Hello! There is changing of scenery, costume and day! Today is the second day of the festival There is a race of paper boats in the program They want to set a Guinness World Record We must attend There are entertainments: live music and for the family sport You can try canoeing I want to see a lot of interesting things, I’ll go look! Dam, I’ll show you Manually opened, regulate the pressure They will raise the water level and the boat will float I did not say the name of this channel yesterday Leeds-Liverpool passes between these cities I read that 200 years of the channel There are articles here, photos about this channel After live music here there are dances It is a show or a teaching, I do not know Street dances it is super! Do you see the queue there? It can be a water taxi There is a water taxi in all cities with canals These two days are free boats There they talk about the history of this channel And kayaks are free too There are many interesting activities and it’s free. On the banks of the canal for 4 miles 6,43 meters In buildings and on the street events and master classes, concerts A lot of things and I did not even see a half! But we can see planes because the airport is close! I walked and tried to find a building Where they learn to make paper boats Everyone can be a participant They want to drop 250 boats I found this place when they finished I came back and I’ll wait for the boats I missed something interesting junk bath boats We’re here! There’s a line of people This is serious It’s about the Guinness record They register their boatss Everyone gets his number It seems that the wind has spoiled everything Perhaps somewhere they need to get And one of them can be a winner Or just be so much and together.. The main thing this event united many people together They made these boats for two days and today they came here together Excitement and emotions Anyway, it’s great! Let’s give to Leeds Likes for such an entertaining, sporty and interesting program in two days! We were on an attempt at a historic event How it ended will let you know if I find the information We had a great time and saw the life of the English people in another city Lively and intensely Many tourists and other nationalities Did you see the contrast in the buildings? This channel is historical There are old buildings here and historical places And at the same time modern urban buildings It inspires I have to come again By the way, I regularly get a question about the weather in England Here in a day several seasons may change Today is summer and June 25 I’m in a autumn jacket Today I’m cold and yesterday it was hot Early in the morning it can be warm and While you choose clothes after half an hour the weather changes You can wear a fur coat and vice versa The weather is unpredictable There is no point in asking about the weather I’m now shooting a video for you and it can change in a moment And most importantly the weather in a house and in a soul! I wish everyone smiles, warmth and kindness in the soul the sun, the dry summer weather See you soon!

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