100 thoughts on “Learn How to Make MAGIC RAINBOW SAND Experiments!

  1. Just realized this was today!!! So fun I love it!!! ♥️ and also on like all my comments I put a heart at the end or somewhere CUZ I LOVE IIIITTTTT!!!

  2. Love this video and you I think you are the best YouTubers ever love ya P.S happy valentine’s Day💓💖💞💗💕💝💝

  3. hi matt and Rebecca I just wanted to say I love you guys so much you make me soo happy when ever I watch one of your vids please never quit youtube P.S you are my slimequeen and king

  4. You guys are the best YouTubers!!Can you guys do a 24 hour overnight challenge I love those!!!Also U love the intro!!!Like if you agree

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