Lil Yachty Breaks Down ‘Lil Boat 2’ | For The Record With Rob Markman

Lil Yachty Breaks Down ‘Lil Boat 2’ | For The Record With Rob Markman

Rob Markman: What up, Geniuses? Today’s a very special day, alright? New show alert. You’re now tuned in to ‘For The Record,’ with me, Rob Markman. It’s the only talk show where we do a deep
dive into music. You know, you see a lot of them other talk
shows, they, I don’t know what they be talking about, man. But, today is a very special day because we
have a guest, an old friend. He’s a new friend, but he’s a old friend. I feel like we go back, all right, and a special day for him, too, because his new album, ‘Lil Boat 2,’ is in stores. Geniuses, please give it up for my man, Lil
Yachty. Lil Boat. Hey, hey, yeah, that’s right, come on, clap
it up. Yeah, all right. Lil Yachty: Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang. Rob Markman: What’s good, man? Lil Yachty: I feel good. I’m happy. I’m blessed. Rob Markman: Well tell them why you’re happy. First of all, the album’s out today. Rob Markman: ‘Lil Boat 2’ is out today. Lil Yachty: Yeah. Just went- Rob Markman: We just found out- Lil Yachty: Just went number one, know what I’m saying? Rob Markman: Just went number one on iTunes. Lil Yachty: iTunes. Yeah. Rob Markman: We just found out 20 seconds
ago. Lil Yachty: Yeah, that’s a good feeling, you
know what I’m saying? I’m happy. I’m happy. I’ve been happy, I was happy last night. I was happy last night, but I’m happy now. Rob Markman: I feel like you always act like- Lil Yachty: Most of the time, you know? There’s no reason to not be happy. Life is good this way. You know? Rob Markman: Well, you’re not too far removed to where you remember what it was like before that. We were just upstairs talking off camera about when you made your first M, man, when you made your first million. You could distinctly remember what life was like before this. Lil Yachty: That was my first time thinking
about it since it happened, but when you made me deep dive into it, it just brought all
the joy back. Rob Markman: It’s just funny, too, man, I
feel like, I remember the first time you can in to Genius. We didn’t even have any real video set up. You came in, you signed onto the site, you
did annotations. I remember meeting you then. Then we did ‘IRL’ together, where we made pizza together. Lil Yachty: That went viral. Rob Markman: Super viral. Super viral. Then we did a couple of verifies together. The great thing is to see you kind of hit
new steps and new milestones. So, I remember when we made the pizza together, it was right before ‘Teenage Emotions,’ and you were talking about being able to buy your mother a Birkin, which was her dream bag. Lil Yachty: Yeah, that was Christmas. Rob Markman: Milestone. But then I turn on the album. Soon as I turn on ‘Lil Boat 2,’ Self Made, first song, the very first line of the album was, Made it out my momma crib, then I bought my mom a crib. I feel like it’s not a coincidence for that
to be the first line to open up the album. Talk about that, man. Lil Yachty: You make me think about shit differently. Rob Markman: See, that’s why this is ‘For The Record.” That’s why we different. Where’s my camera? That’s why we different than these other shows, you know what I’m talking about? But, go ahead, man. Lil Yachty: Just like you said, man, my mom’s very important to me. Very important to me. I don’t know. Those things matter to me. So, it was important that I talked about that. I never thought about it as being the opening
line to my project. That’s a powerful opening. To think back on it, that’s [inaudible 00:03:07]. Rob Markman: And it’s cool, because sometimes,
you know, here at Genius, man, and we get it a lot. We might over-analyze art, you know what I’m
saying? Lil Yachty: I feel it. Rob Markman: But, as fans, that’s kind of
our job. You just create and you’re going off of feelings. So maybe you didn’t intend to be that deep
at the time but, man, to start your album like that is just a beautiful way to start
an album, whether it was intentional or not. Lil Yachty: I’ve never thought of it like
that until now. Just like you said, we talked about it off
camera. I never thought back on that until now. Rob Markman: Say, you a little sleepy, man? Now they got you- Lil Yachty: It’s a little early. Rob Markman: What Coach got you doing, man? Lil Yachty: I was excited, so I was up kind
of late last night, just looking at reviews and responses, so I didn’t get much sleep. Rob Markman: Does that stuff matter to you,
the reviews? Lil Yachty: I’m not going to act like I don’t,
I pay attention to it, to everything. I like criticism, good and bad. You know what I’m saying? I’ll read all of it, and I’ll respect it all. Rob Markman: What’s some of maybe the best
criticism that you’ve heard about yourself or your music? Lil Yachty: That’s a good question. Honestly, I probably couldn’t, I wouldn’t
even know. I probably wouldn’t know. I’ve gotten great criticism from some people. Rob Markman: So you’re not one of those people
like, there’s some people, like, any criticism, they just write it off as hate. You’re able to distinguish what’s hate and
what’s somebody critiquing to get you better. Lil Yachty: I take it all, man. I appreciate it. When I did my rap with Funk Flex, man, he
critiqued it. He super critiqued it, but he gave me some
amazing criticism. Rob Markman: He’s been critical of you before
[inaudible 00:04:54]. Lil Yachty: Many times. Rob Markman: What was the situation, now? You reached out to him. First of all, there’s a Funkmaster Flex freestyle,
if you don’t know. There’s a clip of it going viral. Yachty is rapping over the classic Still Tippin’
beat. There’s about maybe 30 seconds of it going
viral. I think it comes out next week. Lil Yachty: Monday. Rob Markman: On Monday. But, Flex has been very critical of you. A lot of people been critical of you, especially
elder statesmen in hip hop. Lil Yachty: In hip hop, yeah. Rob Markman: You reached out to him to do
an interview? Lil Yachty: To interview, yes. Not to rap. To sit down and talk. And, of course, he switched it to that. Rob Markman: To the freestyle. Lil Yachty: And I’m not, I don’t back down
from any challenge. Rob Markman: That’s dope. Lil Yachty: I would have felt pussy if I was
like, Nah, [Blakes 00:05:32], I don’t want to do that. Plus ain’t nobody doing it. Ain’t no new rappers, new generation. You know what I’m saying? Not from my era. Rob Markman: Right. The most important part, though, to this is
you reached out to him, and I think- Lil Yachty: So, I was about to call him. I was telling Chris Green, Let me talk to
him. Give me his number. As soon as he gave me his phone to get the
number, he started calling, and I picked it up. He thought he was talking to Chris, but it
was me, and then we talked for like 30 or 40 minutes, switched numbers, was texting. He’s a really good guy, though. Rob Markman: Yeah, Flex is a good dude. Has strong opinions, has very strong opinions,
but he- Lil Yachty: Yeah, but it’s because he cares. Rob Markman: Yep, absolutely. I think it’s great that we get to this point,
because I think, and we’re going to get into the album soon, but I think for so long there’s
been kind of this generational divide in hip hop where everybody want to talk at each other. The older cats want to talk down to the younger
cats. The young cats want to dismiss the older cats. But nobody’s talking with each other. So, that’s why I wanted to point out that
you were actually even willing to get on the phone. Lil Yachty: That’s really what I be trying
to do, man. I always, I’m always, we’re E Bros., trying
to do it, you know what I’m saying? Funk Flex, trying to do it, with Pete Rock. When me and Pete Rock were going at it, man,
we bridged that. We started talking. We spoke. We was, you know what I’m saying? Trying to work. We had bridged it, you know what I’m saying? That’s what I be trying to do, bro. Not even as much as, like, I’m not even trying
to be no lyrical rapper. I know my lane. Rob Markman: You know who you are. Lil Yachty: I be trying to bridge certain,
because I was once that kid, Man, fuck them older niggas, man. Rob Markman: Oh, we know. Lil Yachty: You know what I’m saying? So I be trying to bridge that shit. I’m not trying to make niggas work together,
but I just want to fuck with everybody. Rob Markman: Yeah, at least when you go up
in the spot, you can dap each other up, you can respect it- Lil Yachty: Yeah, I want to, I want to be,
I want love from everywhere. Love is a good feeling. Rob Markman: Let me ask you a question now. You 20, 20 years old, man. Lil Yachty: Yeah. Rob Markman: Is the King of the Teens growing
up, man? Lil Yachty: Yeah. Hell, yeah, I’m growing up. Niggas is getting fat and shit. Shit. Hell, yeah, I’m growing up. My metabolism slowed the fuck down. I look like a balloon. Rob Markman: What you do is eat pizza every
day, man Lil Yachty: Exactly. But I used to could do that, I could do that
for 19 years of my life and nothing would happen. Now, I look in the mirror, and I’m scared. Rob Markman: Is it weird to you, and no disrespect,
but, to me, you’re still a new artist. This is your second album. You’ve had mix tapes and you’ve been around
for a couple of years, but- Lil Yachty: This is really a mix tape. Rob Markman: Okay. So Lil Boat 2 is a mix tape, it’s not an album? Lil Yachty: Yeah but just, you know the way
things are packaging, streaming, everything’s an album, basically. Rob Markman: Who knows- Lil Yachty: I worked it. I made it, and I dropped it like a mix tape. Go on, though. Rob Markman: I feel as much of a new artist
as you are, this thing is moving so quick, there’s a new crop of artists coming under
you. Lil Yachty: It’s two generations already under
me. Two. Rob Markman: You really feel like that? Lil Yachty: I count the generations by XXL. Rob Markman: Covers. Lil Yachty: Yeah. Rob Markman: Okay, so talk about, if Yachty
is one generation, who are some of the people in the first generation under you, and then
who are some of the people in the second generation under you? Lil Yachty: Under me is XXX, Ugly God, That,
you know what I’m saying? Ski Mask in there. That era. Then you got, under that, Trippie Red, NBA
YoungBoy, Lil Xan, Lil Skies. Rob Markman: They got you feeling like a vet
because, probably, a lot of- Lil Yachty: On God. It’s so weird how fast music is now. It’s so fast. You know what I’m saying? Two years is now 20 years. Rob Markman: Right. Lil Yachty: You know what I’m saying? It’s weird as shit. Rob Markman: It’s funny. I’m going to go back to a lyric on Self Made,
because you kind of made fun, and you say, And you keep asking’ ‘When we gon’ do a song,’
and I keep telling’ you ‘Soon.’ Lil Yachty: Yeah, yeah, its cause people,
oh, my grill was in my pocket. Rob Markman: We was looking for the grill
the whole time. Everybody outside going crazy, looking for
Yachty grill. His grill is in his pocket. Lil Yachty: Okay. Yeah. Rob Markman: You want to put it in? Are you good? Lil Yachty: Nah. Fuck. Fuck it. Yeah. I just said that cause people ask, like, right
now I’ve like 70 requests for feature clearances. At the moment, like 70, maybe close to 80. I do a lot of feature. A lot of people ask for features. Rob Markman: How do you choose who to work
with? Lil Yachty: Coach and P. Who they say. You know what I’m saying? Or if I personally have a relationship with
you, then I got you, but Coach and P, they bring in a lot of features, Do this. Yes, sir. Rob Markman: Lot of young guys on the album. A lot of collaborations on the album. You and Ugly God got Boom. Tee Grizzley is on the album. NBA YoungBoy, NBA YoungBoat is one of my favorites
joints on here. You and Lil Pump worked. You and PnB Rock worked. You and Trippie Redd worked. Lil Yachty: Ugly, Offset. 2 Chainz. Quavo. K Supreme and JBan$. That’s the line up. Oh, Lil Baby. Rob Markman: Oh, yeah. Also, QC [inaudible 00:10:40], right? Lil Yachty: Last but not least. Rob Markman: How do you choose who to work
with, to bring on to your album? Lil Yachty: I work with everybody, you know
what I’m saying? When it comes to who I chose, it was very,
very difficult, bro. Man, we skimmed down so many songs, bro, because
I didn’t want to drop 20 songs. I originally had 16. Me and Quavo did that song, Talk to Me Nice,
two days before I turned in that album. One day, maybe. The night before we turned in the album, mastered
it, it’s mastered, it’s final. Me and Quavo do talk, and I say, [inaudible
00:11:14], I want to add this. Then it gets 17 songs. It was 16, though. Originally I had a song, really, it was 18
at first cause I had a song called Love Me Forever. Rob Markman: Love Me Forever’s on the album,
right? Lil Yachty: Storytime. It was two different love songs, and I had
them both, you know what I’m saying? But I just didn’t want a long album. I didn’t. I wanted to shrink it. So I put Storytime at the end of Love Me Forever
as a bonus track. Turns out, nowadays, when you stream, you
can’t do bonus tracks, like it’s illegal or some shit like that. That’s some new shit. You can’t do hidden tracks no longer when
streaming. You can with tape disc. But, in streaming, I guess, cause of sales
or something. I don’t know. You can’t do hidden tracks. You can’t put a song at a end and then not
title it, you know what I’m saying? It’s weird. I don’t know. So I had to cut it, and then that’s how we
are at 17. But it was hard, man. It was at like, 22 for a long time. I was cutting good songs. Rob Markman: I know you were previewing a
lot of stuff on social media. I know at Genius, now, we, anything that we
preview, you previewed, we just assumed was going to be on the album, so a lot of the
fans added it- Lil Yachty: Y’all had a- Rob Markman: To the track list. Lil Yachty: Y’all track list was off, but
everyone just assumed, [inaudible 00:12:26] that track list was so official. It was actually not that far off, y’all just,
the songs y’all had, y’all named them different names. Rob Markman: Right, right. Lil Yachty: Was that y’all, or was that fans? Rob Markman: No, those are fans that do it,
so Genius is an open source platform- Lil Yachty: Okay. Rob Markman: So fans sign on it and really
we can’t stop it. Lil Yachty: Yeah, it’s like Wikipedia. Rob Markman: Right. So when they hear you preview something on
IG, even if it’s only for 60 seconds. Lil Yachty: They just assume. Rob Markman: They’re transcribing those lyrics. They want to put it up because, for them,
that’s a generation that takes music, that the new Yachty song. It doesn’t matter if it’s on streaming or
Spotify and Apple. Lil Yachty: And then they going to ask about
that song forever. Rob Markman: He did it on IG. But you know what you doing when you get on
that IG, man. Lil Yachty: Of course. That’s like the new thing. That’s just, man, you get up, you go on Instagram
Live, or you, that’s the new thing, man, cause you know they going to snatch it. You do it because, for them to snatch it. You want to give them just a little piece. Literally, the second after you make it, you
know what I’m saying? Right after you make it, Oh, this is fire,
Boop. Rob Markman: Yeah, you make my man [Sam 00:13:23]
from the label hit me talking about, Hey, man, can you take this down? I know Yachty just put this up, but can you
take it down? Lil Yachty: Which one? What you talking about? Rob Markman: Oh, just the unofficial, you
know, they didn’t want the confusion in the marketplace. Lil Yachty: It was definitely off. Rob Markman: Who was your favorite to work
with on this album? Lil Yachty: Man, damn. My favorite to work with. It’s gon’ be between YoungBoy, Free YoungBoy
and probably Tee Grizzley. Probably. Rob Markman: You and YoungBoy did a back and
forth. Lil Yachty: Yeah. Me and YoungBoy got another record that’s
not out that’s so hard. That’s a, I love that kid. Rob Markman: You guys recorded that, like,
you in the same spot together? Lil Yachty: Every record was recorded together. Crazy, I know, because it’s a lot of features. But every record was done together in the
same room. Rob Markman: What about Lil Pump, man? What was it like? Lil Pump is like an enigma. Lil Yachty: Me and Pump got so many songs
together. We was supposed to do a tape, you know. Me and Pump got close to 10 songs together. Rob Markman: Hold on, man. See, because now you said that, and you think
you just say it in passing- Lil Yachty: But people know that. People know that. Rob Markman: Me and Pump supposed to do a
tape. Look. Me, Migos, Gucci gon’ do a tape [inaudible
00:14:29] Boys Lil Yachty: Yep, me and Takeoff got a tape. Rob Markman: Man, how many tapes- Lil Yachty: I’m dropping this year. I’m dropping this year. I promise you, I did one album last year. I’m dropping this year, bro. I’m here. I’m about to flood, whether niggas like it,
hate it, block it, degrade it, I’m here. Rob Markman: You talked about taking one of
the other love songs off. One thing that I notice is you’re really dope
when you do melody and you kind of do your sing-songy stuff. This Lil Boat is a lot of rapping. Lil Yachty: This ain’t that. Rob Markman: It’s a lot of aggressive. Lil Yachty: This ain’t that, you know what
I’m saying? Cause I tried that with Teenage Emotion and
felt like I wanted to try something different. I never did a full project like this, you
know what I’m saying? Lil Boat 1 was, it was there, but it was everywhere,
you know? It was my introduction, so it had a bunch
of different sounds and new sounds, so I just wanted to try a full rap album. That’s why I cut one of the two. Usually I’ll have two, three, four love songs. You know what I’m saying? I like singing. But that’s just not where I’m at. I’m not where I was at the time, you know
what I’m saying? Rob Markman: You said the song that you and
PnB Rock- Lil Yachty: She Ready. Rob Markman: She Ready, that you guys got. I actually hear that, I’m like, man, it sound
like it could be a hit. Now, you told me a funny story again off camera
about how you guys would, you were playing 2K in the booth while recording this? Lil Yachty: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. So, me and PnB was in the studio. His homies was there, my homies were there,
and we were playing 2K. When I went in to do my verse, I was playing,
I can’t remember who I was playing. I was playing somebody. And, so, I was playing them in the booth while
I was doing a verse. I did the verse while playing 2K through the
glass. It was fire. I felt like it was a Flex tune, man. Rob Markman: Did you win? Lil Yachty: Of course. Of course. Rob Markman: That is awesome. All right. One of the things I’ve noticed, too, about
the song, and again, it may not be something that you’re thinking about, right? But, a lot of songs are really short. A lot are like two minutes, under three minutes,
nothing too long. I feel like that’s a trend. I feel like when you look at, XXX’s album,
they were really short songs. Lil Yachty: Pump. Rob Markman: Pump. Tekashi69 just dropped a tape, really short
songs. Are you conscious of going in there, or, the
creative process, what makes these songs so short? Lil Yachty: It’s not, I can’t speak on anybody
but myself but, for myself, it’s like when I perform, bro, I usually only do the first
verse, you know what I’m saying? In general, hook, first verse and maybe the
hook again, maybe. When I’m on stage, you know what I’m saying?
because it gets boring, you know what I’m saying? Sometimes I’m just, I don’t want to, sometimes,
honestly, I be scared to fuck it up. So I have a good [inaudible 00:17:13] like,
I don’t want to do another verse. You know what I’m saying? Rob Markman: So you’ve got a good vibe going
and you, like- Lil Yachty: Yeah. Rob Markman: All right. Cool. Lil Yachty: I’m just like, yo, cut it. Some of that shit be shit that’s unfinished,
honestly. Or I don’t have time. Like, Self Made had one of my homies on it
from Sailing Team. I just wanted my intro to kind of be myself. I didn’t want to do a second verse, so. Rob Markman: It makes sense. Again, when we talk about, because music is
supposed to change and evolve and- Lil Yachty: Right. I think it has evolved. I think songs are just shorter now. I mean as far as this new generation. Right? You think? Rob Markman: Yeah. No, absolutely. I come from an era and it was dope for the
time where, you know, I grew up on Wu-Tang, so it’s nine dudes in the group. If they all got a verse of sixteen, and you
want to throw a hook in there somewhere, that song might be five minutes before it’s all
said and done. It was great for the time, but it feels kind
of weird to maybe have a five or six minute song. Lil Yachty: That is definitely going to piss
somebody off at the new kid. Rob Markman: Talk about Takeoff now. Quavo’s on the album. Offset’s on the album. Lil Yachty: Twice. Rob Markman: Yeah. Takeoff not on the album. It makes you feel like you guys are holding
a lot of heat in the stash. Lil Yachty: Right. Rob Markman: What’s up with this project? Lil Yachty: Yeah. I love Takeoff so much, man. Takeoff is such a genuine dude. He’s so smart, and so intelligent, and so
future forward. He’s very hard to catch. Takeoff doesn’t leave the house except for
when it’s time to go get the money, you know what I’m saying? Rob Markman: Sounds like you a little bit. Lil Yachty: In a sense but Takeoff is the
extreme version of that. He does not go anywhere. He don’t drive a car, he got a driver. He pop out every, he’s like Groundhog Day. We have a studio in Atlanta at QC where we
all be at. Quavo’s there all the time. I’m there all the time. Offset’s there all the time. Lil Baby’s there all the time. Takeoff pops up once every few months. He live very far in Georgia. I got to go pull up on him so we can finish
it, but we be real cool. Most of the songs we’ve done for our tape,
we’ll do out somewhere. We’ve done a couple, we got like four or five
songs, you know what I’m saying? But, as far as my album, I couldn’t catch
him. I was going to throw him on with Quavo, what’s
that other song called? Oh, Talk to Me Nice, but I just didn’t have
time, and we had an album coming. Me and Takeoff have a whole project, so I
wasn’t upset. Rob Markman: What is going to sound like? Cause Takeoff, people are just realizing,
I think, Migos fans for along time realized, I think, how nice Takeoff, but I see him on
this [inaudible 00:20:08]- Lil Yachty: [inaudible 00:20:08] Takeoff,
no one knows how, fuck how nice he is at rapping, [inaudible 00:20:13] great, amazing he is
as a person. That nigga’s so funny, he’s a good dude, man. He’s so intelligent. But the album is dope, man. We got [inaudible 00:20:24] songs so far. And we got, we go back and forth a lot. Trade bars. It’s dope. Rob Markman: All right. That’s another thing that’s new. We just talked about this new generation,
things changing, and you being ahead of that curve and the leader. These collaboration projects, I feel like
they come so more frequent. Coming up, you might get a Kanye and a Jay
once in the blue. Over the past year- Lil Yachty: I don’t think it’s that frequent,
is it? Nah, and didn’t they, I feel like they kind
of, did they start it? Rob Markman: Who? Jay and R. Kelly did theirs originally. That was probably like the first time that
we’d really seen something like that. Kanye and Jay. Then- Lil Yachty: I though Kanye and Jay=Z started
it, in general. I thought they started back and forth on Otis. That was the first time I ever heard it in
my life. Rob Markman: Nah. Back and forth is definitely like an old hip
hop thing. What it was, it went out of style for a lot
of years, just rappers weren’t doing that so, when they brought it, it sounded new and
fresh because it was like, Yo, we haven’t heard this in a while. Lil Yachty: After that I heard it with Meek
Mill and Big Sean with Burn. Rob Markman: Burn was crazy. That’s such a crazy record. Lil Yachty: And that’s when they kind of like
stuck to me. Back and forth was just dope. Rob Markman: Is that what inspired you and- Lil Yachty: Those two is what inspired, not
necessarily us, we weren’t, Let’s be like this. In my eyes, that’s what made me want to say
to them, All right, y’all, let’s go back and forth. Rob Markman: So you said that. And we’re talking about, for those who don’t
know, if you haven’t heard Lil Boat 2, something wrong with you. But NBA YoungBoat. Lil Yachty: NBA YoungBoat. Not necessarily that beat, when he went, because
he really took the part I wanted. I really wanted that part, but that’s because
I hadn’t heard the part I had, when the beat drop. When the beat drop, like when he did that,
then I came in [inaudible 00:21:58]. I was like, Oh, this is crazy. I don’t want to mess it up. We got a serious. We was vibing and clicking. That was the first time we had got in the
studio together then. We was like, Let’s just keep going. Yeah. But I love doing back and forth. Because people like to think that, a lot of
people think I can’t stick with anybody, like on D to the A, but everyone was so surprised. You know what I’m saying? I like to do that with different artists,
just to show them I can keep, I got one person I really want to get in the studio with, Big
Sean, and go back and forth. I’m not saying I got better bars than Big
Sean. Big Sean is the craziest lyrical, like one
of craziest lyricists to me, but I just want to show him I can hold my own and not look
crazy. Rob Markman: It’s like what you said about
the Flex thing, you don’t back down from no challenge. I think at the end of the day, that’s what
makes a dope artist, if we talking about hip hop, like, a dope MC. They say Em got the best of Jay=Z on Renegade
when they did a record together. But, you show up, you know what I’m saying? And you show out and you be the best you,
so you and Sean back and forth on the record, I don’t know what that would sound like. But when y’all record it sign me up. Lil Yachty: It’s going to happen though. Rob Markman: Send it to me. Lil Yachty: Yeah, it’s going to happen. It’s going to happen. I’ve spoken to him a couple times, he’s very
cool, he’s down. We going to work, for sure. Rob Markman: What’s up with this Glacier Boyz
project, man? Migos, Gucci, Yachty. Lil Yachty: On the way, it’s about to drop,
we ran on this, this is out. I say, I don’t know if I’m going to get in
trouble if I say any dates. I really want to but I don’t know – Rob Markman: It’s just between me and you,
man. These cameras ain’t here, you can say whatever
you want to say. Lil Yachty: You know what, I’m going to say
four, five weeks, it be out, probably. That’s exclusive right there, you probably,
month, maybe. Maybe tops. Glacier Boyz will be out. Rob Markman: Do you got to pitch a sale to
be like Damn bro, I got a project coming out with Guwop. I know he was an inspiration for you. Lil Yachty: It’s, they’re so genuine and I
see them so much, and they so cool, and I can just talk to, like, I can literally hit
Gucci at any time, he’s going to pick up. He’s such a, he’s so cool, you know what I’m
saying? That’s my CEO’s best friend, so they, they
treat me like family, like a son, you feel me? So, it never felt that way, you know? I just always felt love, you know what I’m
saying? Of course, when I first met him, I was like,
Whoa. When I first met the Migos I was like, Whoa. You know what I’m saying? It’s Migos, but they treated me so much like
family, I could never think like, it’s hard to think like that because they treat me so
much like family. Rob Markman: I really, Self Made, again, there
was a line on there that made me laugh, Bought myself a chain, kept it short because I ain’t
Jibbs. You see, him feeling himself one day, Genius. Lil Yachty: Yeah, bought myself, because,
you know, we wear short chains now, but chain hang low, you know what I’m saying? That was just a funny line, a lot of kids
don’t even know about that song, you know Do Your Chain Hang Low. Rob Markman: Jibbs [inaudible 00:24:59] Lil Yachty: Yeah, but, it was just like a
funny, it was a funny line, you know, kept it short because I ain’t Jibbs. Rob Markman: I see you really light today
with the jewelry, you out here ripping and running. Lil Yachty: Yeah, but it take two seconds
for me to ice and freeze this motherfucker down, so don’t play with me. Rob Markman: What do you think of, did you
hear about this thing with 21 saying that he’s not doing jewelry no more. Lil Yachty: Yeah, I saw that. I haven’t seen him since I saw that to really
ask him. That’s just so interesting to me, but it’s,
I think it’s dope. I think it’s dope as fuck. 21’s dope as fuck,
you know, a lot of artists, their personalities are private, they show you stuff but no one
really knows them, not to say that I just really know 21, but I’ve met him and hung
out with him a bunch of times, and he’s a really cool person. Unlike with, you know, a lot of people might
think he’s rude or might think he’s mean, he’s funny, he chill as fuck, know what I’m
saying. He’s, 21 cool as fuck, and his whole camp,
they solid, you know what I’m saying, they cool as fuck. But that’s with a lot of guys, like NBA YoungBoy,
he’s super cool, funny as hell. Rob Markman: He was up here a couple of weeks
ago. Lil Yachty: [inaudible 00:26:10] When I first
met him, he had a tiger. He bought a tiger to my studio, a baby white
tiger, and it was a real tiger, it was so insane, it was a tiger. And he was just there like, Yeah, that’s my
tiger. I was like, Okay. I thought he was cool, I always though NBA
YoungBoy was super cool. He’s super cool to me, because he’s so young
and just so, he’s just, he’s cool with me, you know? Rob Markman: You know, one of the things,
just going back – Lil Yachty: Everybody though, 6IX9INE, 6IX9INE
is such a genuine dude, bro. Man, so genuine and so, he’s doesn’t let,
even though he act like, you know what I’m saying, he might act like he this and he all
that, but he’s so genuine, bro, does not let that shit get to him, bro. Rob Markman: What do you do, because I remember
you had the line when we were talking when we went to go make pizza together, you was
like, Man, I just keep a clean reputation. But, you’re human, you know, obviously, we
see, you know, because [inaudible 00:27:11] we see YoungBoy going through his trials and
tribulations online, we see the troubles that Takashi get into it. Do you guys have those conversations? I feel like you’re a good example for a lot
of your fans, and maybe for rappers. Do you impart wisdom on them or do y’all talk
about these things? Lil Yachty: We haven’t spoke, you know, I
would never jump in anyone’s business, you know? So, me and SIX9INE haven’t, like me and 6IX9INE,
we never spoke on the allegations or anything. It’s just, only thing with him, it’s so unfortunate,
any time I want to do anything with him, people won’t, I wanted to do a sit down with him
yesterday and he showed up before me, he was outside, he was there. He said I’m here [inaudible 00:27:55] 30 minutes
before, I’m ready when you are. I tell them who it is, No, can’t do it. No, we’re not filming him, no. , What? Rob Markman: Who’s stopping you? Lil Yachty: Just different corporate people. I did, what did I do? I did something, I did something, just, it’s
just, it’s … it’s I don’t know, I don’t know, but … Rob Markman: You know, one thing about you
that I’ll say is, you do a really good job, you’re a human, you know what I’m saying? And, but you do a really good job of, again,
just controlling what’s put out there. Controlling what surrounds your name. I think you could be a really good example
for up-and-comers, your fans and everything. I feel like you set out to do that. Lil Yachty: Some people don’t want that though,
some people don’t want to be a good image. Some people don’t want to look clean cut,
some people don’t want to be a family looking guy, or not, not even looking, because who’s
to say I look like a family guy, but [crosstalk 00:29:05] Rob Markman: Absolutely not. Lil Yachty: Right. But no one wants, some people don’t want that
clean, some people want you to know they do drugs, they want you to know. I’ve robber, I’ve killed. You know? But that, I mean, to each his own, you know? Because everything, everyone has a lane. Rob Markman: But you don’t make it look corny
neither. You just being on your one, two [crosstalk
00:29:25] Lil Yachty: And I’m thankful for that, because
it can look corny, you know? [inaudible 00:29:29] look like, This dude’s
a lame, he trying to be goody two shoes. You know? But it worked out for me and I think I get
a lot of respect from it. I know I have from OG’s, so, yeah. Rob Markman: You definitely got a lot of respect
from me. I ain’t going to lie, I’ve interviewed a bunch
of artists and I think when we had our first sit down together, man, that was one of my
most fun interviews. Lil Yachty: Y’all made that look good, man. That was a fun interview and y’all didn’t
make me look crazy. Rob Markman: Well because you wasn’t crazy,
there was nothing, you know what I’m saying? There was nothing to do to make you look crazy,
man. Lil Yachty: That was a real good interview. It really let the people see me for me. Rob Markman: And that was the point, man. It was like, you know, I think people thought
they knew about you, your name came up in a lot of headlines, you were the topic of
a lot of conversation, but nobody, or very few, took the time to actually sit down to
have a conversation with you, which is important, you know, [inaudible 00:30:23] like we going
to talk about you, let’s talk with you, first. You know what I’m saying? Man, but not to get too serious man, before
we get out of here, man, I want to have a little fun. There’s a couple of games I want to play with
you. Lil Yachty: I’m with you. Rob Markman: So, this is called for the record,
man. We have this new game that we started, it’s
record break. Lil Yachty: Let’s do it. Rob Markman: I’m just going to ask you rapid
fire questions, every question is about a record and what it means to you. So, all we need is the quick answer for record
break, you ready? The hottest record on Lil Boat 2? Lil Yachty: FWM, well, the hottest, maybe,
BOOM! Oh well 66. Rob Markman: These supposed to be quick answers,
man. Lil Yachty: 66 is what’s going crazy right
now. Rob Markman: You want to be sure to be right? Lil Yachty: Yep. Rob Markman: Okay. What’s the first record you ever bought? Lil Yachty: Kriss Kross, well, with my own
money, My Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kriss Kross was the first record I ever got. Rob Markman: What’s your favorite record of
all time? Lil Yachty: Blonde, Frank Ocean. Rob Markman: Of all time. That just came out, already. Lil Yachty: Yeah, I listen to it every day,
all day. Rob Markman: Amazing. Lil Yachty: But if you’re talking about as
far as like a single. Rob Markman: No, it’s cool record, a record
could be an album, it can be a single, it’s whatever it means to you, you know what I’m
saying? Lil Yachty: Yeah. Rob Markman: What’s a record that you love
that people wouldn’t expect? Lil Yachty: Fix You by Coldplay. Rob Markman: What’s a record that you play
when you want to get in, just get into your feelings? Lil Yachty: That, maybe that Fire and Desire,
Drake, you know what I’m saying? Or that, what’s that song? I just turn on the whole Drake, man, we just
turn on a whole, what album is that? Rob Markman: Was that Views? Lil Yachty: Yep. Turn Views on and go cry. Rob Markman: Very moody album. Lil Yachty: I love being alone. Rob Markman: Cry to Views. What’s your favorite Karaoke record? Lil Yachty: Prototype by Outkast, [inaudible
00:32:30] that one. Rob Markman: Awesome, okay. And for this last one, you can’t pick your
record. Lil Yachty: Okay. Rob Markman: But what’s the hottest record
that’s out right now? Lil Yachty: The hottest record that’s out
right now is probably, to me, if not 6IX9INE, BlocBoy JB. Rob Markman: Look Alive or Rover? Lil Yachty: Look Alive. Rob Markman: Look Alive’s the one with him
and Drake. Lil Yachty: Yeah. Either Look Al- yeah Look Alive, I think. That record is crazy right now. Or Gods Plan, Chico. Rob Markman: So which Drake isn’t Chico, we
got to strike Drake, we can’t be like, none of your records and none of Drake’s records. Lil Yachty: Yeah we can’t, yeah we’re not
using Drake, that’s not fair. That’s not even fair. Rob Markman: Let’s do something else, man. You have a record called That’s Cat. Lil Yachty: Yep, That’s Cat. Rob Markman: What’s the biggest lie somebody
ever told to you? Lil Yachty: Man, I had a best friend, my old
best friend, he used to lie all the time, for no reason. Rob Markman: Like, what’s a lie, what’s an
example of a lie that he told? Lil Yachty: Like, one time, we were going
to buy guns, because buying guns is legal in Atlanta, and for no reason, he was like,
Yeah. Because I had just bought my AK, and he, or
AR, I had just bought my AR not my AK, so I bought my AR and he was like, Yeah, I bought
a AK and they got it there, I bought it already, they’re holding it for me. And we get there and there’s no AK’s there,
and he’s like, I was like, No and then we get, and then he’s like I have one, they’re
shipping it, they have to paint my name on it. He got his name painted on it. Then we get there and he buys a AK, I’m like,
I though you said you bought it. And he’s like, you know, just lying for no
reason. Then, another time, he was like, he was showing
me this design he was like, Yo, I got us chains made. Because everybody got a chain on, everyone
around me has a chain with an anchor, [inaudible 00:34:26] name on the back, you know what
I’m saying? Everybody, I got like, over 30 of them made. Yeah, one day he was like, I got us these
chains made. Chains never came. Lying for, [inaudible 00:34:36] for no reason,
you know what I’m saying? Rob Markman: That’s cat. Lil Yachty: Weird. Rob Markman: So, I wanna play a, play a game
– Lil Yachty: Weird. Rob Markman: I wanna play a game with you
real quick, we’re going to call it That’s Real or That’s Cat. So, I’m just going to throw a statement out
at you, and you going to have to tell me whether that’s real or that’s cat. You ready? Lil Yachty: Let’s do it, cool. Rob Markman: Check this out. After playing Division I ball at Alabama State,
2 Chainz was drafted into the NBA. Lil Yachty: That’s cat. Rob Markman: That’s cat. Lil Yachty: I forgot we went to the same school. I went to Alabama State. Rob Markman: You went to Alabama State too? Lil Yachty: Yeah. Rob Markman: Not at the same time though. Lil Yachty: The fuck? Rob Markman: I’m just saying, I don’t know. Benjamin Button, Benjamin Yachty. Lil Yachty: That would have been crazy. Rob Markman: So, that’s cat, right? Lil Yachty: Yeah, that’s cat. Rob Markman: Chainz slapped on your album,
by the way. Lil Yachty: He did, man. I was so happy, this is so irrelevant, I just
want to tell the story, how I got it. He came, because I been trying to get 2 Chainz
on something, been trying to. There’s two people I was always trying to
get, I was trying to get 2 Chainz and I was trying to get Future. I still haven’t sat down with Future, I still
need a Future verse. And so, 2 Chainz, I was getting my hair braided
in the studio, one night at the studio. Sometimes studio be crazy, our studio be popping. Girls everywhere, all the rappers is up there,
dice going on, everything. So one day it was a, look like a hood cookout,
I’m sitting there getting my hair braided, my hair half unbraided, there’s girl everywhere,
dice everywhere, 2K on the screen, gambling. And 2 Chainz come in, and so he’s working
with Quavo, and we go to the strip club, come back, it’s late, it’s like four, five in the
morning. Quavo fall asleep, I was like, This is my
time. I say Hey, 2 Chainz, got a song for you. And then I played it, and then he did it right
there, and I was like Yes! But I been did it, I did it a long time ago
and I’d been trying to get 2 Chainz, I’d been trying to get 2 Chainz for so long, then he
just walked in and then Quavo fell asleep. I was like [inaudible 00:36:32] Quavo, I said
Yeah, hey 2 Chainz. So yeah, that’s that. What were you talking about though? Rob Markman: Let me find out you knocked Quavo
out just so you [crosstalk 00:36:41] Lil Yachty: I didn’t, man [crosstalk 00:36:42] Rob Markman: You put something in that man
drink. Lil Yachty: He was on some good weed, man,
he was just knocked out. Rob Markman: Alright, so, [inaudible 00:36:47]
back, yeah so Chainz did play at Alabama State, Division I ball, he was not drafted by the
NBA, that’s cat, you are absolutely right. That’s real or that’s cat, Gucci Mane was
the first rapper with a Bart Simpson chain. Lil Yachty: That’s real. Rob Markman: That’s definitely real. Lil Yachty: Of course. Rob Markman: You were the second. Lil Yachty: Of course, I did it because of
him. Rob Markman: That’s awesome. Okay, I got one for you, man. Let’s find out how well you know your team,
man. QC founder Coach K once managed Jay-Z. Lil Yachty: So, let me correct you, QC’s founder
is P. Rob Markman: P, no disrespect, my bad P. You’re
right. Shout out to P. Lil Yachty: So, that’s a fact for you. Rob Markman: We don’t, yeah, that’s cat. Lil Yachty: Say that again, no, what did you
say? Rob Markman: My bad, Lil P we don’t want no
problems, man. Lil Yachty: Got to give him the credit. Rob Markman: Yeah, definitely credit P. So
Coach K once managed Jay-Z. Lil Yachty: No. Rob Markman: So, that’s cat? Lil Yachty: Yeah, it’s cat because I’ve been
with Jay-Z and Coach. They know each other, well, but Jay-Z, Coach
managed Young Jeezy, you know, and Jeezy and Jay were good friends, so I remember him,
he told me many stories, but no, he never managed Jay-Z. Rob Markman: Okay. Lil Yachty: Yeah, I know my game. Rob Markman: That’s real or that’s cat, we’re
going to see. YRN was Migos’s first mix tape. Lil Yachty: No, their first mix tape was No
Label. Rob Markman: Their first mix tape was no label? Lil Yachty: Yeah. No, there might have been one mix tape before
No Label [crosstalk 00:38:26] Rob Markman: You should have just stopped
at no, but go ahead. Lil Yachty: I knew, I knew it was because,
I just, I know YRN’s not their first mix tape because I remember in high school when I first
found out about Migos, like 11th grade. I remember their covers, I remember No Label
1, before No Label 2 which is the fist album, but No Label 1, it was a blue cover and they
all had short dread, Offset had no hair, I remember the cover. And I remember it was on project before that,
I think called The Migos or some hood shit, but I know for a fact that’s not their first
tape. Rob Markman: So, that’s cat? Lil Yachty: Yeah. Did you know that YRN was Young Rich Niggas
originally and then niggas is of course, you know, a bad word, so they changed to Young
Rich Nation? Rob Markman: Absolutely. Lil Yachty: A lot of people don’t know that. YRN originally stood for Rich Young Niggas. Rob Markman: There we go. Last one, man, you have a song called Mase
in ’97, that you did with Carnage. So I’m going to ask you this, that’s real
or that’s cat, in ’97, Mase released his debut album, Harlem World. Lil Yachty: Damn. I don’t know. I’ma say, I wanna, I gotta go listen to that
album, I know that shit probably dumb [inaudible 00:39:35], you know, only song I ever heard
from him is the, you know, the big one. Rob Markman: More money, more problems? Lil Yachty: Mm-mm (negative) Rob Markman: Oh um (singing)? Lil Yachty: Mm-mm (negative), the one that’s
on 2K. Rob Markman: Feels So Good? Lil Yachty: The one that’s on 2K. Rob Markman: He said I only Mase because of
2K. [crosstalk 00:39:57] Lil Yachty: No, that’s not the only reason
I know Mase, but that song, Feels So Good. That’s the only song I ever heard, I got to
go listen to Harlem World. And I just cheated and checked, it was ’96. Oh my God, I’m such a cheater. Rob Markman: Okay, so that’s cat? Lil Yachty: It’s cat but I was going to say
true. Honest opinion, I was going to say it’s true. It is cat but it was ’96, I just checked [crosstalk
00:40:16] Rob Markman: Google not your friend, it was
definitely ’07 [crosstalk 00:40:19] Lil Yachty: Was it? iTunes says ’96. Rob Markman: Got him. Lil Yachty: iTunes says, oh it does say ’97 Rob Markman: Tried to cheat, still fucked
up. Lil Yachty: I tried to look so quick, I tried
to look so quick. Rob Markman: So you was [crosstalk 00:40:29]
though. Lil Yachty: I didn’t know. Rob Markman: You tried to look up [crosstalk
00:40:32] 2K, was really cheating. Lil Yachty: I didn’t know. Rob Markman: You tried to cat me, so no, you
did goof man, four out of five, man. I’m super proud of you. Lil Yachty: And I was going to say true. I’m about to go, it’s all good though, I’m
about to go download the whole Harlem World. Rob Markman: Look, Mase, man, you got another
sale, man. Lil Yachty, man, it’s going to happen. Lil Yachty: On God. People say I look like Mase. Rob Markman: There’s similarity, you know,
I think Mase was a rapper, and I’ll tell you something that a lot of people were upset
with when he came into the game, because he was a fun rapper when everybody wanted to
be serious and I think in a lot of ways, you’re a fun artist when everybody wants you to be
serious, and Mase was like No, I just want to be out here and do this, and make money,
and be with girls and inspire people to smile. And I think you have a lot of them same qualities,
so. Lil Yachty: That man smooth. Bad Boy was too fire. Rob Markman: Until, he’s smooth until he dissed
Cam’ron, not even going to lie, man, he brought out the murder [inaudible 00:41:28] He called
me, that was the day after Thanksgiving, he said, Hey, this Mase. Because he wanted to annotate on Genius, I’m
sorry to ruin your Thanksgiving, but I got this new record that I need your help with. Lil Yachty: That’s how he sound [crosstalk
00:41:41] Rob Markman: That’s exactly how he sound. It was a hard record, so, you know, and I
feel like, again, it’s the same thing with you. I think you’re a nice guy but, you know, I’m
sure pushed to your limits, you – Lil Yachty: I ain’t for the bullshit. Rob Markman: Will rap and knock somebody head
off. Lil Yachty: I aint for the bullshit. But, I don’t, you never know, that could happen,
but I don’t [crosstalk 00:41:59] Rob Markman: You ever think about battling
somebody? Lil Yachty: It’s weird, but I don’t think
I’d back down from it, unless it’s like, a battle rapper. I’d never go up with like Dave East or some
shit, like that’s, if a nigga like, shouts out to Dave East, too, 100%, but if a nigga
like Dace East dissed me, I’m going to take a different route. I’ma get real childish and start trolling,
you know what I’m saying? That’s when I start using jokes and being
funny, and then using the power of the internet and being a teenager against him, because
he’s older and I can just turn the whole teenage world against him. Rob Markman: You just gave Dave East your
whole battle plan. Lil Yachty: I’m just saying, but, shouts out
to Dave East, I see Dave East, it’s all love. I would never see beef between me and Dave
East. Rob Markman: For example, yeah. Lil Yachty: I’m saying if a nigga like him
tried to hit me, like if Joey Badass said some shit about me, I would never say, Joey,
let’s have a rap-off. Rob Markman: I can see you and Joey being
really cool. You guys – Lil Yachty: I’ve met him one time, we took
a picture. He was super cool. I never had a, I want to have a conversation
with Joey Badass, simply off of the strength of I know he feels a certain way about rap
and the state of it right now. Rob Markman: But – Lil Yachty: I’ve seen a bunch of his interviews,
I seen him speak out a lot, and he has his opinion, a strong opinion on how the state
of rap is, and I don’t know if it’s towards me because I’ve met him and it wasn’t no pressure. But, I want to talk with him about it, not
even camera wise, I just want to talk to him because I’m just curious, but, yeah. Rob Markman: Joey’s also not one to hold his
tongue, so I feel like if he felt something about you he would have said. [crosstalk 00:43:34] Lil Yachty: So maybe not even me [crosstalk
00:43:36] but I still, I’m still curious, because he’s super smart. Rob Markman: Y’all should do that, Y’all definitely,
[inaudible 00:43:42] connections, if you ever need help getting together, next time you’re
in New York, man, I can help. [crosstalk 00:43:48] I can just put y’all
in a room or whatever. Lil Yachty: For sure. Rob Markman: You know what I mean? Lil Yachty: Hell yeah. Rob Markman: But, Yachty, man. This special for me, bro. Honestly, there’s a lot of shows out there,
there’s a lot of media on your [inaudible 00:43:58] you going to do a lot of stuff. To come her to Genius, to do the very first
episode of For The Record. Lil Yachty: I feel good, it’s a blessing. Rob Markman: And participating with us. Lil Yachty: I appreciate you for having me. Rob Markman: Oh, it’s all good my brother. Good luck. Lil Boat 2, out now, man, stream it, use the
hashtag Lil Boat 2, and then Lil Boat pop up when you use the hashtag. Lil Yachty: Yeah, a little me, little black
me. We made it. Rob Markman: Alright man, For the Record,
man. First episode, we done, we out. Lil Yachty: Lil Boat. Rob Markman: Aye. What up Geniuses? Today is a very special day, alright? New show alert. You’re now tuned in to For The Record, with
me, Rob Markman, and this the only talk show around where we do a deep dive into music. Seen them other talk shows, you see what they
talk about. It’s none of the bullshit here, alright? We have a man here today, an old friend, a
new old friend, my man Lil Yachty, man. Lil Yachty, man, what up? Lil Yachty: I feel good. I feel great. Rob Markman: Cool, that work? Speaker 3: Yeah. Rob Markman: Another one? Oh, you good? Speaker 3: No, that’s [inaudible 00:44:59]

100 thoughts on “Lil Yachty Breaks Down ‘Lil Boat 2’ | For The Record With Rob Markman

  1. He's just not as creative as he thinks he is .. He had a lane with the first lil boat tape but he tried to go pop with the first album and was trash then this album he just sounded like a generic soundcloud rapper and EVERY feature on this album completely bodied him .. He needs to get back to that nursery rhyme trap shit or he gon fall off cuz what's really the last HIT he had ??

  2. People who are calling Lil Boat 2 trash are the ones who prefer his singing over his rapping and those who are saying Lil Boat 2 is the best album he's got / really good are the ones who prefer his rapping . End of story ( i prefer LB2 )

  3. I liked lil boat and summer songs 2 but for some reason the last good song i like from him was from the d to the a and that was a long time ago. I think his voice just sounds really ugly to me now or something. Trippie redds part and some other features were really the only thing I liked about the album.

  4. The host should sell the show by not trying too hard to sell it. When I get on this show I’ll tell him anyways. Y’all bump my new single “Love Me Now”

  5. I enjoyed the album personally but I do miss the old yachty vibe. The SoundCloud yachty was some else 🔥🔥

  6. He has to be talking about perry when he’s talking about his “old best friend” and honestly yatchy hasn’t been the same since he kinda ditched the sailing team. Him and perry used to make bangers and perry produced a lot of them. 2016 yatchy was the best. the good ole SoundCloud days

  7. Complex sucking his dick, reaching to look for something deep when it's just fun. I love this album because it's a fun, dark, album that's super catchy. It doesn't need to be deep.

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