8 thoughts on “Leather Stamping Oak Leaves and Acorns – Bruce Cheaney Leathercraft – Saddlemaking – leather craft

  1. This video clip shows you how I bevel around my tooling design and the two tools I use plus the leather maul. Thanks for taking your time to watch this. I have one lined up in few days. Bruce

  2. Thank you so much, I can finally see why the leather that is left standing has the rather rounded edge… due to your leaning your tool in that direction when you do the beveling. Love it when you put up video's like this. Also my mallet is a bit heavy for my doing the tooling for a long period of time. I think I have to get a smaller mallet… easier to handle for longer periods. Hope you and yours are well and safe, ATB Louise 🙂

  3. Great to see your skill at making these wonderful saddles – thanks for posting. I like the way with only a couple of tools …and a lot of skill…you are able inspire us all!

  4. Mr. Cheaney. Again i am just blown away by the quality of your tooling. Amazing. Kepp it up! Thanks for the video


  5. Here's a dumb question for you? When I bevel around oak leaves as you did then go behind with a back ground stamp, I feel like I am just doubling my work. Can it not just be back ground stamped only? Or beveled after back grounding. If I bevel first it seems when I back ground it that I just took away all my beveling that I had done.
    Many Thanks

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