Lie Detector Test Reveals he is the Real Game Master! (GM Face Reveal) Matt and Rebecca

Lie Detector Test Reveals he is the Real Game Master! (GM Face Reveal) Matt and Rebecca

– Matt is the Game Master. We need to follow him and confront him. – [Daniel] Go go go. He’s gone, he’s gone.
– Where’d she go? Get out, we need to. – [Daniel] Okay, okay come on. – Come on. Matt? Matt. We know you’re the Game Master, Matt. Just come talk to us. Matt! David, He’s gone. Tracking device.
– [Daniel] Oh, here. Maybe he headed off, he’s
in the Game Master clothes, right?
– Yeah yeah yeah yeah. – [Rebecca] Matt!
– Wait. The tracking device is moving again. He must be back at his car. – Okay, so?
– Okay, let’s go follow him. Yeah, let’s go follow him. Come on. – We need to get him and confront him. In case you guys missed it, the Game Master just did a face reveal, and we found out this whole
time, it’s been my husband Matt. I can’t believe this has been going on since we got our cabin. We finally know who the Game Master is, and we are about to go confront him. Come on. He went that way. – [Daniel] There he goes, there he goes. Where’d he go? Where’d he go? – All right Daniel. – [Daniel] OK so, Rebecca,
looks like you can either go straight or go to the right. So you take the right, I’ll go straight. – OK.
– [Daniel] So you go head him off.
– We need to get him. – [Daniel] Yeah, let’s go. – [Rebecca] We know it’s you, Matt. Hey, he’s right there. Daniel! He’s getting away. Daniel! – [Daniel] Got him, got him, got him. Stop Matt, we know it’s you.
– We know it’s you. We’ve been spying on you. So take off the mask. We know it’s you, Matt. – [Daniel] No, no, no, no. – No, Matt. It’s you. – I can explain. – [Daniel] What? – Uh, that you’s the Game Master? Or the flowers that you gave to somebody? – I mean, it’ll make sense, guys.
– Not to me. Those weren’t to me. We were spying on you. We know all about it. – [Daniel] Okay, okay, let’s– – And that you’re
working for the Red Hood? – [Daniel] Let’s save it. – Seriously?
– [Daniel] Rebecca, Rebecca. Let’s get him to the safe house. – What, why? – [Daniel] Let’s take
it to the safe house. – I don’t trust him. – [Daniel] Come on. – I’ll go back to the safe house, and we’ll explain everything. – [Daniel] Rebecca, come on. We have to do this. – There’s nothing to say. – [Daniel] We have to know what he knows. We have to find out. – Exactly. – [Daniel] Look he wants to explain, let’s give him a chance, this is Matt. – Yeah, exactly. I thought I knew who he was. Matt hasn’t been acting
like himself all week. – [Daniel] Well, let’s question him. Matt, why don’t you
empty your pockets first. – Okay. – Your phone. – Phone. – [Daniel] Yeah, you’ve
been using that all week. – Yeah you didn’t even let us
go through your camera roll. – Don’t worry. You don’t need to.
– And you lost the challenge. – [Daniel] Gloves.
– Gloves. That’s it. – [Daniel] Really, that’s it? – Yeah. – [Daniel] Come on, there’s gotta be more. Rebecca, yeah, find out. – You’re lying. Why do you keep lying?
– [Daniel] What do you have? What do you have? – What is this? – [Daniel] That’s the other gadget. The one I couldn’t find. The voice changer. – Why do you have his thing? Why are you laughing? – I mean, it’s kinda funny, a little bit, when you hear the whole story. – [Daniel] What?
– It’s not funny at all. – Okay, it’ll be, save and record, and change voice. So, like, we need to– – [Voice On Tape] I am
the real Game Master. – Oh gosh, no no no. – [Daniel] You’re the real game master, that’s what he just said! No, have you been doing
this to us this whole time? – [Daniel] Okay, okay, Have a seat, have a seat, have a seat. Come on. Let’s sit down. Let’s talk about this.
– What? – [Daniel] Come on. – You’re the Game master, Matt. Or you just said it on here. – How do you know that’s my voice? You don’t know that’s my voice, though. – [Daniel] It sounds just like you. – It doesn’t, it sounds like a different. – [Voice Sped Up On Tape]
I am the Game Master. – See, that doesn’t sound like me. – [Voice On Tape] I am
the real Game Master. – Matt, that is you!
– [Daniel] That is your voice. – My voice does not sound like that. – [Rebecca] That’s you. – [Daniel] That’s you!
– No. – Why are you laughing?
– It’s a voice changer. Somebody did that on
there, like, that’s not… – [Daniel] No, this is you recording your voice.
– Matt, that is definitely you. I have been married to you. We’ve been, like, that is your voice. – Look guys, we have all
the information we need. We have it all, okay. – [Daniel] Who is it? Now he’s changing his voice
like “I don’t understand” – I agree. – Guys, no, there’s
something big going on. – I agree. – No!
– He’s definitely the Game Master. You guys, comment below if you think he’s the real game master. – Listen, wait, there’s
so much information we have
– okay, I think what we’re gonna have to do. – Yeah. – Is we’re gonna have to
give him a lie detector test. – I agree.
– The secret meeting. The secret meeting, did you hear it? – [Daniel] I don’t know. He’s not making sense. He’s saying all these random things. – Yeah. – I think we need to give
him the lie detector mixture. – The mixture? – Yeah. – [Daniel] Before we start this, Rebecca, let me talk to you real quick, but Matt stay there. – This is keeping an eye on you. – Another camera? – Yeah. Come on, come on. – [Daniel] I don’t know,
like what do you wanna? – I mean, I wanna ask
him about the flowers. – [Daniel] Yeah. – Okay guys, I know this looks really bad, but I found some information
out at the secret meeting– – [Daniel] Okay. – They’re coming back. – [Daniel] Here, hold the camera. – You’ll understand, listen. – [Rebecca] Matt, no. – Guys, give me a thumbs up right now. – [Rebecca] No, no one’s gonna give you a thumbs up right now. Come on. – [Daniel] Here we go. Just drink. – Look it, I’ll drink it myself, okay? If this is what it takes.
– [Daniel] You’ll drink it yourself? – [Rebecca] Yeah? Drink all of it. – Like in one– that’s a lot. You guys know what this does.
– [Rebecca] It doesn’t matter. – [Daniel] We have to know. – [Rebecca] If you’re telling the truth, then just drink it all,
you have nothing to hide. – Okay, fine. – [Rebecca] Drink it all. – [Daniel] Whoa! – It’s good, it actually
tastes pretty good. – [Daniel] Great, got it. That should be taking effect right now. It’s time to question you. – Okay, so we’re gonna start off with three baseline questions. You guys know that we’ve had a lie detector professional come in. We just had him take the mixture, but I know that you have to
ask three baseline questions. I’m gonna ask him now. The first one is, are
you married to your wife, Rebecca Zamolo? – Yep. That’s my wife, right
there, Rebecca Zamolo. – [Daniel] Okay, that
was a pretty easy one. That was right. – Second one, are you
wearing black clothes? – Yep. – [Daniel] Okay, that’s right. – These are super comfortable sweatpants. – [Daniel] Huh, nice. – It’s nice. I also have a mask I made. – Okay. – [Daniel] Whoa, you hear that? – What, you made? What do you mean you made it? – [Daniel] Okay, third, third
baseline, third baseline. – Okay, third baseline question is: are you wearing a wedding ring? – It’s on my finger. – [Daniel] Okay. Oh! Okay, that’s right,
three, he’s good to go. – Okay. – Let’s start the real lie detector test. First question: did you
record, on the voice recorder, that you are the Game Master? – Yep. – Yes? – Yeah, that was me. – [Rebecca] Because he is the Game Master. – Right, okay, well that’s
an obvious question, then. Are you the Game Master? – The Red Hood thinks I am. – What does that mean? – [Rebecca] Yeah, so do we,
we think you are too, Matt. – Well, then why are you
pretending to be the Game Master? – Information. – Information? – Wait, so you’re trying
to get information? – [Rebecca] Yeah. – Yep. We’re all tryna get information right now. – What does that? – [Rebecca] Why are you
being so, like, secretive? – Yeah.
– [Rebecca] Like just say it. – I’m answering questions
with truth, not lies. – Why are you, then, pretending
to be the Game Master? – We knew the Game Master
wasn’t gonna show his face, and somebody had to to stop the Red Hood. – [Rebecca] So you’re saying you’re not the real Game Master,
but you did a face reveal to pretend you’re the Game Master? – That seems pretty elaborate. There’s gotta be more behind this. – So you say that you are doing this to help the Game Master, does the Game Master
know you’re doing this? – Now he does. – [Daniel] Well, we are filming it, so. – Yeah, okay. This doesn’t make sense, though, if you’re actually doing
this for the Game Master, by doing a face reveal,
you are giving away the Game Master’s power to the Red Hood. Now she thinks she has the ultimate power! – But does she? – [Daniel] That’s true,
you’ve got a point. Okay, okay, what other
questions can we ask? We gotta dig deeper. – Can I ask a question really quick, since you’re my husband, why wouldn’t you tell Daniel
and I if you had this plan? Why would you keep it a secret from us? – It was safer to do this on my own. – No it’s not! It’s not safer, like we can help you, we’re all part of the Game Master Network, all of them are part of
the Game Master Network. So it’s really shady what you’ve done. – I didn’t know who was
hypnotized or who wasn’t. – [Daniel] What? – We’re not hypnotized,
you, okay, next question. Speaking of hypnotize, are you working with Kurt Hugo Schneider? – Yes. – Is Kurt working for the Red Hood? – Yes. – So you’re part of the quadrant! – [Daniel] You’re working
for the Red Hood, then! – Yeah, you are working for the Red Hood, you are part of the quadrant. – No, you guys don’t understand. – [Daniel] You just said,
you’re working for Kurt, Kurt’s working for the Red Hood, you’re working for the Red Hood! – We heard you in the
Red Room talking to Kurt about the secret meeting. – [Daniel] Yeah. – You guys heard the whole conversation? – Yeah, we came in!
– [Daniel] Yeah, we walked in, we heard it all. – We were spying on you guys. – Wait, what’d you hear? – [Daniel] We heard that he could help you get close to the Red Hood, which, you’re getting close to her now! – Yeah. – Wait, you didn’t hear
the whole conversation. – What do you mean, yeah, yeah we did! – [Daniel] What, what’d we miss? – [Matt] Fine, what did you have in mind? – [Kurt] You need to be the Game Master and meet with the Red Hood. – [Matt] I, I can’t do that! – [Kurt] You totally can,
and I know the Red Hood, I can help you out with that. – [Matt] Are you sure? – [Kurt] Totally sure. You can do this. – What? – [Daniel] Oh, okay. – So if Kurt was helping you, what was he helping you do
at the Museum of Illusions? – [Daniel] Right, yes.
– Yeah. – You guys were there? – [Daniel] Yeah, we were there. – Yeah, we were spying on
you, I was in disguise. – [Daniel] Yeah, we were
working with Jordan Matters, and he was helping us
– Yeah. – [Daniel] Take photos of
you, we were spying on you. – We have proof of all of it. – No.
– [Daniel] I mean, Becca was right next to you the whole time! – Yep, yes I was.
– No way. – Look. I was in that room, I was
in that room, I was in– – In the bubble? – Yep, I was in all of them! – [Daniel] And the green room. – I’ll be honest that’s pretty impressive. – Well, we had no choice,
Matt, we didn’t trust you. – [Daniel] We had to follow you and find out what was going on. – Well, I had to figure
out all of the information, all of these clues inside there, so I could figure out where
the secret meeting was. – Oh, so that’s why Kurt sent you there, because they planted some clues there? – Exactly, yeah. – So you both knew about
the secret meeting. – Well, we knew there was one. But I didn’t know it
was gonna be that day. It kinda happened really fast.
– [Daniel] And the time. – That makes more sense, right? – [Daniel] Kind of, but… – Mm, I dunno, the Zam
Fam has been commenting and messaging me that you have
been acting very suspicious, and we’ve been spying on you, but there’s one thing that
I’m actually very upset about, and I don’t know how you’re gonna come up with an excuse for this,
but I have to ask you. So, we saw you get
flowers at a flower shop and then take them somewhere. They were red roses and
you dropped them off. – Exactly. – And they weren’t for me, your wife. You gave them to someone
else, are you cheating on me? – [Daniel] Yeah, who did
you give those flowers to? – What is that for, Matt? Why are, why do you have that face? – I mean, guys, comeon. – What? – [Daniel] Come on, explain yourself. – Yeah, come on, I never,
I was waiting for flowers, and I never got them. – Inside those flowers was
something that was hidden. I had to go to that specific flower shop because there was a sleeping
cloud inside of the bouquet. – [Daniel] What? I delivered it to a specific location which was supposed to be a
secret hideout for the quadrant. – [Daniel] So you
delivered a sleeping cloud to the quadrant hideout? – We had to make sure that nobody else was gonna be at that secret meeting. – So right now, I wanna
know what you guys think, do you believe Matt? Do you think he’s telling the truth? – Wait, how long were
you guys following me, was it like 24 hours, 48 hours? – 24 pretty much. – Probably 24, maybe a little bit more. – Well, okay, before we get
to that meeting, I wanna know, what were you doing at
Michael’s of all places? You’re not a DIY guy, are you? – Yeah! You always trty to get
out of going to Michael’s when I want to go there
for getting slime supplies, like why would you go there on your own? – I know, there’s still
a ton of slime supplies, but I did go in there
for a specific reason which I already told you guys. – [Daniel] Why? – I had to make the mask. – All right, so I’m just
getting to Michael’s right now. I need to replicate the Game Master mask and become the Game Master. You heard Kurt, I need to
become the Game Master. No. Okay, I think I got something here, look it had this mask
right here that I can use, and I could actually just paint on, I think the new Game Master mask. Draw it on, I guess? I don’t know, is this working? Okay. This is really stressful,
I’m not that good at DIY, so. It’s not getting that good guys. I don’t know if it’s gonna work. What do you think? You see that? – [Daniel] You had to make the mask? – I told you guys!
– You made this mask? – [Daniel] Wait, lemme see. What? Oh, Rebecca, that doesn’t
look very good at all. – I’m not a good drawer. – This isn’t the Game Master mask. Where is the real Game Master
mask, Matt, this is so bad. – Well obviously I’m not
the real Game Master, otherwise I would have the mask. – How did the Red Hood not notice? – [Daniel] Exactly. – You guys didn’t notice as well! – [Daniel] Well, we were
a little further away, but the Red Hood, you were
right in front of her! – I dunno, maybe the
Red Hood knew, I dunno. I’m pretty sure I tricked her, though. – You guys, that’s definitely
not the Game Master’s mask. Comment if you think it is or not. So you guys were at the secret
meeting with the Red Hood? – [Daniel] Exactly, and
we overheard everything. – Okay, did you see everything? – [Daniel] Yeah, we filmed it.
– Yeah, we saw you as the Game Master
talking to the Red Hood. – No, no, no, did you see everything? – [Daniel] I dunno, what
are you talking about, then, what do you mean? – Yeah, just say what you mean. – Don’t you remember the
Red Hood was really tall? – Yeah, we saw during, remember, Rebecca, during E2, when they walked next to Kurt? – Yeah, exactly, possibly Q. – Well this one was
standing on something again. – [Daniel] What? – Did you not see that? – [Daniel] Well, I’d have
to review the footage, but– – I filmed everything on my side. – You did?
– Yeah. – Okay, well let’s take a look at it. – Wish me luck guys. This is not a good idea. – [Red Hood] We knew you would
finally do a face reveal. – Now we know it might
be more than one person. Everybody’s been saying it’s
been like a YouTube couple, or two people. I think it might be. – [Daniel] Red Hoods! – Red Hoods, yup. – Red Hoods, so there’s two of them. – Plus, they kept on saying
we, everything was like we. – So there’s two Red Hoods, and if there’s one tall
one and one short one then you just confirmed
that at the meeting. – Yup, exactly. – [Daniel] This is a lot of information. – Yeah, what, what do you guys think, who do you think the Red Hoods are? I didn’t even think about that,
we, we means two, or more! – [Daniel] Or more, it
could be more, who knows? – Yeah, it could be a lot. Also about the date, you
guys heard about the date, isn’t that crazy? – [Daniel] The date? – Yeah. – We didn’t hear any date. – [Daniel] What are you talking about? – Were you guys even at the meeting? – [Daniel] We were right there. – Yes, yes, Zam Fam, you guys know we were at the meetings fine. – [Daniel] Do you remember, did you hear– – This is why I came,
this is why I was there– – [Daniel] I threw, I threw
a listening device near you, did you hear that? – It was– – No, it just sounded like somebody threw a rock at
some point, I was just like– – [Daniel] That was the listening device! – No, that was the– – Oh my God. – The rock spy gadget? – [Daniel] Yeah, it was a rock spy gadget. – It looks like a rock, but it’s actually a listening device, so we could
hear the whole conversation. What are you saying, what
date are you talking about? E3? – No, it was something like
July tenth to the thirteenth or something like that, I, it was the new date. – [Red Hood] Now you can’t stop Project V on July ten to thirteen. – I don’t know, a lot of stuff happened. Right after that, you
guys started chasing me. – [Daniel] Rebecca,
remember the game master? He said that there was
something bigger coming. – Yeah, there’s something
bigger coming than E3. – So E3 was a decoy, what
are they calling this thing? – The Red Hood is planning something huge. They kept on saying
something V, like Operation V or Project V, or… – What, like the letter V? – V, like something like
V, yeah, I mean I dunno. – You guys, comment below if you know what July tenth through the thirteenth is. I know there’s something going on, but shout out to you guys
in the Game Master Network that scored 100% on the last quiz, and shout out to you
guys that have tagged us and gotten our merch. Link is in the description for
both of those, so get those. Oh, guys, I know what’s
happening July 10-13. July 10-13 is–

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