[Leather Craft] Card wallet / Free PDF pattern

[Leather Craft] Card wallet / Free PDF pattern

Hello guys! Today, We’ll gonna make this red card wallet. Shall we start? 🙂 Stick glue Leather : Dakota Italian vegetable tanned Divider Creaser 3mm hole punch Leather burnishing gum : Tokonole 10mm snap dot button Pricking iron : Diamond shape Leather glue : Intercom ecostick 1816b Flat side stitching awl 420denier nylon thread Sand paper : 100 digit Edge dying We’re done! : ) Thank you for watching!

100 thoughts on “[Leather Craft] Card wallet / Free PDF pattern

  1. Beautiful! Love the elegant simplicity; i have downloaded the pdf, and subscribed. Also want to check out the leather co. Thanks?👍

  2. Bardzo udany projekt , chętnie wykonam taki dla siebie , czy mogę prosić o szablon do tego projektu? Pozdrawiam.

  3. You are a fucking legend my girlfriends birthday is tomoz and I just finished making it and it turns out really good abit tacky because it’s deer leather but it is nice ❤️👍🏻

  4. Приветствую! А подскажите пожалуйста на какой программе вы печатаете лекала ,эскизы????

  5. very nice design. Beauty really lies in simplicity and elegant design. Thank you for sharing. The download on single page worked just fine.

  6. I taught a leather basics class today. You were one of my favorite 4 YouTuber listed to learn from.

    My grandmother turns 100 next week. I believe I'll make her this. Thanks!!

  7. Olá muito linda carteira, que acabamento parabéns gostaria de assistir seus videos mais, você tem? pois estou tentando aprender fazer pelo Youtube, mas estou precisando de moldes para começar, tenho todas as ferramentas, este couro é legítimo ? teria como enviar alguns modelos de carteira para que posso praticar? meu e-mail: [email protected]
    Sou do Brasil – Rio de Janeiro, se puder me enviar te agradeço muito, Fernando Pacheco

  8. The red leather is stunning. Would it be possible to say approximately how thick the leather is in ounces? Thank you so much for doing this fine work – you are a great inspiration for me and my struggling leather working talent.

  9. 와.. 여자친구 카드지갑만들어주고싶어서 찾고있었는데 디자인도 너무좋고 패턴도 주시니 정말 감격이네요.. 만드는과정에 준비물도 너무상세합니다. 구독하고 자주찾아뵙겠습니다. 정말감사해요!🙂

  10. When you transfer the pattern to the skin, you retreat a few millimeters from the pattern. Or it seemed to me?

  11. Great work!
    What did you use to stain and finish the edge? I'm looking for something to finish veg-tanned leather soles. Any recommendations?

  12. 하안님 영상 잘 보았습니다

    역시 깔끔하고 이쁘네요 ㅎㅎ 만들어봐야겠습니다 ㅎㅎ
    연습 많이해보고 저도 잘만들게되먼 다코타로 해봐야겠어요 ㅠ 넘 비싸서… 도꼬로 연습중입니더 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  13. I just discovered your channel and I'm amazed! Do you think you could make a beginner project with instructions?

  14. Это шедеврально. Золотые руки. Что за белая жидкость которой ты мажешь края ?

  15. Hi Hans,
    I am recently in to the craft and i find it very relaxing. It always nice to see people smile after receiving leather made gifts.
    I will like to know what kind of pain is the one you are using for edge finish? Im truing to find it and a link could be helpful. Keep going with good work Hans and best of luck.

  16. Hi. I want to fix one of my bags. What's the product you use at 5minutes 15seconds. And does it finish to a rubbery texture. Thank you.

  17. Damn how wonderful are people! This guy out here just freely handing out his blueprints for these awesome stuff

  18. Esta carte, pequeña la hice para mi esposa pero no me quedo tan igual por el tema de los peines perforador es de en mi país no lo venden, he buscado en páginas de Internet pero no lo venden

  19. Процесс создания карточного кошелька завораживает. Супер.

  20. I do not understand why you draw an additional line on the leather along the outer contour of the picture? (using a compass)

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