100 thoughts on “Lifeguarding with Casey Neistat and Kevin Hart

  1. 03:22 Casey: "I've been expunged." And lemme tell you, it was not pleasant! It hurt to poop for, like, a week afterward. What? That's not what expunged means? Okay, my bad. Sorry.

  2. My dads a lifeguard. It’s great for me because I’m not very good at swimming even though I go surfing all the time

  3. Why do we instantly become zombified and follow celebrities all the way to their final locations when we see them? LOL

  4. Save meeeeeeeeee KE-

    kevin hart: kakakkakakakkakakaksfbhdbfbbdjxkicjdhhgebtbndjskkxuuxysyhehtbbtkwkqooqoqoidufurebwbdnnxmcmm mznnzbbxbcbcbbcnekieie

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