Let’s fold an Origami Happy-flower-star (by Alexander Kurth) Tutorial

Hi crazy folders^^ While waiting for the dwarf detail video… …today another little video Because I need more time for the dwarf video I have already the base for the dwarf and will start folding But it’ll take a while. So today the tutorial for my happy-flower-star It’s quiet easy and I’ll show you how to fold it NOW! xD You need a paper strip 1:18 That mean the strip is one part wide… and 18 parts long My paper is 4cm wide and according to that 72cm long Also you need scissors Do not worry. It is just there to cut off the ends Because it’s easier than get the exact length at the beginning So let’s start First fold the strip NOT in half. Leave about one part (the wide) Then make a crease Open it again Now fold the two top edges to the crease you just made You can leave a very narrow part between the edges So you can fold the next step easier Now fold it in half Fold the right edge to this edge Again leave a very narrow part between the edges Fold it to the top Turn over and repeat it on the other side Fold the this edge to that edge and fold it in half again and so on… fold edge to edge only valley-folds at the end you have two remaining parts cut off this two parts you should have a zick-zack fan Now you can open the triangle to the right Swivel the top layer to the left So that the crease is in a right angle to the top line than flatten it So now you can open it a bit Open the layer from the right triangle You can put the right part over the left part and close the triangle again You can also put the left triange in the right pocket. But it’s easier to open the pocket

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