Light-painting at the Great Sand Dunes, Colorado – Tube Stories 1

Light-painting at the Great Sand Dunes, Colorado – Tube Stories 1

We have to hold a tube to make it real for the camera Good point, otherwise it’s just 4 schmucks walking in the desert [Music] Wanna talk about this one ? Kim: We got that on the 2nd night we went to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.
Eric: Yeah, we went there twice. Kim: yeah, we were not quite satisfied with the shots we got from the first night, because we did kind of a mess on the Sand Dunes, it was like super messy Eric: We danced a lot I think !
Kim: Yeah, yeah ! [Music] So, since we did some location scouting the 1st night, you knew exactly where you wanted to go for the next time. asjdhflkasjdhfaskdhjfkajdhfa we have the sunset that will last not very long It’s always good to go at the same place a 2nd night in a row, because you know what to do, everything is clearer We did it twice… well we did in 3 times, but we cannot coun’t the 3rd time because… WE FORGOT THE TUBES !!!!!!!! … we forgot the tubes at the hotel room That’s my fault… So as usual we try to go there early enough, we made sure we did the composition before it got too dark. We had to wait a little because, there was a lot of people in the Sand Dunes,. It’s normal but… it’s just like… GET OUT! Yeah, we had to wait for them to basically get out of the frame. Go away now, little kids, please… Ruining my tube shot ! *lol lol lol* … go away… Now !!! 😛 We waited at the Blue Hour, that’s the best moment to shoot. We had that beautiful glow just over the dune. And, it’s super simple !
I used that T12 clear tube. I inserted a… There is a T12 tube ! And inside that tube, we got orange gel, and the milky… you can use baking paper for that. The star trails that you see are not from the same shot, because this is a one second exposure shot,
like when I swipe behind Kim, it’s just one second. But to get the star trails, it’s half an hour.
I couldn’t ask her to stay there the whole time. Ideally, to get everything in one shot you would keep your subject there, so the light doesn’t go through the subject So, I just merged the two pictures and photoshopped a bit of masking here and there. Super simple. [Music] What you need first is a good flashlight, like this one. It’s a 3 LED 2D economy flashlight.

17 thoughts on “Light-painting at the Great Sand Dunes, Colorado – Tube Stories 1

  1. Great vid and thanks for the explanations! So when do you do the 30 min star trail shot? Before you start tubing? Very cool to see collab with Zach! Did he bring fire?

  2. Hey Eric this is Wong.
    Waiting for Macau video. Hype
    Once again thanks for the extraordinary night with you guys 🙂

  3. ьHello, Eric! I have a question for you. I have been trying to find these tubes for several months (I would gladly have bought it on Amazon at your link, but you do not ship to Russia). Tell me, can we agree with you and you would send me these tubes. (Of course this is not as a gift, I'll pay for everything) thank you very much!

  4. I wanna know about your shadow (your figure, blur) behind the light, behind the tube. Doesn't apperar or you take off on photoshop? Thanks

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