Likes and Dislikes of our RV | Buying an RV to Live in is TOUGH!

Likes and Dislikes of our RV | Buying an RV to Live in is TOUGH!

Honey,I think we need something more
simplified! Well I think you need your own bathroom! Oh yeah?! Well I think… I
think we need help. 🎶Be Free…🎶 Okay, so as you can see here we can’t agree, we can’t agree
on anything here. No, that’s not true. We actually have the same wants and likes, I
think pretty much. Can you think of anything that we don’t really agree on
here? Oh, well except for going in a class-b van. Probably not gonna happen,
unless we can find a really really spectacular floor plan in a B+. and it’s
not gonna happen probably. We’re doing this video for two reasons, one is
because we’re trying to find something that we like that’s going to help us
live full-time a little more comfortably in different aspects as far as driving
to the everyday living life. The floor plan in this, we don’t feel is as good as
some smaller floor plans that we have seen, so having 40 feet we feel like
we’re getting a little bit cheated however in this plan we do have a much
bigger living room area than some of those other smaller floor plans so it’s
give or take it’s what matters to you the most and then number two maybe we’ll
go over something here that’ll help you decide on
maybe be that one thing that helps you determine what you want to buy so we’re
gonna go through our home here and kind of go over some things what we do and
don’t like and and possibly share a few things that we’ve added as well that may
be an idea for you let’s get started unless unless you want to do the
rock-paper-scissors one more time we can arm-wrestle the passenger-side this part
of the seat catches right under here and I have power studying on the lowest
studying that will go it’s still it’s too high and then what about the armrest
do you ever want like this armrest over here goes up and down but the one on the
other side doesn’t and sometimes I’ve noticed that yeah with the driver’s seat
it’s something small but it’s annoying especially when I’m sitting here
actually working that left arm rest kind of gets in the road but that’s not a big
deal the navigation of the radio you would
like something more up-to-date yeah for the most part yeah this little table
that we have another video about you might want to check that out it’s a
little modification I made to this table that I got it at Walmart and I know this
really doesn’t have anything to do with our floor plan right now but I can use
it here and I it has like two settings for this but it really made my hands
more craft so I put a couple more settings in there so the keyboard would
be out on my laptop would be a better angle and you can use this for a table
you can raise this up and down higher and sometimes say this chair or I’ll
bring it over to the front up there and use it as a little side table then lady
bring it back here and use it for a little in tape putting our drinks on
when we’re watching movies or whatever which
don’t get a lot of time to do that so with this floorplan
that chair up front was in this little hole which is kind of strange because I
remember when we first bought this we are sitting back here watching TV used
to have a cramp neck because I’d always sit over here and this table the bottom
feed has little little discs there that lock into place under this rug here
we’re locking it in when we’re traveling we decided to move the table out here in
the center when we are all set up put that chair over there and get this desk
from Ikea and use it as Michelle’s workstation then I added this keyboard
tray bought it from Amazon attached it to the table and it works great for a
desk fits right in this little hole here what we do like is the opposing slides
it really makes this much bigger living area but the downside to this is the
floor plan back here in the back so one of the things that we don’t like about
the bathrooms is how small it is but we do like the washer the dryer the
stackable it’s not a combo unit however it’s in the bathroom and it takes up a
lot of the space and there’s hardly any vanity by the sink and the shower in the
corner shower and not that large as well so we would like to have a bigger
bathroom I’m in the bathroom yes you are here’s
the washer and dryer which we love as you can see there’s your floor space
kind of gives you a little bit better idea how much floor space there is
corner shower I mean let me do a little wide angle here there we go and then the
small vanity would like a bigger bathroom or the opposing shower now
speaking of the bathroom that reminds me of something we put in here let’s go
back to the front real quick motion detector light so when we opened the
door when we first walk in and gives us a little bit of light in this area or we
had to walk out here with no power or whatever it would kind of light up this
walk area make it a little safer so it looks like this
and we got these at Costco I believe it came in a two pack or three pack but
they take four triple-a batteries what I did is I added one in the
bathroom so I added it back in here so when it’s dark
it comes on so at night if you don’t want to turn any lights on you can’t see
very well if you’re like most people want to turn a light on it’s not a lot
of room but it’s not either not really a big deal cuz you just need room to get
into your bed and that’s pretty much it we didn’t realize how big of a
difference the Sleep Number bed makes and that really makes a huge difference we’re not complaining too much about
that this is my hat 3 course this is Bryant this is some shelving in here
which we can keep like towels and blankets for big deep dresser drawers
and that’s typically where a washer and dryer would usually go is right back
there so we have played around with the idea of making some changes to the floor
plan a little bit but then you’re talking about tearing things up extra
cost of course we got it I mean you’re gonna spend money either way you look at
it but we don’t have the time to do all that I would want to do it myself
and this don’t have the time right now for us I think it might be easier just
to go with something else and try a different different floor plan all
together now the kitchen this is all we have for the counter space this is the
stove area and we’re not using it we have this large area which comes in
handy the sink is the separated sink with the small side and not so big other
side we would like to find like the big farm sink that’s just one and then of
course we need something that I can still do my work at I we don’t like the cow either blinds yeah
right no I’m not she’s lying don’t call me yeah it’s been fine in fact I mean we
hardly ever keep it full to full really the way it is the only thing I think we
would need is the freezer space we really don’t need more refrigerator
space it would be the freezer space yeah because we replace this we had to
replace this fridge since their other one went bad and we opted to go without
the icemaker just to give us a little bit more storage in the freezer and get
our get those little silicone ice cube trays which are space-saving they work
really well and we just use bottled water and fill those up because we don’t
use ice that much anyway only for our margaritas and the other thing is our fluorine this
has a nice ceramic tile in pretty pretty good shape however I’m not a fan of it
it’s this dark color and it shows little spots and things very easily we are so
that’s our dilemma and we’re still having a really hard time trying to
decide what to get and we’re probably more confused after going to the Tampa
RV show because we got to see all those different floor plans that we thought
was gonna help us decide yeah agree sometimes too many to look at it makes
you even more confused right but in in in hindsight it did kind of help some
because once Michelle saw those class-b that was like I shot that idea thanks
for joining us today and we’ll catch you in the next video let’s come don’t
forget to subscribe to our Channel click that little bell and hit that
thumbs up see you next week you

21 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes of our RV | Buying an RV to Live in is TOUGH!

  1. Thank you for the tour of your home. Would be extremely difficult to go from that to a van for sure 🙂 .

  2. I really like the dining table and where you put it. Feels like a home. I’d love a B+ also, but with two dogs, two cats and a sister who will travel a lot with me, 365 days might seem like an eternity. Haha. So, a B+ will be my second home. I’m looking at a Thor Vegas 25.5 to start with.

  3. Thanks for the look in and talk through of your space, how you use it and likes/dislikes. I think that is a conversation that we all have from time to time. We are not full time…. yet….maybe yet… but we are always looking at the next best and greatest rig and floor plan. Thanks again. Good video.

  4. Pretty good video – definitely after your time with this RV – you know what works and doesn’t work when you look to upgrade…. or downgrade if you could ever talk Michelle into it 😃

  5. No it isn't, check out this floorplan then tell me you can't live in this thing…

  6. I like how it seems like Michelle might be enjoying these videos. She used to give you looks (us married guys know the look) while you were filming!

  7. I really like your videos. What is your secret for staying in such good shape living on the road? You both look so fit. Do you belong to a nationwide gym?

  8. ……a simple foot rest is very easy to build……if pressure not relieved from back of leg, sciatica can result…….i know this……🙋‍♀️✝☕

  9. While watching your video a lot of your wants are the same as ours. Check out new mars 4081 Dutch star floor plan. It’s new this year and will probably be added to the ventana line next year. Good sized bathroom. The dinette with shelf works for 2 monitors. Still 40’ like you have but maybe more efficient? It’ll be our next coach if I can wrap my mind around the numbers. My wife will freeway drive it as the tag axle keeps it fairly steady. I know people do live in a B, but that ain’t happening with us

  10. Ahh, just love it! You guys are so adorable and such great and helpful topics!
    (So smart of you to not arm wrestle michelle on camera😉)

    Happy Camping Guys🏕

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