[Leather Craft] Making a Bucket bag

[Leather Craft] Making a Bucket bag

Hi guys! It’s Hahn Today we’ll gonna make small bucket bag It has one strap ,You can use short and long both way I hope you guys like my video. Shall we start? 🙂 We’ll gonna use 1.0t and 2.0t thickness leather 2.0t for the bottom part, and 1.0t for the others This is Tokonole , I apply only the edge parts Because here is visible area , after stitched Burnishing with a glass Edge burnishing Tip : the number of stitches is equal Stitch lower half side first after glue , stitch upper side as well Assemble lining Glue : Intercom Ecostic 1816b I used snap hook and D-ring for the lock Sand paper : 600 digit Put a 10mm dot snap Hole punch : 10mm diameter Making strap I think we’re done! Thank you for watching!! See you next time!

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  1. So clear. Brilliant video, clearly showing each step. I’ve never inserted a zip nor lined a bag, so this will be my first time. Your stitching is so close to the edge, can you tell me the size and type of pricking iron you are using please? Can you also confirm thickness of leather? Do you list the hardware needed for the project somewhere? Sometime when it is a new project, we need to learn what type of hardware we need to order and from where? Keep up the videos, I’m loving them.

  2. Could you do a video on all the tools/materials you use?? I'd like to get into leather crafting and although I do know the basics, I'd love a video nonetheless!!

  3. Thank you sooooo much for everything… I would really love for you to make an according bag,,, pls pls pls,….. 😟

  4. Gorgeous bag! How did you do the straps? Did you glue and sew two straps together with the ends meeting at different places? Trying to figure out how you'd be able to have a continuous strap while keeping it secure/making sure it doesn't break?

  5. Have been watching your videos with my wife! To say I am impressed is a understatement! I normally make custom belts holsters, and I carve larger pieces of art, ( Korean Dragons ) but that said I hope to try my skills with a couple of your patterns for my wife, I have to say I am excited to challenge myself with the beauty and incredible intricate designs you have! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. 아…무료패턴 놓쳤네요~~이쁜백인데…다음번 작품을 기다려야 겠네요..
    항상 좋은 패턴 감사합니다~
    복받으실 거에요~~~^^

  7. 안녕하세요 이 패턴은무료로 받을수없나요? 무료패턴글에 요 아이는 빠져있어서요

  8. Hi, it will be great and helpful if you could share the list of your tools and materials or maybe brand of them that you are using such as glue, oil, sewing machine or any related tools and materials. I am new to this kind of leather craft thing and really want to know which is a good one that professional use.
    Thank you for such a great video and tutorial!

  9. Как всегда, супер работа. 👏👏👍 Жаль, что не успел скачать выкройку.. Ждем больше новых видео.

  10. hi, based on your template for the strap, is it simply gluing 2 identical strips of leather and skiving the joining edges before saddle stitching down the center?

  11. Precioso su trabajo como siempre maestro Hahns. Me gustaría obtener los patrones. Gracias.

  12. hello Hans could you please tell me if I could still have the pattern for free download? I sent you an email few days ago

  13. Love to finally see a video that shoes pockets in lining on leather! Keep em coming there aren’t many out there

  14. Incredible bag. I hate I missed the pattern. I've yet to make anything with thinner leather. I hope to make something like this one day soon.

  15. 하안님! 미니버킷백 아님 버킷백 만들려고 하는데요. 하안님은 버킷백에 다코타를 미니 버킷백은 상세설명이 없고, 위의 버킷백은 부테로로 만드셨는데.. 다코타랑 부테로를 한번도 사용해본적이 없어서요.(푸에블로, 미네르바, 페링거만 사용해봤음) 둘 중 좀 더 부드러운게 어떤걸까요?

  16. Hola, me encanta este canal, quisiera hacer esos bolsos, siempre los veo, quizás podrías regalar alguno, soy fiel seguidora

  17. 안녕하세요 하안님 항상 좋은작품 감사합니다
    이번에 백이 너무이뻐 여자친구 만들어줄려합니다.
    그래서 패턴을 구입하고싶은데 결재할수가없내요 ㅜ.ㅜ 방법이 없을까요?

  18. 저도 한번 도전해보고 싶어서 몇번째 영상 다시보기 하는 중입니다.  패턴 공유도 감사드립니다.  감사해요!!

  19. Am so interested in learning dis bag design and so many..i dont know if is possible to have a real class….pls i need feed back

  20. So mim inspirando mas criaçoes amei todas as que vi até agora top top top 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  21. Hi Hahns. Is the possible to get the pdf pattern free?. I saw this video the last days and it is wonderfull.
    Thanks from Argentina

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