Legendary Arena – PART 3/3 (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Legendary Arena – PART 3/3 (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome back to this Polymer Clay tutorial. It is part 3 of the Legendary Arena tutorial. I think it will be the most amazing part of these three, so let’s get started! The clay is still warm just coming out of the oven and we will start assembling all the tiny details. And we start with the trophy. I’m using my super glue for that. It’s very fast drying and you can easily just glue all your pieces together. Next is the transparent liquid clay I told a lot about this stuff in the last video in part 2. And these are the tiny flags which will be in the backside of the Legendary Arena. This is pretty difficult to glue all these tiny pieces together, but I think you will make it. Just cutting the liquid clay which will be our waterfall. And the last part I also showed you a different technique if you don’t want to use this liquid clay. Now we are assembling all the flags. This is pretty difficult just because they are so tiny. Okay, now we will glue all the tiny parts onto our arena. We start with the trophy and with the waterfall. So I’m using my glue again the super glue. And also for the trophy. And now this part I was looking forward to, the whole time while creating. I really wanted to see how the liquid clay is floating down. I’m really enjoying that right now and also right in the middle where the river is. I’m using my pointing tool to get the water effect everywhere. And we will put the whole creation into the oven again to get the liquid clay hard. Okay, now just some transparent polish. And I’m asked a lot which kind of transparent polish is that. Well you can’t use just any transparent polish. This is a special one for clay creations. I will include a link in the description. Meanwhile this is acrylic paint. To get some more details to the waterfall. The white makes it bubbling and… You know what I mean. Just setting some more transparent polish and now we will glue all the tiny details onto our tiny world. We start with the red roofs and the flags and also the blue roof. Yeah, and these banners. Yeah, I think they are called banners right looks like. Gluing them to the back side. This is my hand drill. We will use it for all the LED light effects we’re planning on this Legendary Arena. It worked. It wasn’t that hard. Also for the blue building we will dig some kind of a tunnel for the LED lights and also for the red building. And then we will add just some wool for the fire hole. So we just need the tiny piece of wool. Put it into the hole. And I will show you the effect with my mobile phone Yeah it works it looks great. And now also the two upper holes for the red and for blue building. We will place some yellow wool inside so that the light can reflect and it will just look amazing. Also some wool for the waterfall, so this is just white wool. And this is the splash effect! Yeah now these rocks which are flying all around I’m using a sandpaper to get a nice texture and surface of the stones. Just gluing two tiny ones into the river. And now I’m using a very thin wire. Yeah to get this ‘float’ effect. So that it really looks as if they are flying! I had no idea how to… Yeah, how to make it in different way, so this is why I took this wire. I think it’s very, very thin. I don’t know what the thickness is. I will look it up and also include it into the description. Okay, also on the left side. And now step by step we will add also all the other stones. If you like, of course, you can also decide just to go with one or two stones flying around but well I try to get it as near as to the original picture as possible. The first step of the light effect was drilling the holes. And now we will add the led lights to our creation. I am using LED fairy lights. You just need three of them well Well I was looking for a battery operated one. I haven’t found it yet, but well I will still look for one Are you ready? Yeah, it looks great because the wool is somehow glowing and that’s it! Finally after three parts we finished our Legendary Arena. It was the most crazy and complicated creation so far, but I think it was worth all the trying, and I think it really looks nice. If you want to see another tutorial of an arena. I created the training camp it is considered as an arena, check it out. Yeah, I guess that’s it. Thank you all for watching and hope to see you next time. Bye! I’m the training camp! And I’m the training camp of the future! That doesn’t make any sense so we should just go and… Bye!

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  1. Hi, where do you normally get your clay from? Is any type of polymer clay able able to be baked in the oven? I am currently trying to buy clay but it is quite hard to find any :). Is there any brands you recommend?

  2. ¡Me encanta! Una sugerencia es hacer todas las rejas de Clash Royale e hicieras un vídeo de cómo las hiciste todas, yo lo vería entero

  3. Hi Simon, can you please tell me how does your family tolerate you spending so much time making these models?

  4. Hey Clay Claim, big fan of your sculpting work. Some day would you please make a Clay Tutorial for either the Electro Valley arena or the Hog Mountain arena. I really like their in game looks and I know you would get them really accurate looking.

  5. Ты понимаешь по русский??? Если ты прочитаешь это сообщение я хочу что бы ты когда смог,слепит просто летающий остров с водопадов или речкой!!!! Главное чтобы была водаааа

  6. Not too be mean but can you not show the end resolt at the start or end just show it wen you finish the tutorial

  7. No one says anything about the intro… It probably took him hours and hours to make it. Show the intro some love

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