as naturally as possible without
burning it so I’ve been pretty much waiting and waiting and waiting between
each and every coat and I’m going to be putting a coat of UV resin just to keep
it safe oh how cool is that as you can see the
resin heating up the color is actually also changing because it’s heat
sensitive and it’s so fun that is crazy weird I love it so much
I am so happy because it’s finally work so here it is after the coat of resin
and of course I’m going to go ahead and try and reset the colors but you can see
immediately once we start putting a little bit of heat depending on your
fingers my used mine are usually cold so I don’t know if it’s gonna work yeah I
figured but at least the other side look at that based on the heat I’m sure if we
hold it this way oh there you go see I’m gonna reset the
color by putting it in the freezer and then bring it back out I don’t know
about you grains but my hands are usually pretty cold so alright my
whole trick is not enough so I brought a hot water bottle just to make sure my
hands are normal people had cold in all technicality touching it should be
enough to change the heat oh wow oh that is so cool that is so neat okay I’m
touching it lightly on the other side okay let’s put a whole head let me just
warm up my head ready it’s so cool and depending on where the heat is you’re
going to get a different color what that is so neat magic how long I wonder it
doesn’t even need to stay that long I’m sure the other side is warmed out look
at that it probably just needs a few seconds so I’m just going to enjoy doing this
with you grains look at that look at that let’s go over here so fun look it
goes away pretty quickly too so you can keep playing with this I’ll probably
lose myself so in essence we’ve experimented with
three of the same liquid crystal products the first one the spray
did not work the little Paint Pots for some reason ended up being stuck in this
color so it refuses oh actually nevermind it does change color but it
looks really splotchy and again we’re getting crusts for some reason even
though I barely even use the heat from very very far similar to this one so it
seems like the concentrate in addition to the spray is the best combination to
be able to do a heat thermal color changing effect so is this product
finicky yeah is it fun yeah once you get the technique right it is absolutely
awesome out of the three products that you grains saw today the solar
color-changing the heat color-changing and the one that is by touch of body
temperature which one of these three do you find the coolest and would want to
use and also what would you want to use it on I think a car would be pretty neat
with the temperature touch one this week’s shout outs go to big panda Rayven
getcha LPS day dream girl Whitlock Keeley Harris just an anime fan
miss malevolent Lisa the and also don’t forget that
tomorrow is the last day for the sucker of punishment merch because after that
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anytime with any of your creations if you want to watch the previous crafting
video make sure you check up here and if you want to watch something salty
because you make sure you check it down here until then I will see you grains in
the next video

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