LAST TO SINK WINS $10,000 CHALLENGE (DIY BOAT vs Hacker PZ9 Reveals Safe House to Project Zorgo)

LAST TO SINK WINS $10,000 CHALLENGE (DIY BOAT vs Hacker PZ9 Reveals Safe House to Project Zorgo)

– If you guys don’t want me to tell Project Zorgo where you live, then compete in the
last to sink challenge. (upbeat music) – What?
– Oh, but wait, it’s two v two! – Okay, what are the teams? – I call Vy.
– I call Regina. – No, no Chad and Vy
versus Daniel and Regina. – Okay cool. – I have to be with this buffoon? – I don’t wanna be on Regina’s team. I don’t like her anymore. – Wait, wait, wait, what happened? – Yeah, your first round
is gonna be to build a boat out of all this crap I found
out of your safe house. (screaming)
– Hey! (laughing) – Geeze, you could’ve hurt me back here. – As long as one team stays
floating for 30 seconds, then I won’t tell Project Zorgo, okay? I’ll just give you five minutes
to build something quick. – Let’s go. – Okay chad, I’ve got a great idea on building our first boat. This box, right here, is
pretty much a boat already. It just needs to be more stable. – And we’ve got to make
sure there’s no holes in it so the tape will fill all of the holes – So water won’t get in
because, you know, I can’t swim. – I can’t believe PZ9 put
me on a team with you. She’s not as nice of a
lady as you guys think. – Well, Daniel, you’re my
most untrusted colleague. – (gasping) Take it back. – Daniel, stop talking,
we’ve got to get building. You’re wasting our time,
I say we use these logs. I’ve got a game plan ’cause
I’m smarter than you. – Okay, Vy, why are Daniel and
Regina so mad at each other? – I don’t know. – Yeah, they’re fighting
and bickering, they’re mad. – They’re just like little kids. Okay, guys, if you know
what happened between them, let us know in the comments below ’cause we don’t know what happened. – Hey, PZ9. – Get out of here, get out of here! – We’re trying to build a boat here. – (laughing) Tape and cardboard box? – Yeah, you’ll see. – It’s too bad Vy can’t swim,
this is almost dangerous. – PZ9, aren’t you hot in that costume? – Yeah, maybe you should
take your mask off. – Yeah, that sounds
like a good idea, sike! – It’s our boat, we sit on them. – Okay, I like where you’re
going with this horrible idea. (screaming) – Gosh, PZ9, we’re trying to build here. This isn’t fair, you’re
wasting our time, man. – I’ll waste everybody’s time. – I think we have to put something on top of these rolls here. Well, what if we put
like a styrofoam piece on top so it’s nice and comfortable? – Ooh for our tushies? – For our little tushies. – We need some tape. (screaming) – Typical PZ4 being a nuisance. – I’m not a nuisance. – You know, at first, I
thought she had posture issues. But it might be more of a
coordination thing (laughing). – Hey, that’s a little mean, PZ9. – Yeah.
(grunting) – Here I’ll help you out. – Oh, Hey!
– What the heck, get away! Butt, you’re ruining our boat! – I’m just helping, I think
you guys better hurry up you only have a little bit of time left. – Oh, gosh.
– I wanna see the boat that you can build in two minutes. – Yeah, well, too bad I don’t
have a partner (laughing). – [Chad] Yeah, ’cause
you’re so mean to everybody. (screaming) – All right, guys, PZ9 is
so mean and so rude to us. I don’t even know if he knows how to swim. Chad, I think we should try and
like push him into the pool. If we get him all wet, maybe he’ll have to take off his mask. – I don’t know where Regina
went, she just left me. She must be pooping or something. I learned of that about her
a lot, she poops so much. – See, she is a Project Zorgo member. – Exactly, when I left Project
Zorgo, I stopped pooping. – So, like, do you like, do you like. – Spit it out PZ9. – Do you like Regina or
do you like like Regina? – Uh, have you been listening to anything I’ve been saying, PZ9? None of the above, thumbs down for me. – I think we’re good, PZ9. This thing’s gonna float just fine. – Yeah, do you like it? I mean, it’s black like your
heart, soul and your outfit. – Good burn, Vy. – I’m so excited to see this boat float. – Hey, that’s rhyme, you could be a poet, you don’t even know it. – Well I think it’s gonna sink. (laughing) – [PZ9] What kind of challenge is this? Are you playing Row Your
Boat or Tick Tack Toe? – Hey.
– That’s so funny. You’re funny. – Duh, of course, I mean, I
know I’m super funny, gosh. – Here it is. – Uh, guys, I’m not feeling
too good about your boat. – Why is this? – There’s holes in it. – You got four big holes in your boat. – You’re right, Regina. – It’s gonna fill. – It’s your fault. – Let’s get along, get along, okay? You got four holes. – So, what’s the name of
your guys’ this boat here? – How about Totally Tubular? – Hey that’s–
– The boat. – That’s perfect.
– Yeah. – You got tubes.
– Hey, you probably could use a little more tape here though guys. – Hey come on, Chad, what about your boat? I didn’t see yours yet. – Yeah yeah, Vy, Vy where are you? Where’d she go? – Right here. (exclaiming) – [Chad] Cheetos – Do you like my new bathing suit? Hot Cheetos. – Spicy Senorita. – Yes it fits my personality and my favorite snack obviously. – [Chad] Vy let’s show him our boat. And how it’s gonna float with a goat. – Where’s the goat? – He’s coming, he’ll be late. – I wanna see somebody sink, yeah! – Not gonna happen PZ9. – [Daniel] There we go, okay. – Go ahead. – Here Regina can you hold this? – Ew no! – [PZ9] You’re gross! – It’s like old cheese. – All right I’ll get on first Daniel. – [Daniel] Okay, uh oh. – [Chad] Yeah you got this Regina! (screaming) – [Daniel] Oh God! – [PZ9] Oh wow, how embarrassing, fail! (laughing) – [Chad] That didn’t float for one second! – You guys didn’t even have a chance! – Regina what did you do? – There’s holes in this! – There’s holes in your friendship. Now if Chad and Vy’s boat doesn’t float. Well Project Zorgo is gonna
pay you a visit (laughing). – It’s up to us Vy! – Yeah we got to carry the team now. I got to get my trusty
life jacket you guys. (laughing) – That’s right you can’t swim okay. Step one, we are gonna
place this into the pool. Look at that beauty,
I knew it would float. I don’t know, I don’t have
a lot of faith in this box. – Oh my gosh. – Oh shit, okay here
we go, start the timer! – [PZ9] Yeah – Here we go! (screaming) – It’s working, it’s working! Oh my gosh, okay get me out of here! – [PZ9] Are you taking in any water? Oh it’s bone dry! The boat will probably last 60 seconds. But will Vy last that long? – [Chad] Three, two, one. – Yeah! Get me out of here. – Oh shit.
– Oh my. – Yeah! – We did it.
– We did it. – Now, round two is gonna be a relay race! Across the pool.
– Okay. – We need to build a better boat Daniel. – Yeah our boat’s horrible. – I’ll give you another five
minutes to upgrade your boat. – This boat was a
complete piece of garbage. It did not work at all.
– It really was. – PZ9 said it didn’t work because
there’s holes in the boat. Just like there’s holes in our friendship. – If we need to repair the
holes in the boat to work. May be we need to repair
the holes in our friendship. – So you’re saying when there’s holes in things it just doesn’t work out. – Yes except for donuts. – Let’s just be friends for
now and win this challenge. – Oh wow. – Likey? – Yeah I like to see it fail (laughing). – We just taped up all the
seems of these lego blocks so there’s gonna be no holes anywhere. It’s gonna float like a butterfly. – I’m using the clear tape here so it’ll keep the
aesthetic and looking nice. Chad used duct tape
and it’s not very nice. – Mine looks like a bumble
bee, see black and yellow. Float like a butterfly
and sting like a bee. – Wait Chad you mean sting like a Vy. (screaming) – Man I hate holding the camera. – And the camera hates you. – Daniel I have an idea, I
have a secret stash over here. – Your secret stash of what? What is all this stuff? – Floaties. – It’s a Domino’s pizza. – It’s a Domino’s pizza,
you like peperoni? – I’m more of a sausage man. – Blow that boat. (breathing) – I don’t know if I can do this Regina. I don’t have enough air in my body. – But you’re an airhead (laughing). – Hey Regina, what did we just talk about? We’re supposed to be mending
our friendship, okay? No more of that it hurts my feelers. – All right spy ninja’s, while Chad is tapping up his
lego cus he’s kinda slow. I just noticed that PZ9
is over there by the pool. Like what is he doing? He’s just standing there. It is the perfect chance for
me to push him in the pool. He’ll get all wet, even his mask. He’ll have to remove it then
we’ll see his true identity. Let’s do it. (upbeat music) (screaming) – Vy, are you trying to push
me into the pool just now? – No, no, no I was not. I was trying to get your attention to see how much time we have
left into our boat building. No I wasn’t trying to do that. (screaming) – PZ9, you know I can’t swim right? I don’t have my life jacket on right now. Do you wanna now throw
me into the deep end? (laughing) Get away from me. I do not know how to swim. He was gonna throw me in the deep end. I can’t swim, that PZ9
guy is no joke, he’s evil. – I mean you’re obviously using some kind of inflatable for your boat. – We’re just using it to help us. – Okay I just thought you
were using an inflatable to keep your relationship
afloat (laughing). – Hey me and Daniel are
best buds now right? Come on get over here, smile. (clicking) (upbeat music) – This is good. – Hey.
– Hey. – Get off man! – Get off! – You’re gonna pop it. – [PZ9] Yay look at that. – This isn’t a boat, we could
get disqualified for this. So let’s use this as our base and let’s build around the pizza. – Okay Chad, what’s
the game plan right now ’cause we have to go
from shallow to deep end. – I think you should go in first because then I could help
you out, then I’ll jump in and swim to the other
side and then we win. – Okay what if I fall out? Are you going to jump in and help me? – You have your life preserver on. – So does that mean you’re not
going to jump in and help me? – You won’t need it ’cause you’ll have your life preserver on. – But what if I need your help? I want you to go in there and save me. – I will be floating the
boat to the other side winning the challenge. – But I’m in the water in the deep end and you know how afraid I am of water. – But you’ll have your life
preserver on you’ll be fine. – You’re my husband Chad. – That is true. – [Daniel] Why are we doing this Regina? What’s the point of this? – These barriers right
here will protect us. It helps, we won’t fall
off or when PZ9 tries to like hit us with
something we could duck. (screaming) – [Daniel] No! Regina! – Oh man. – I worked so hard on this masterpiece. – Daniel and Regina look at our boat! – Oh man!
– It’s so good. – Vy’s gonna go first,
paddle down and come back. And I’ll jump in and paddle down. – Good luck guys. – Yeah you got this guys. – Now for this challenge,
if none of you guys make it in under 90 seconds
I’m gonna just go ahead and tell Project Zorgo, let’s
keep things interesting. – What?
– You never said that. – Yeah, you keep making up new rules. – [PZ9] My game, my rules. – We built this huge thing,
this is gonna block the water. It’s gonna slow us down, I
didn’t know it was timed. – [PZ9] Ah too bad, so sad. – Let’s go, let’s go! – All right Vy hop on in. – [PZ9] Ha she matches the pond tool. – It’s a pond t (screaming). Oh my gosh. – Are you ready Vy? – Yes I’m ready. – Start the timer. – Come on, come on. – Give me a push. (cheering)
(screaming) – How do I.
– Faster Vy, come on! – There’s no way you can turn. – Oh right turn. – (laughing) Going the wrong way. – [Daniel] Vy you’re gonna hit the edge. Tag him in, tag him in. (screaming) – All right.
– There you go. – To my turn.
– Your turn Chad. – Come on Chad you got this. – Oh my God!
– Oh no Chad! (screaming) – Here we go.
– Here we go! – Go!
– Go faster, you got it. – You can do it Chad. – I can do it, look at me, I’m floating! – [Daniel] You’re doing it. – Look at that, bending your
boat, it’s taking in water. – Look, well, I’m good
at this butterfly stroke! Like I said, float like a
butterfly, sting like a bee. – You know neither of them can
actually live on the water. – [Daniel] Come on Chad. You’re running out of time. – Keep going.
– I’m getting tired. – Come on.
– Keep going Chad. – Watch out for PZ9. – Hey get out of here PZ9!
(laughing) All right Regina and Vy I need your help. – [Daniel] Go, go, go. Yeah!
– Yes, and time. (screaming) – All right, how’s the time? – [Daniel] What was the time POZ9? Did they do it? – Did we pass? – No.
– What? (laughing) – [Daniel] Chad and Vy. – I thought we finished it. – Shoot you guys got to
do it in under 90 seconds or else Project Zorgo is
going to know our address. – If you can do it you guys. – Let’s go.
– We just gonna use our arms. – [Chad] Yes, you got 90
seconds, just like that. – Here it is.
– Our boat. – It’s a pizza boat. – More like pizza crap (laughing). – No it’s not, it’s gonna float just fine. You guys can do it. – Thanks Vy. – What’s the name of this boat? – It’s the Krusty Krab. – Hey it’s got a crust. – It doesn’t make any sense. – Okay I’ll go on first. – [Chad] You can do this Daniel. – Regina I’ll meet you down there. – [Regina] All right, you got this boy. – Start the timer, ready? – [Chad] Give it a nice big kick. – You can do it Daniel. – [Chad] Come on 90 seconds
on the clock, you got this! – Kick, kick!
(shouting) Wow, good speed!
Oh Daniel. – I can’t see anything! – [Chad] You’re almost
there, ten more feet. – You’re going backwards
Daniel you’re going backwards. – [Chad] Yeah switch,
turn around, turn around. – Daniel, you’re gonna get out. – [Chad] Turn around. – How do I get out of here? – Oh my gosh, you deflated it so much. – It’s still good go, go hurry. (screaming) – [Chad] Oh Regina no! Swim Regina, swim. – [Daniel] You can still float, go go go. – [PZ9] Look she’s hanging
on for her dear life. – Come on.
(laughing) – [Chad] Yeah girl, you got this. (screaming) You’re almost there. – You can do it.
– Come on, come on. – Stretch, stretch.
– Daniel help me. – [Chad] You got her, she touched. (screaming) – I mean she fell off, come on. – I fell off but I was hanging
on to my boat it still float. – Yes.
– Wait the challenge is last to sink right? Did Regina sink? – No!
– No! (laughing) – Yeah, what was the time? – Okay, well she did it. (shouting) – Good job Regina. – So you’re not gonna tell Project Zorgo where our safe house is right? – Not just yet, we got one more round. – [Chad] Oh Daniel hold
this camera real quick. – Okay. – PZ9 come here, come here,
we got to show you something. – What is it? – It’s right here in the
pool, see right here? – Oh!
– Oh! (upbeat music) – [Daniel] Oh Chad! – Can you see if you can see his face? – He doesn’t have a mask on! – Get his face. – There he is Daniel. – We got to get his face,
we can show his identity. He won’t tell Project Zorgo our address if we reveal his identity. Vy, what’s he look like? – Are you happy? Is that funny to you guys? Well now that I’m in the water already I have an idea for the third challenge. PZ9 shark attack. (screaming) – Shoot he’s gonna try to eat our boats while we float across. – Okay let’s hurry, let’s hurry. – Hopefully PZ9 does not shark attack us and we both got fit in this thing? – Oh my gosh it’s gonna totally sink. – It’s gonna sink, oh my gosh, Chad. (screaming) – Oh no!
– There, here we go. – Survive the shark attack for 60 seconds. And you know the deal. (upbeat music) – [Daniel] Okay guys keep floating. – We’re sinking, I mean we’re floating. And we’re sinking, I got a hole Daniel. – [Daniel] Oh no, keep
slash for 60 seconds guys. I see him in the water guys. – Oh no! – Where is he?
– He’s coming! – [Daniel] He’s right underneath. – Shark attack! (screaming) – [Daniel] Oh no. – Where did he go? I don’t see him, I think we are safe. He must have gotten scared and swam away. – Vy.
(screaming) – I never seen a shark
with yellow hands before. – Come on guys you can do it. – You got this.
(screaming) – You guys push him back,
time is almost up keep going. – He’s coming, he’s coming. – He’s right there.
– Right there! – [Daniel] Oh no! (upbeat music) (screaming) – Vy I failed. I fell off my boat and I sink. Vy I’ll save you, I’ll save you. – He’s under the boat! – I’ll fight off the shark. I’ll fight off the shark. (screaming) – [Daniel] Uh oh. Oh underwater battle royale! – Oh gosh I’m sorry you guys. I thought we were gonna win for sure. – Me too.
– Yeah. It’s up to you guys now. – Okay.
– We can do this. – We got to do this, where’s Chad? – Okay I’m gonna stay in the
water, I’m gonna make sure you guys stay afloat
during the shark attack. – Okay.
– Get off me. – [Daniel] Okay thanks
Chad, okay ready Regina? – Okay we can do this,
’cause we’re friends again. – We’re friends, yeah let’s do it. – Okay I was kind of worried about that. – Okay.
– We on it. – We’re floating.
– We’re floating. – [Vy] Do you hear that? – There’s a hole in here. – There’s a big hole. – I hear the hole it’s going
pshssss here comes the shark! – Oh no. Did you put a hole in this Regina? – I didn’t put a hole
in, why would I do that? – Chad is right under us. (upbeat music) – I think PZ9 put a hole in our float. – I think he did. – PZ9 get out of here, I gotcha, I gotcha. I got the shark! I got him, I got the shark! – Yes, I see the hole!
– Where? – The hole is right there!
– This? – Yeah, patch it up, patch it up. – Okay, okay, I’m
holding it with my thumb. – All right so far, so good,
I haven’t seen PZ9 for awhile. – He’s right there, go, go, go! – [Daniel] Oh no! (screaming) – We’re almost there Regina. – We’re almost there. – You guys can do it. – [Vy] Come on hurry! – He’s out for the count,
he’s coughing over there. He’s not breathing very well. – Good job Chad. – He doesn’t know how to breath under water like a real shark. (laughing) – [Daniel] Look at him. – Five more seconds left,
four, three, two, one. (screaming) – [Vy] You did it! – We did it! – [Vy] Yeah, kick butt. – Kick butt my face! Project Zorgo will never
find out where we live! – All right guys great job, PZ9 we won. You’re not gonna tell Project
Zorgo where we live right? – Well that’s what I said right? – Yeah.
– But – [Vy] But what?
– I lied. I’m gonna tell him anyways. – [Vy] What? (screaming)

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