Learn to Make Fast and Easy Pinwheels with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star! (Instructional Video)

Learn to Make Fast and Easy Pinwheels with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star! (Instructional Video)

Hi, itís Jenny, from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company. We have another fun tutorial for you today! There was a gal and she came into
our shop and she wanted to make a baby quilt, and she wanted to do pinwheels. And I was
watching her, and all of a sudden that light went on! Usually it goes on in the middle
of the night, but it went on in the daytime today! So, thatís a good thing. Anyway, itís an easy way to make pinwheels.
And Moda, wonderful Moda, is making these fabulous solid colored Charm Packs. So, hereís
how weíre going to make pinwheels fast and easy! Youíre just not going to believe this. So, you take a Charm Pack and you take your
pinwheels and youíre going to put them right sides together. Now normally, when we make
a pinwheel itís made with half-square triangles. What you do is you draw a line and you sew
on either side. We are not going to do that. Donít pay any attention to that. What weíre
going to do is go over to the sewing machine and sew ºî all around the outside edge.
So, letís go do that right now. OK, so here we are at the machine, and weíre
going to sew 1/4î all the way around these two squares. Theyíve been placed right sides
together, and weíre going to sew ºî all the way around the edge. So, here we go. Hereís one side, I know this is going to
crack you up when we do it! Itís so easy! So much fun! Thereís the second side. And
I generally stop just about ºî and pivot. Lift up my foot, leave the needle down, and
pivot. So there, I just turn it and I go. That was
fast and quick and now Iím going to show you how weíre going to have all the pieces
ready for our pinwheel, just like that! So, follow me over to the cutting table. OK,
so here we have our piece thatís sewn together, and weíre going to take our ruler and weíre
going to line it up diagonally, side to side. And weíre just going to go ahead and cut
that and weíre going to leave these together. OK, there we go, take our ruler turn it the
other way, and cut it the other direction. There we go. Now what we get is look at this.
You get all your half-square triangles are perfect, and then, weíll just put it together
as a pinwheel. Letís go press these open so they stay down and you can see what Iím
doing a little better. OK, so what weíre going to do on these is
weíre going to set these seams. Hold our iron down on our pieces. Weíre just going
to set those seams and then weíre going to lift up. When we lift up this corner, this
will put the seam to the dark side. Which is what we want, and we want them all to be
the same. So weíre just going to press on those. Alright, now letís put these together so
they make a pinwheel. All your centers are going to meet. You put opposite colors next
to. This way so here we go. See, how cute that is? Now letís go sew that together. When you sew a pinwheel together itís kind
of best to leave it sitting where you are, so that you can see it because itís real
easy to get confused on a pinwheel. And so you want to make sure that all your triangles
are going in the right direction, and then weíre just
going to take this because itís sitting right here. Weíre going to fold this over, weíre
going to start at this top corner and stitch ºî down, and then weíre going to do that
with the bottom side as well I like to start from this side of the fabric where thereís
no seams that youíre dealing with. Make sure your two diagonal seams nest together. Then
we have these two pieces we kind of chain-pieced. Weíre going to open them up. You can
see how that leaves you enough edge there so that you wonít lose your point. Weíre
going to put these together. Weíll match up our middle seams. Nest them together, fold one of your seams
to one side and one to the other. Then weíre going to sew right down that seam. Now when
you finish these it makes about a 5 Ωî or 6î depending upon the size of your foot square.
And so thatís kind of a nice size for a pinwheel. There we have it! Weíll go press that open
and head back to the table. Iíve been having some fun with this Charm
Pack. This ìLoveî Charm Pack by Amy Butler. Itís got such fun colors in it and I just
keep making pinwheels and making pinwheels. So, you can see how quick and easy this is
and how fun. What a fun little quilt this is going to make.
Literally, this gal put her baby quilt together in one evening. It was just so quick this
way, where you just sew that ºî around the outside, and if you have any concern about
it being cut on the bias. I heard a little tip that if you spray with this ìBest Pressî
and iron it on, that it doesnít stretch at all. I donít seem to have any trouble, but
some people might, and they might be worried about it, but we hope you enjoy this tutorial
from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

100 thoughts on “Learn to Make Fast and Easy Pinwheels with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star! (Instructional Video)

  1. Finally a tool to see in action what the pattern books talk about. Pinwheels were very overwhelming at first but now things make perfect sense. As a beginning quilter having the video has been very helpful. I now have this site on auto play for future reference. Thanks!

  2. The pinwheel tutorial gave me an idea to use up all the charm paks I have collected. I also am in love with the tutorial on 'one seam ' flying geese! I love flying geese but hate seeing the sides to the triangle. Keep the tutorials coming! I'm addicted!

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  13. Hi there, I have a very important question. Just finished my first pinwheel but was cutting the squares out from fqs and want a specific size of pinwheel for a cushion cover. I have cut 6 inch squares but once the pinwheel was made it turned out to be 7 inches (before attaching to other pinwheels). How big do I cut the squares so I can get a 5 inch pinwheel?

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    I'm SO happy I watched your video! BTW, you are a joy to watch! So enthusiastic and so adorable! Thanks again! (I subscribed to your channel!)

  23. Just let all you customers know some information about Missouri star quilt company Sherry, Jenny Fish, and Brandy are very rude to there employees an there new managers have no people skills at all. They have no PPE gear for there employees to were when there top of the ladders nor do they have breaks or lockout tagout on there ladders so there employees won't fall off them from other employees moving the ladder. They almost had a accident when a manager was at the top rack were you can easily fall threw the rack a employee moved the ladder were she couldn't get down. They are also threading workers about an individual that got fired from msqc not to mention there name in the work place or they'll be fired on the spot. They don't follow OSHA standards or procedures a guy told an employee that the very top shelf wasn't safe, but fabric was in the back to go ahead an climb up there an get it but do not call OSHA these people do not care about there employees safety. There store needs to be shut down asap before someone's loved ones are killed are seriously injured. You customers don't realize what really happens behind closed doors that's why I'm doing this so the public can see how msqc in Hamilton no really is. They also don't do anything to certain individuals that talk shit on there employees an run there mouths. There will be another lawsuit being filed this week on msqc for recrimination an for no safety equipment for employees. Thank you very much have a wonderful week an be sure to like this an keep the chain going you customers deserve a better place to visit an buy fabric this'd isn't the place for you.

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  28. This looks much easier to do than other methods I've seen. I've never made a pinwheel quilt before but this looks like something I could do. Thank you for the tutorial.

  29. Hi Jenny, I've made these lovely pinwheels and enjoyed putting it all together however, right now I'm hating quilting it myself, because I'm just learning I'm finding it very stressful as I have a back problem, so I thought I could make it into a duvet cover for my bed by passing the quilting and binding etc using a double sheet as the back. Do you think this will be ok as it will need to be washed more

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    Then today I felt like I hit the Jackpot! I found a blog which includes the size chart for these Unfinished and Finished Blocks! Here is the link(s) to the site: https://www.reddit.com/r/quilting/comments/37jpma/pinwheel_squares_the_easy_way_and_the_chart_for/
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  39. Well, someone needs to say this takes time and coordination. Haha I made a baby quilt and it took me a full day. It was easy to make but I to had to have an example square and a seam ripper the whole time I made it. I worked so hard on it that it might not be given away. 🙂

  40. I miss the days when Jenny did tutorials to teach a technique. Now its all about selling and pushing more and more product for bigger $$$.

  41. I know this video is from 2010. But I just did this today (I watched it yesterday). It was so easy! The first time I had a perfect pinwheel, without a lot of fussing. My only issue is figuring out how big to cut my blocks. I cut a 8" block thinking I would get a 8" block. Nope, I had a perfect 10" block.

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