Lion Statue/Ornament

Hey everyone, thanks for watching Create with
Kacie. I really wanted to make my friend a lion statue,
because she loves animals. I started by making a ball for the body, rolling at the clay,
and then covering the body portion in clay, smoothing out the edges, taking off extra
pieces, just making sure the body was smooth, perfectly round, or oblong really. Then I
wanted to make sizing and make all the other body parts to start attaching. I made two
arms and two legs. I fit a wire through the arms to make sure they were more stable, in
case she wanted to set it down. Then I took the ball for the head and formed it a little.
I then attached the front legs, making sure it would sit, and then formed the back legs,
into a more seated cat position, making sure they looked the same. I then attached the
legs to the body, and repositioned it, moved it around and then smoothed it, when I knew
it would sit properly, like a cat would. I then attached the tail to the length I wanted
it to be. This is how it looks! I added more clay to build up the fur on the back also
to cover any overlying markers. I then attached the head and formed its shape a little more
and started adding the fur around its head because this is going to be a male lion. Then
made little ears to sit in front of the fur around the neck, the mane as you would. Then
I built up the mane with more and more clay adding detail as I went. I am now adding scrapping
markers to try to look like the fur on a lion, and then I am going to smooth out any extra
places that you really shouldn’t be able to see through, like the back of his head/neck.
And add detail to the face. To make the eyes I pressed in then added small round balls
of clay to have the more natural eye look. When I am liking how it looks then I am ready
to bake. You have to follow the correct instructions on the clay you are using. When it is completely
cool I cover the lion in a base tan color. Then I start adding more brown. You are going
to have to let the paint dry in between each coat, then you can go back and add the detail
for the face. This is how my lion turned out. It was a gift for a friend, I really loved
making him and I loved how realistic I could make him be. Thank you so much for watching,
please click the link if you want to see my last video. See you soon.

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