Legendary Arena – PART 1/3 (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Legendary Arena – PART 1/3 (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial! Today we will create the Legendary Arena which won the poll. I also added some kind of a special effect. So, let’s get started! As complicated as the final Legendary Arena looks, I will guide you step by step and we will start pretty easy. This was just size comparison of the Training Camp I created a few weeks ago. And now let’s create the stand. All we need is black clay and my beloved knife for cutting the edges. This is a great technique to get round edges and corners. Okay, now we will mark the area where we will remove some of the black clay because we want to fill in some water, to fill in some blue clay. So I’m using this curved blade. You can also just try with a normal blade, but I highly recommend this tool. I will add a link into the description. Now we will put a thin layer of blue clay into the area where we removed the black clay and now we are about to create these two islands which are floating in the water. When you have a very close look at the Legendary Arena you see this blue island and this red island both from the Blue and from the Red King and well the carpet on both islands is red. So maybe the Blue King was running out of blue carpets. It’s the blood of all the fights in Clash Royale the Two Kings had, I don’t know. We will go on and before I tell more silly stuff, you need some grey clay. And you see what I’m creating right now. These will be the stone tiles of the floor. And I’m using my scalpel to get this pattern on the red carpets. Also on the blue island. We’re adding some more grey clay for more stone tiles. And I’m just using my scalpel. I think it’s the most used tool. Scalpel and the pointing tool maybe. OK! Let me tell you something about the moment when I realized: ‘Oh boy, I have to create a Legendary Arena.’ Well normally I’m creating these polls and after one or two days I check out the results and normally it’s like, well you know that 30% A 40% B and something like that. The Legendary Arena was like. What was it 80%? And I made this poll before I had a look at the Legendary Arena. And I just thought Oh my God, this will be so complicated! And then I started modeling and I really love this kind of process because it is so complicated and you add one piece after another. Feels a bit like playing with Lego. Yeah. Okay back to the creation. Maybe I will just… About the islands: There’s a golden outline. On the red island it is red and golden on top and for the blue island of course now we can use blue clay. And this I’m currently creating, well these are the castle pieces. I think they are called fences. Something like that. You’re welcome to correct me as always just write it in the comments. Yeah, we will make some more grey clay a bit darker right now for these tiny details on the stonework of the fences. I try to get as near to the reference picture I had as possible. Now adding some green for this flower which is growing right there. And I think it looks nice. Okay, some more blue walls for the blue island because there’s a tiny tower. This will be the stone. Solid stone for this tower. We need some brown. I’m mixing a bright brown and the dark brown. but don’t mix it too strong so that you get this nice… …pattern inside. This will be the wooden planks. Okay, some more grey for more fences of the tower. Yeah, normally while creating and I am thinking about how to create the next step and right now while creating the fences I was thinking about how to make this fire ball right in the middle of the tower. Just adding some more details. And while there is a golden outline around this fire hole. Well, we will drill this hole after hardening in the oven. These are just some more details tiny horns and we use silver clay for that. And the tower is finished. We will go on and create the river. The strong flowing river. between the two islands. Using my pointing tool for the texture work and we are even adding some more white for this flowing effect. Okay, now we will go on. We will create the houses which are standing on the two islands. On the red island there are two houses. One of them has a window we are currently creating Looks nice, I think. The other building will be of course behind the first one so you won’t see any details, so we can skip creating another window. And both of these buildings are connected with some kind of a belt. This is a thorn belt. First I didn’t really know what it was when I looked at the picture of the legendary arena, but then it makes sense. It is against the… A defense from the enemies which are trying to climb the building from outside. Now the roof with red clay. Please use a knife for that otherwise it won’t get these nice sharp edges of the roof. So please be careful, always! Even if you are using a scalpel. Okay, now both roofs are finished. We will assemble them and there is also a tiny golden part. It’s the top of both of the roofs. And now we will add some more details. And there’s even a flag on each of these roofs but we will create that later. In part 2. Yeah, I’m pretty sorry. This is the first time one of my videos has more than one part but I guarantee you this was so much of work. I think the whole creation took me about eight or nine hours and so I had to make different parts. Yeah, meanwhile, we create the blue roof. It’s quite different than the one on the red building. There’s also a golden detail, a rope. We will that and now some more wood. This is the brown clay we mixed before and these will be the tiny bridges. We also need some gold for that. By the way you can also go with yellow if you don’t have any gold clay, I know this is hard to get. I will put a link in the description to this gold clay if you want to buy that. For example on Amazon. OK and now this was pretty difficult. We will assemble the first bridge and place it on both islands. Also the other bridge. Okay. That was tough! I use this modeling tool for getting a round shape and now we can place it right in our tiny world. Okay some more details. This will be the connection to the third island we will create in the next part of this tutorial. And there are two chains and this is just a connection part. Some more wood. They are two wooden stands. the backside and then this is the last step for today, we will add some more plants to the blue building. Just some tiny details and that’s it for today. I hope you liked this first part of the tutorial. Check out part 2, it will be uploaded tomorrow. OK I guess that’s it. Thanks for watching and hope to see you tomorrow. Bye!

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