LEGO city walkthrough Summer 2015! A 245 sq. ft. layout!

LEGO city walkthrough Summer 2015! A 245 sq. ft. layout!

hey everybody its Jang here with my work
in progress lego city layout have been getting regular updates on sections of
this that have been changed over time but haven’t done a full walkthrough of
the entire city and while so let’s change that now going to start in this
corner with my fire apparatus and fire station which is actually been around
for a good amount of time and surprisingly i still like it I haven’t gotten the desire to change
this up yet I like the color scheme it’s completely detailed on the inside it
holds enough stuff I’m happy with the size and everything
so this is a nice little starting point i guess i also have the fire train back
here and on the shown that going on the way out before on the water tower here
I’ve got the rescue air ambulance however that has no place to land where
my hospital is going to go is currently empty because I’ve taken that entire
base plate to my workspace to actually work on the hospital and finish it
across the street is my custom police station which is also fully detailed on
the inside everything that I’m covering here has its own video if you wanna see
more details not so happy with the look of this one
especially from this side over here just because of the jail section above the
garage just doesn’t look that great a little cut plane also have the police
train over there and then across the street from that is a whole lot of
construction stuff and destruction stuff this particular section has mostly
official lego sets but a little bit of custom stuff in here and this is all
going to be my downtown area this is where my office buildings will be placed
as well as skyscrapers and that’s all just yet to be designed or built it also
for now rather than having just a bunch of empty space of put some stuff there
because stuff looks better than no stuff also going to have to put in my train
station over here which is going to connect between the passenger main line
and the elevator in line but that’s all to come across the street from all this
action is my shopping mall and this I’m still very happy with them this is
my first time I think really seeing it from this side and showing it from this
side with the lights on from above you can see that the light sexually are able
to shine through the huge skylight areas and you can just see some of the the
level detail in there you viewers have made
this my most popular thing that I’ve done . the most popular video on youtube
is the video covering basically a whole tour through this shopping also thank
you very much for all of your support on this i really appreciate it and glad
that all of you who have been able to enjoy this thing because i have also
enjoyed it as well as well I especially enjoyed building and of course and then
across the street from that got a little bit more kind of medium to light
commercial section which right now as my my 1 the pet shop and modular in place
just temporarily there’s also the huts pizza here and the
gem shop the mystic gem shop their customs several more custom buildings to
be put over there and then my shell station with an integrated car wash
which is also detailed on the inside this also has a convenience store that’s
detailed on the inside and there’s also kind of an attached to it was almost
attached a little car repair area over here another of my older builds above that
you can see my elevated train itself for studs wide powered by actual modern lego
power functions and I’m still pretty happy with this this went through a lot
of revisions it’s really tough to get stuff into the space of just for stud
without it looking really ugly and having just everything filled up
completely actually carries passengers so still pretty happy with that back
down on the ground i did put in temporarily the City Square lego store
but that will go away eventually because i already have a larger and better lego
store in my mall and next to that is my organic grocery store this brings us to the far corner of the
tables over here and this is where my planetary defense force base will be
currently there’s nothing there but just so you know some random stuff kind of
strewn about a lot of my troops are out some of the smaller things that have
built our here as well as the the larger supply shuttle and utility shuttle that’s set up there but this all needs
to be built up the only thing that’s really knew since my last update here is
that I finally cut the smaller legs for the table that’s going underneath but
again a ton of building needs to be done here because this is all going to be
connected from bottom to top it all going to have structures on the inside to connect everything will be a lot of
detail and lights and stuff so I’m looking forward to that but it’s yet to
come also got the city 2015 summer space sets
we had a whole video covering that across the street from that got
temporarily the kwik-e-mart because it’s such a cool build and then the lego
jurassic world stuff this is all of the lego jurassic world
boxed sets from that first way for summer 2015 that came out before the
movie and these were put in place fairly quickly we didn’t put a whole lot of effort into
it but did put down some base plates a bunch of rocks and some foliage stuff
just to help kind of make it look a little bit more natural a little bit
across from that I’ve got the summer 2015 lego city deep-sea exploration stuff but
most of that is under the table gotta hold video covering all of this as
well of course and this was intended to be a temporary display plan this long
before the sets came out however I like this stuff i like this theme so much
that it may just hold on to this and even add to it in the future there’s a
possibility that I could do some custom stuff or add some older Lego underwater theme sets as i get
those and review them just for nostalgia sake that brings us back up to the surface
and this gets into the industrial area over here which completely needs to be
built ups very temporary so far as something that will be done later on
down the line and this is kind of a major cargo transfer section where you
can get cargo transfer between ships and trains and trucks and I have custom
cranes set up for that maybe a little bit of warehousing will
be done over here but that that’s that’s an area that I’m going to really enjoy
eventually want to start working I tons of train related stuff in my my liquor
on my layout because i love trains and I’m not going to be taken out trains i’m going to only be adding
trains because i like them so much and given that it’s my layout you know
it’s really important for me to really enjoy this stuff right now I’ve got
mostly custom stuff and some non custom stuff I want to really shift that
towards a hundred percent custom or at least ninety percent custom with all the the rolling stock being custom and all
of the the locomotives being custom but for now you know still got a handful of
things that are actual official lego sets just so much track dissolve actual
9-volt tracks all these can be powered by nine volt motors it’s also compatible with the new power
function stuff this is yet to be developed further but I enjoy it so far
towards the streets from the major train yards got more industrial section that’s
just being built up and this says more custom than non-custom construction
equipment in it for now but this will be built up with a couple of factories and
some other industrial related buildings on a temporary basis i have brought in a
handful of the lego city sets and pieces over here again just to fill space
because it’s better to have something there rather than just nothing at least i think so and then beneath the
table I’ve got the Minecraft display so this
is the nether area over here which was recently completed in version one
probably be expanded later on more upwards and such but it took a ton of
bricks and quite a lot of time and next to that is the overworld section of my
graph which mostly has things from my older lego city that I did I did before this
was previously up on the top level again things are our detailed on the inside
and the other things have individual videos for them even this house has a
basement that’s built into the base of the the hill that it’s built on so you’ve got more stuff that you can
see their kind of a half of a ravine here which includes homer simpson with
his spiderpig spiderpig does whatever a spiderpig does I want to put some minecraft some
minecart track through here but I kind of need to figure out how that’s done so
that’s kind of just a TBD your TBA the Minecraft and regular lego worlds have
finally collided just ever so slightly in the smallest way back behind my zoo another of my older creations and i’m
still decently happy with but this one if I had a chance i would completely
redo them even though i think it looks pretty
decent it’s just it’s kind of a mess just because there’s so much stuff that
I wanted to get into such a small space i mean it’s actually a fairly large
space but in Lego terms he ends up being small when you want to put a lot of
stuff in here I’ve got a combination or your kind of a
mix of custom built brick built animals and some of the molded ones i’ve got
some of the mosaics back there I did shorten the the primate paddock
just a little bit the aviary is just chock full of all
kinds of birds got a gift shop there’s an entomology display back there
but my pride and joy of this is definitely the aquarium section again
with the underwater stuff I just really enjoy the underwater scenes they look so
nice to me so this has all kinds of different
animals in them are in it that it definitely would be incompatible in real
life but fortunately this isn’t real life got a little tube or visitors can go
underneath and have sharks that are that are swimming up over above got you know
we’ll soft coral in there and invertebrates and mammals and fish just
all kinds of things and I really enjoyed this and I hope to be able to expand
this at some point in the future maybe also adding some extra lighting so you
can see it better and that brings us over to the third corner of the layout
got the playground here which is slowly becoming slightly more colorful and i
will become more colorful in the future has yet to be blended back into the new
terrain that’sthat’s here relatively new terrain a little bit of a park section
that needs to be built up a little bit more got the shoreline pretty well
blended in our shoreline recreational area and that’s right next to the small
private marina area with the harbormaster’s office which is also
detailed on the inside this eventually must be outfitted with only custom boats
but right now I still have some non-custom boats in there looks like
three custom three non-custom I need to fix that ratio it needs to be one
hundred percent custom because i really like boats as well and this is all next
to a train line my outer train loop I’ve got to full loops actually
three full loops and this comes up above the water so i can get to the drawbridge
which is a working drawbridge there’s a whole video on this as well that’s
powered by a power functions motor that’s under there is gearing under
there there’s a battery box it’s under there
you can turn the thing on from the outside and everything is closed up so
you don’t see anything any of the wiring or anything i’m pretty happy with that and that brings us to the residential
area as planned before and this is supposed to be all customers residences
but i haven’t had time I haven’t had the time to build customers the residences
so I’ve just put in the official Lego house sets that i have reviewed and it
looks great i think it makes me really happy looking at this end of the world
because it just looks like life it looks like colorful lego life really
happy with this and glad that I decided to allow myself to put on custom stuff
in here because it looks so much better and better than just leaving it all
completely empty and open speaking of empty and open I was left
with enough space to put in the fairground mixers set as well as some of
its components over here this is supposed to be also residential area but
without the residence is built it yet built up yet why not put in some other stuff as well
as the the ferris wheel this was a a viewer request from a whole
lot of viewers to put these two into my city so I’ve actually been able to do it
it’s a rare that i’m able to do that because so much of my space is reserved
like a hundred percent of my space is reserved but i was able to borrow space
temporarily to put these in and I think they look pretty good but
they’re not going to be around for too much longer and look at this this brings us all the
way back to the other corner so this is right where we started you’ve now seen it all well at least on
the surface from the outside still got my lighting setup as well with
the Wi-Fi controlled philips hue lights which allow me to change the mood and
also change to different times of day and night as well which looks really
cool and get towards the the purples and blues that’s just another little extra thing
that I can do to kind of change up how things look at different times there’s a small half table out there in
the middle that I didn’t show that just has the vampire matching on it but
that’s also reserved space one hundred percent of the space that you see here
is either obviously currently in use or already has plans for it so no major
section here is going to be taken out other than just the temporary areas on
the far end where I have only official sets whole series of official sets
that’s just a temporary zone for temporary displays there’s no more room in this room for
more tables so what you see is the size of the city so this is what I have to work with but
obviously there’s still a ton of work to be done and plenty of space to do that
work now continue to do update videos as that work is done and you’ll be able to
see some sneak previews of stuff if you follow me on instagram as well i hope
you’ve enjoyed this little tour thank you very much for watching hope that
you’ll stick around to check out more of my videos that are on the way very soon

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