LET’S GO LUNA! | Kathputli Puppets | PBS KIDS

Don’t forget what really makes
the performances great, the music! This here is a large
drum called a Dholak! I play it to create the
music and beat for the show. Sunil, make the Kathputli dance so I can show how wonderful
the Dholak sounds! All right, all right. Now, watch closely. I use this small reed instrument called the Boli to
makes the puppets talk. (Boli squeaking) And I move the
puppets with my hands! (Boli squeaking)
(rhythmic Dholak music) Wow, that’s amazing! The puppets are beautiful
and so is the music! I’ve never seen
anything like it! That’s it! I know how to get Andy
and Carmen to make up! These Kathputli puppet shows
use both art and music, right? If Carmen and Andy see all this, they’ll have to love
it and stop fighting! And we can make the puppet
show about their big fight. When they see it,
they’ll realize fighting doesn’t solve anything! But where can we
possibly find puppets that look like Andy and Carmen? Sunil and Anita:
We can help with that! Really? Great! Thank you! This will be the best Kathputli
show anyone’s ever seen!

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