Let’s fold an origami cobra (by Alexander Kurth) Tutorial

Let’s fold an origami cobra (by Alexander Kurth) Tutorial

Hi crazy folders! A new year and a new tutorial! It’s for my black cobra What you need is a paper strip 1/20 I think the best size is 5x100cm but you can use a bigger size to practice the model I use a bigger size because then you can see better what I fold but a smaller size can shaped very much better So.. this strip is 8x100cm and it’ll be a short snake. I have no longer paper Let’s start. There are no subtitles while folding because I think you can understand it without them. Please comment if you don’t understand a step. That’s it 🙂 Now you can shape it with water or mc You can see my snake is short because the paper isn’t 1/20. If you want a longer snake you have to choose a longer strip or less wider strip. But you can also fold a short snake if you like it 🙂 So I hope you like the cobra and you understand the instructions. The first person who fold this cobra and show me a picture of it can wish a tutorial of one of my models 😉 That’s it. Somebody ask me if I pick up all my models and if my apartment is totally crammed with it. I think all origami folders know the problem of too much models^^ I have sooo much models that I often give away it or sell them I pick up only the models that I like particularly well I can show it to you… Just take the cam I have two places of my favourite models First my showcase There are… models I like very much the rat by Eric Joisel the alien warrior by Kade Chan the nazgul by Jason Ku the crane by Robert Lang the werewolf by Le Tuan the Oryx by Quentin Trollip the horse by Hoang Tien Quyet The dwarf by Eric Joisel my little red riding hood the cock by Eric Joisel an Ancient Dragon (Satoshi Kamiya) but it’s not such a good one^^ the lion by Satoshi Kamiya a little elephant by Federico Scalambra 🙂 He gave it to me in Weimar the pincher by Ares Alanya and the chocobo by Andrey Ermakov And then my shelf there is my dove of peace and my “elegance” geese a bison by Dinh Tuong Giang here is my shelf with my new wet folded models mother with child “I am olways around you” “a glance into heaven” “belong to each other” a little study by Dinh Truong Giang (he gave it to me ain Weimar) and the feather pen by Hoang Tien Quyet so here is “a dreamy kiss” the Jerboa by Tran Trung Hieu aaand roses by Vinh Truong 🙂 (they are beautiful :P) so that’s it 🙂 and as I said I collect only the ones I like particularly well 😉 my favorite models change constantly so hope you like the video. Have a nice day and see you 😉

45 thoughts on “Let’s fold an origami cobra (by Alexander Kurth) Tutorial

  1. Zuerst einmal vielen Dank für das Tutorial! hatte es mir ja schon lange gewünscht, jetzt ist es endlich fertig 😀
    Ich nehme an, dass ich der erste bin? wenn ja, dann gibts irgendwann mal meinen wunsch xD
    Mein Versuch: (natürlich muss ich noch üben… und ausserdem war das papier zu kurz, es werden auf jedenfall noch weitere folgen)

  2. @quietmarverick  this is amazing ! thanks
     the lion !! omg ! the lion !! by Master Satoshi !! and all your lovely models !! i will love to try them all !!  thanks for sharing !

  3. Thanks for the tutorials.
    Do you think you can make one of the Nazgul 8.1? I have no luck with it, even after nailing the troublesome step 25-26 🙂

  4. I´m impressed with your models 🙂
    And will try to fold a nice bass for my dwarf, thanks for that tutorial as well. Can you fold any other instrument?

  5. Great model. I made it! Thanks for the tutorial. You're like the one guy on youtube that actually gives tutorials that are challenging. T to the hanks, man

  6. Das hast Du sehr schön gefaltet und ich weiß das es sehr schwierig ist ein Origami Video zu erstellen. Auch Deine gezeigten bzw. gefalteten Figuren sind super.

  7. Hey Alexander! 🙂
    I want to order Kraft Alios paper by nicolas terry, size 50 by 400 cm's, (I want to fold the cobra by Kade Chan too haha) to fold this cobra. Do you think it's a good paper to work with for this model, and kade chan's cobra? If so, should i wet fold with it?
    Thanks again 😉

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