97 thoughts on “Layered Embossing

  1. Jennifer McGuire is the most amazing and creative card maker ever! She’s my FAVORITE and my #1 goto for tips and tricks!
    Thanks Jennifer!!!!!! 💜

  2. What lovely cards Jennifer ! Brilliant colours, they work so well together. Great way to make some backgrounds, also to add the sentiments. Thankyou for sharing them all.

  3. Wow! The colored embossing really pops against the dark bg's. I think my fave is the Kraft, something about that color cardstock with colored embossing is so soft and pretty. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your time and talent always.

  4. I have a whole drawer full of embossing powders that I need to use more often. Thank you for bringing me a video on another way to use them.

    I have given up on Stamptember. I am tired of the items selling out so fast each day. I even ordered a big order the very first day only to find out I did not get any freebies by doing that. I will look thru my altenew stamps and find one that would work well with this technique. God only knows I probably have a few hundred altenew sets to chose from so I should be able to find a good set to try this colored embossing layering with.

    Thanks again for the wonderful ideas!

  5. Thank you Jennifer for all the beautiful cards and tips! I live I South Africa and our choices for craft goodies are really limited and very expensive because of the poor exchange rate but between your and Gina K’s videos and tips I always manage to make beautiful cards even if I have to say so myself😎. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us!❤️

  6. I love the colors on the black background. This will be perfect for Christmas cards with red, green, white and gold too.

  7. Beautiful card! I Love all the different colors of embossing powders. I've never thought of using them like this. Thanks for the idea. You have inspired me once again!

  8. Wow – these cards and backgrounds are amazing! I love the idea of layered embossing. I am definitely going to give this a try!!

  9. Jennifer, I always admire you for your talent, but this cards blew my mind away!!! You are super talented and the way that you teach it and share it is amazing!!! THANK YOU!

  10. To the Godmother of all crafting…You are a creative genius and I really appreciate you sharing knowledge with us.I don"t know if you read the comments, but always know how much you are loved. Thanks.

  11. Wow!!! That's stunning! 🤩 You truly are my favorite Card maker right now (with Kristin Warner hehe). I LOVE your videos, you are so inspiring. My birthday is in two days and you convinced me to buy more embossing powders as a "From Me to Me" gift ! Hehe 🤗💖🦄

  12. My gosh — your mind is a national treasure! Every time your notifications come up I get so excited because I now something great is in store. I’m also a big fan of Brutus Monroe embossing powders along with WOW! and Ranger.. great color variety.

  13. I like them all, but I think my favorite is the last one, where you cut the strips out. Just such a unique look. I love the bright colors you got with the embossing powders. I have some colored powders, but most of them are the American Crafts Zing ones, which seem to be a pretty coarse grind. I've never been especially happy with them. One of those products I invested in before I knew better! 🙁 Anyway, thank you so much for sharing these, Jennifer. Take care, & y'all have a wonderful day! 🙂

  14. That  didn't take you too long.  I always thought you had to heat the stamp immediately after you stamped it on the card.  I like the idea of embossing them all at once and then heat-setting them all at once……beautiful cards…thank you…

  15. Wow…super pretty…I didn't think you could emboss on top of embossing so love the fact that you can and that is turns out sooooo GORGEOUS. I will absolutely be casing this design. Thanks for sharing this technique!

  16. Lovely cards as always 🙂 I have found that the embossing powders go off and don't work after a few years. I have had to throw away a number of embossing powders as they just don't work properly after a while. They don't melt together properly

  17. Jennifer, the cards you showed us how to make today are fabulous! I love learning different techniques. Your talent is amazing and I love watching your videos. Thanks!

  18. So thankfull for this video. I have many embossing powders and coulored cardstock and now I know what do do with it. Jennifer you are the greatest!

  19. Jennifer, these are absolutely stunning. Love this idea. Thanks so much for all the time and help you give. Inspiration 👍🏽

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