LINK’S AWAKENING with CLAY – Polymer Clay

LINK’S AWAKENING with CLAY – Polymer Clay

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay Tutorial! Today we are going to create this beautiful scenery from the game which just came out awakes… Link’s Awakening! I was so looking forward to play Link’s Awakening this weekend and then there was a delay no Link’s Awakening in my mailbox, so I guess I have to wait till Monday, but for now and if anyone of you is also waiting for this game as well to play it. Here we go. This is some procrastination some… well some nice video to watch while waiting or not playing. I used this gameplay video from Nintendo. It’s officially from Nintendo as a reference and I could create my own blueprint. It was quite helpful to get all the locations, this hole in the ground for example or each tree and then we switched to clay. We need a lot of brown clay in this tutorial. This is the base layer if you want to call it like that which goes underneath everything and by saying everything I mean everything because this clay is even on the floor in the studio and every night I go home I find some clay under my feet. It’s quite funny. Not! So, this is the very first first layer of brown clay. It doesn’t really have a function because you don’t even see it in the end, but it gives some stability to the whole creation. So at least it has this function. I am cutting out the blueprint because it has two levels. We have the lower and the upper part. For the upper part I decided to go this height. We will remove this pattern on these blocks in order to get a really smooth surface for the grass for example and the great thing with these blocks and a blade like this is you can work with a clay as if it is Lego. So, you just build your own world how it should be like, yeah. So we have these two ramps, which go to the upper part to the upper level. This is the bigger one. We also have these chickens upstairs. Is it okay to see upstairs although you have a ramp? I’m not sure about that. I mixed a slightly brighter brown for this wall and we will work on a lot of details in this tutorial but especially on this wall because it’s quite unique to the whole level design. We have a big gap in between the two lines for the wall, these bricks. And I really want to make sure that it looks like a brick wall, but well we will get to that. First, let’s put these stripes to the side of the upper level part. That was great. Great technique to use just this blade. It’s not that stable for cutting every kind of clay, but for this kind of work it’s perfect. Now let’s try to get these bricks into real bricks by adding a lot of details, but also some further gaps as well and then we have this path. Let’s call it path. It’s also part of the level design and of course the green grass, the bright green grass I am using is called apple green and this is the only color, the only clay color which changes the color in the oven. It gets really dark and sometimes it’s really frustrating. This time I was really smart because I threw in some yellow, as well. To ensure that the clay stays bright and then well this was the task of death creating so so many blades of grass, so many details. This task took me like two hours. Yeah, I’m serious about that. It was crazy. I had a great time, so don’t get me wrong, but for the trees, I wanted to come up with a different solution, but we will get there. I think it is a really great technique. Now we are mixing this bright ochre, which will be used for the wall decoration, because on the wall, we have another wall. It’s for I guess small children and babies that they don’t fall off the wall. Probably yeah, that makes sense. Adding some more gaps and tiny dents and details and then we can start giving the grass nice texture by just using my sculpting tool and I really like the effect. Well, we have some flowers as well because it’s a Zelda game, and since in all Zelda games we have a lot of flowers. I’m not sure if you have noticed that before. Now also the blossoms. Let’s get them in the scenery and also the yellow part which goes right in the middle. Let’s put it right there. Yeah, it looks really nice. Spreading all these flowers on the ground reminded me of these old video games for like decoration elements would appear each let’s say five feet. So, really easy texture. We have some further plans, which go on the wall. It really looks nice and we have these plants. We are adding three of them when you… …cut open, kill these plants. Well, there are some parts inside and then well we have these big these huge plants, the trees! The tree trunk goes like this and it also looks quite nice It’s really unique to this game to this game design and we need 13 trunks and also trees but the trunks were quite easy, but for the leaves I had to come up with a different idea and I’m really proud of this idea because I haven’t used yet this technique, but I’ve seen it in some videos on YouTube as well. So, we start with a tree. So, all we are doing is creating the perfect tree for us. It’s quite simple, so we try to get a really nice edge of these three parts the tree is containing of and then we start adding some more leaves so that we really have a quite detailed tree. And after that we will put this into the oven, so that we have three solids oven hardened pieces and we can start creating our very first and own mold. It looks like that. So let’s try it again. Let’s put these all under a huge pile of clay and remove them because well, we want to have a mold. And after we have removed all the positive parts of the tree, we have three negative molds and we can put them into the oven again. Well now that was theory. Let’s see if it works. Meanwhile while oven hardening we can go on and have a look at this hole! Where Link… I think he gets his first sword right down there and we are creating another wall and another wall on top for all the babies so that they don’t fall in and we have to create some tiny tiny trunks. Some branches. It’s like very thick branches sticking in the ground This is the technique I used to get a really really nice feeling and that it looks like wood actually and we are placing four on each side and the black. This is hole clay. No, just kidding, it’s regular black and we will also use this black as the base layer, as the structure for the building which is right in the middle. I haven’t played the game yet and I also have to skip on the old Gameboy version, so I’m not really sure what this building is. I know that it is protected by Chain Chomp, which is jumping right in front of it and I love Chain Chomp. If you know the video classic memes, created with clay and cardboard you have seen that in the studio we created the Chain Chomp and animated them with stop motion, which was really fun to see. So, now this is the technique I used for the house. It took a while that I fully understood how the roof is built and I think you get me because it really looks confusing. We have all these different perspectives of the roof and well the flowers I think this was the easiest part and these nice blossoms white blossoms I’m rolling in, a really really thin layer of white clay. Probably it’s at this the thinnest clay thing I have ever created and then we have some further decorations. I was not sure what it was probably some candles, but again, I’m not sure about that. Let’s place the building and the scenery. Oh it already looks so nice. The entrance as well and here we go! This is the mold and now I’m really curious if it works! It works look at that! We still have all the details Okay, that doesn’t work so well to remove it. Maybe we can do it also like that. Looks good, but the clay really sticks inside the mold, so maybe yeah, I should why don’t I take some spit? Make it a little bit wet inside and now it works, but because I don’t want to lick my finger all video long we take some water and look at that it removes perfectly! It was the first time and I just need a way. I needed some time to find a great way and the trees are really looking great as if I had sculpted them all by the hand and then we have the grass location which looks like a fish from the top, so let’s call it the fish grass. And this is the technique I used to create it. I’ve done that with the Visitor Skin. Yeah, the Visitor skin from Fortnite. It was the same technique for the beautiful grass. Oh, it looks so nice. I could watch it all over again and again. And we have some grass on the upper part of the level and we have I think three yeah three signs. We have this stone sign and two wooden pieces, which oops we will also place in the location after oven hardening and now we are getting to the important parts. The chicken! Yeah, that’s true. I know that there is one task where you just have to collect these chickens. I’m really not sure about that I have just seen that in one video and this is how I created the chicken on such a small scale. I used my pointing tool AKA my eye making tool and it was quite difficult because I couldn’t use my eye making tool to make the eyes of the chicken. So, now let’s place the heads onto the torso and we have some further feathers on the backside where the second chicken is. One goes right there and one goes in the front. These two tiny white balls underneath. Well, they don’t really should be eggs, should be more like feet. And then we have this cute fox, which reminded me of Super Mario, as well. I’m not really sure why and if this Fox really appears in a Super Mario title. This is the tail of the Fox, also quite cute and really really small. We have the legs. I was not really sure of the color, but I thought it would match perfectly. So let’s place this guy right there. And what’s missing? Yeah, I know Chain Chomp is missing. We start with the black ball obviously and then we will add all the details in the mouth and we have the eyes on the side. The teeeth should be created out of a very thin layer of white clay and now we can place him right in front of the door to protect it. Yeah. Now the most important character in this tutorial, well, beside myself, just kidding guys. This is Link! Link from Link’s Awakening. I don’t really want to spoiler this game, but it happened to be that I was spoiler about this game, although a hadn’t played it, yet. About the ending. What’s it all about where it takes place, so, don’t worry. I won’t spoiler you. Thanks Kirsten, again. This is the face, the Link’s face and I’m not sure if you have noticed it Link isn’t really smiling a lot. So, this is why I wanted to create him this. Well, it’s not really a sad face, it’s more like a thoughtful face. What he should do next. And we have the sword and we have the shield, with many many details on it. And I really hope I got all the details right on the shield on such a small scale and we are ready to go into the oven! Freshly baked and beautiful scenery from Link’s Awakening! All we have to do is glue some parts onto the beautiful beautiful scenery and then we are done. So, this is one of the rings from the chain and we are also gluing the shield and the sword into links hands. Oops. Okay, and well what’s missing? The most important character. It’s the butterfly, yeah. First I wanted to create two of them because they are flying around like crazy, many many of them, but I screwed up. This is why you only see this one butterfly in the video, but well, I guess one butterfly is better than none. Let’s remove the creation from the wooden underground and guys that’s it! So I thought I could play this game this weekend, but unfortunately there’s a delay so I don’t get my game until Monday. Well, then I guess I have to play with this scenery all weekend long or I could just paint it all black. I totally forgot to wish you a really really good weekend. So, guys, have a great weekend. See you next week.

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