Lilacs in Mason Jar Q Tip Painting for Beginners Tutorial 🌷🎨💜

Lilacs in Mason Jar Q Tip Painting for Beginners Tutorial 🌷🎨💜

Hi I’m Cinnamon Cooney The Art Sherpa and today I want to show you how you can create this gorgeous Lilac’s in a jar painting. Get your paint get your brushes get your Q-tips because you can paint this. Let’s go! Let’s work is really fun project. I have a 9 by 12 canvas board that had painted black with black gesso but you can use black paint over here have acrylic paint. I have green, yellow, white, dark purple, a bright pink, and another little bit of white. I have bunches of Q-tips funneled together some loose ones and I have number six sprites for acrylic painting. Let’s go ahead and start putting this in. This is kids chalk that I just sharpened with a regular hand-held sharpener. But listen if you don’t draw Don’t worry about this because I also have a traceable that you can get for free up my web site. And tracing is OK. I’m going to be about three inches from the bottom of the canvas and I’m going to make a little bit of a soft smile. That’s about oh gosh four inches across. And then I’m going to make a little matching frown. That’s an easy way. To get kind of an ellipse. And that’s the top of my jar here. We’re going to do two straight lines down. That are just a half inch long. Another little. Soft smile. Your Jarre should have shoulders similar bring a little line out. And a little line out. And then just straight down and that’s all it takes to get those in. I find it also helps to kind of sketch in my stems before I paint them so that I know what the curves are so when to come up here to the upper right corner and sketches stem down. And that’s going to be one of my main showy flowers. So you have sketched the little stem now. And then I know where that goes. And it’s going to make things a lot easier on me. And this guy should have a little friend that comes and ends here so let’s come right here. Just make a nice little bend. These types of flowers tend to have bends in their stems because they’re so heavy. With blooms curve another little bloom right there. And just for balance I think I like another little one right here. So let’s paint in the first part of the jar we have to paint in for the trick of making the stems look like they’re inside glass. So it’s a really easy trick that anyone can do. Take a little bit of tape. Number six Ruby celebrate when you get a little paint no water can put any water in my brush. On the edge of the bristles here. This is called dry brush and when your brush doesn’t have any water on it and you’re going to just carefully over. Your tracing lines your white chalk lines. Sketch. This is light pressure. The opening of your jar. Song down. Make. All these outer lines just sketch. Sketch. What you’re going to be doing is going to be sketching these airlines. Or your job. Once you have those sketches you can rinse out your brush. Come over here. There’s a little bit where drag off the extra water. You know green. Can add a little yellow. On both sides of the brush. And this is going to be confusing at first but trust me I have a plan here you’re going to fall along. Your stems. Leaving about you know three inches at least at the edge. For flowers to fill and when to grab a little yellow. Come and paint in this fellow. Oreo more yellow. So I’m just using the edge of my brush to create this line. On this when you get a little more grains it’s a little darker and that’ll work OK. Now let’s get a little evergreen. On a brush see what’s on the edge there. Well let’s make a little line that comes off about an inch. Offer stem. And then make a nice diamond shape for the leaves. Just paint that right across. Throwing that all in. Hoping. You can get a little yellow if you want to. Woman add a little highlight with the yellow. To make it very colorful. And that’s a nice little leaf that should have a little friend down here. I don’t even worry about sometimes putting in the stem. Because many reeds a stem that’s really delicate we wouldn’t see it. All one right here. These are just the leaves that you would see. What’s coming here. Well. A little stem. Well again you’re a little diamond shaped. Last. Little league fees. Now a little. Great Ill highlight to make that weren’t interesting. Even have a little bit of relief here. So that’s sort of fun isn’t it. The. Just a little bit of one right here. So this should have what your jar dry. When checked to see if your paints dry. If it’s dry out your brush. Here’s how you make it look like the stems are inside the jar. My. Dry off my brush with a rag in the coming get some white paint again on my dry brush. Right here. On the smile line I’m going to go right over these green stems. Then and they are in the jar now I’m going to grab a little more white. And I’m going to bring a couple of reflections down one to. O’Hare. You can Tom right across here where there reflection. There’s a reflection right here. I like to say that there’s another little shoulder reflection that happens. So I go stroke down. Another little Sturk down. And then a soft dry brush stroke across. One another little. Couple of dry brush strokes to show that this glass. Is here. So this is about doing dry brushing over this. And that’s what helps you really define. Really easy glass and not actually ever painting glass you’re painting the reflections that end up on glass. OK. So that’s perfect. You have stems in a jar that was so fun was that. So another little trick that I do. Is I like to kind of sketching a light shape for I Q-tip in my flowers. So one of the goals is I will come here and I just want to make sure. That I fairly softly. Create the little cone shape I’m going to be following. For my flowers. I want them to be wider at the bottom that is like three fingers why. Do income taper. Different places up here to the top rate. Joe. Just so I know. What my flowers are doing. That’s how I get that in. Now grab your first bunch of Q-tips take a deep breath. This is the fun part. So I have a bunch here of make sure that they’re very level. I don’t get a lot of hairs on my Q-tips because I use Q-Tip Q-tips. And I think that’s why my little dots are always coming out really well. So I’m a dab a little bit into my purple. And then I’m a dab a little bit into my bright magenta pink there. Get a little bit of white. There. And I come put in the shadow. So I’ve got the light coming from up here. Well I’ve got to do is this little shadow. At the bottom if you need more purple more purple. I get just a smidge. The trick here is to just get a smidge of light. Not a lot because it’s over lightning you want your. Lilac’s to have the shadow when I’m coming to the edge. I actually rock my to back a little bit to get less dots but you can also switch to. Using and I’ll show you. Some individual Q-tip. To get that delicate finish and the where you need it. Or if you need detailing. Into the flour to make it feel more special. When I have hairs like that I can also just roll them like this when they get a little more purple a little more my pink a smidge. Of Mine white come and make the shadow again. Around the base. More pink this time I think. Wait. So I just try to think about mixing these colors up to these flowers have so many lovely colors in them. And I have lots of bunches here. So if this bunch weren’t making me happy I can always. Always always. Get another bunch of Q-Tips. You see them rocking back. Just a couple of white Q-tips. Will come out to this edge here. I also like to bring out little interesting shapes. War era. Auriga. Just enjoying that. Or in shaping up. So that’s something you might not know. As you can reshape this tool super fun just stamping it down making sure I’ve got my chateau. Or. The more purple more magenta a little bit away there. Now I’m going to come put the shadow interestingly enough on that side on the left side. So if you mess that up don’t worry about it. Just painting. Jazz painting. You can do it. You can totally do it. You’re just wonderful and you’ve got this. Art can be fun again. It’s just those up to the top. The. Little. Outliers here being interesting. Let’s get the tops. So then grab another little bunch right here. And now I’m going to get mostly into my white but I’ll let it pick up some other color that I have. Maybe a dab of pink this time. Tom. Create this highlight. Lots of white. On this side. I really like to get these particular dots be a little more open. It makes it feel like there’s just a little bit of light catching it. Such a pretty piece. Just on using just almost these two. When I come to the end but you can switch to. Your individual Q-Tip braid. Want. So feel like you’ve got that. Going to get a little pink on one of them. Erika. Also enjoying the color. Sometimes what’s underneath comes and. Makes this up. I also sometimes. Turn. My bundle to change Atlas shapes. Almost in this gorgeous painting. Look. Gorgeous in a frame. Hope you’ll share it with me and mine. There we go. Oh I’ve got some pretty pink there’s a mint dabbed out. Sometimes you’ll notice that you have some really pretty color and you want to go with it. Definitely trust your gut. Something makes your heart happy. Always always listen to the word white. Go a little light light sketching. I did really helps me keep track of the shapes that I want. My painting squirrel hair. I feel like it could use some bright pink borate there. And also just. Add color. Or you think. A piece for being perfect. That’s where I think of being improved getting some hairs. So what I can do is if it’s getting too much I can always switch to another bundle and that’s why I like to have lots of little bundles here. If a bundle starts to do anything I’m not loving. Just switch bundles. Just and highlight right here. Like to bring in some in different places. Cool highlights. Get some pink to finish stand out. Studio. And if you feel like you lost your shadow at any point where you can just actually come right back. With your purple. Quarterbacked. Where you think you want it. And guess what guys. Think. Just grab some magenta there. I’m just having fun. You have fun too. Switch sides of the Q-tips. While still pretty. That was so much fun I’m so happy to share that with you today. I hope you’re happy with your result. Be good to yourself. Be good to each other and I will see you at the easel really soon but by

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