….let me be your guide…..

….let me be your guide…..

Come with me Let me take you around the world Let me take you back in time Even at the beginning of civilization Let me show you the treasures of the West And the treasures of the East Let me show you Old treasures and new treasures Let me show you a world where fantasy is real and fairy tales come to life Let me show you the world of polymer clay Let me show you how you too can create beauty Journey with me Let me be your guide Welcome to my channel

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  1. Hey hey it is Tina here, yes I have lot of the same issues as you.. Go d bless you need hope this does not keep you down all the time I have my days as well. Anyways a question..men … I can not find a thing for men up here like I can for women in polymer clay such as jewelry. Can you see what you can come up with thank you

  2. Thank you so much. All your videos are easy to follow and I enjoy each one. They are entertaining and informative.

  3. Good morning. Thank you very much for your beautiful video I mentioned. You have a wonderful channel. Congratulations. Have a nice Friday
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