LAST TO LEAVE SQUARE WINS iPHONE Challenge – Hacker PZ9 vs CWC vs Daniel for 24 Hours in Backyard

LAST TO LEAVE SQUARE WINS iPHONE Challenge – Hacker PZ9 vs CWC vs Daniel for 24 Hours in Backyard

– PZ9, you took Vy’s cell phone and you’re going to be able to hack Vy’s YouTube channel with it. So, I challenge you to a last to leave the square, challenge. If we win, we get Vy’s phone back. – Otherwise, you know
what I want if I win. – Yeah, we know what you want. You want a shout out to your
stinking YouTube channel. Daniel, get into your
square, the blue square. PZ9, into the green square And me, into the red square. Start the timer! 24 hours, on the clock. Who can survive the longest? – I got to spend 24 hours
next to both of you nitwits? I mean what if you have
to use the bathroom? Or how do you even eat? – If you have to go to the bathroom then I am afraid, you lose. But spy ninjas are always prepared. Daniel and I came prepared
with our backpacks, filled with items that
will help us survive, and will help make you
fall out of your square. – Well I have Project Zorgo training, and I brought my own bag of goodies too. First challenge, Nerf blaster! – [Chad] Oh God! – All you’ve got to do is dodge my shots and not fall out of the square. – That sounds pretty hard! It’s such a small square. – It’s like shooting fish in a barrel! – 3, 2, 1 (suspenseful music) – [Chad] You got this Daniel, come on! (suspenseful music continues) Ah, your square! Oh my gosh! – That’s it? I didn’t pack enough ammo! (menacing laugh) – Chad watch out! – [Chad] Oh no! Daniel, catch the camera! Oh shoot! I’m ready! (suspenseful music) Whoa! (suspenseful music continues) – [Daniel] Stay in the square! – Yeah! He’s out of bullets! – [Daniel] Yes! We did it Chad! – Eat that PZ9! Whoa, look at this Nerf ball! It broke in half. It must have hit my
abs of steel and broke. – [Daniel] Whoa! – I should have brought more ammo! You got lucky, Chad. – Daniel, grab that! – [Daniel] Hmm, okay. Thanks PZ9! – Whatever! You can’t do anything
about it without any ammo. – Check this out Daniel! – That’s not fair! – It’s very fair! Hasta la vista, PZ9. – (laughing) I caught it! There’s no way you can
defeat me now, Chad! (laughing) – Oh yeah? We’ll see about that. (hyped techno music) – I think I hit him like 10 times, Daniel! – [Daniel] Yeah! Horrible dodger. – Daniel, he didn’t
fall out of his square. We’ve got to come up with something better than Nerf blasters. – Well I don’t plan on losing. So leave me alone. I’m
just going to chill. Okay? – PZ9, chill? I’ve never heard of such a thing. He’s always so hyper. – [Daniel] Look at him. – Look at him. He thinks he’s
meditating now or something. – Hey Chad, I’ve got a plan. PZ9 is sitting right there, distracted. What if we slowly make his square smaller and smaller and smaller, without him noticing? – I like that Daniel, but
I don’t think I can reach. I can put one foot out, but
I’m not quite close enough. I’ve got an idea Daniel. As long as we don’t leave our square, we’re good, right? We can slowly move our square closer to PZ9. – Nobody said the square has
to stay in the same place. (suspenseful music) – Okay now we each have a green block – [Daniel] Yep! – Now we’re far enough away. – [Daniel] Hey, PZ9! Wake up! – Refreshed. Whoa – Don’t fall out of your square there. – Yeah, no problem. I’m fully rested, and I’m ready to take on
the rest of the challenge. – Okay. – I can believe he doesn’t
notice we took some blocks. – What are you chit chatting about? C’mon, what’s next? – Oh nothing, PZ9. Just feeling on top of the world! On top of the blocks. – Well I’m feeling
below the- I don’t know. Hey! – [Daniel] What? – You guys stole my bricks! – What are you talking about? – You guys have 16 of your own colors. I only have 14 and
there’s two green bricks. You’re caught green handed! – Are you talking about
these green bricks? – Yeah! The ones that belong in mine! You’re cheating! – We didn’t cheat. We did not leave our square. PZ9, look, there’s a rainbow in the sky. – Wow, you don’t see
that too often over here. – [Chad] You see that Daniel? – [Daniel] Yeah, that’s beautiful! – As you know, I’m a spy
ninja, especially a ninja. Ninjas train with lots of ninja gadgets. I’ve been training with a lasso. Yeah, check this out. – They say there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. – Okay, so I’ve got a loop right here, put this through, I can loop this around PZ9 – It’d be better if there were like a thousand subscribers or something at the end of the rainbow – Just keep- keep on looking at it. – You know a rainbow contains
all of the spectrum of light. – Yep! (screaming) – [Daniel] Pull him! Pull
him out of the circle! – You try to get me out of the square, I’m going to get you out of it first! – Chad your plan is backfiring! (struggling) – [Chad] I almost fell out! – [Daniel] Oh, he’s almost out! He’s almost out! – [Chad] His feet are still in though. – [Daniel] Dang! – It was so close Daniel! – So close, man! – You ruined my back! – Sorry, PZ9, I didn’t
mean to hurt your back. (PZ9 laughing) – [Daniel] What the heck is that thing? – [Chad] What’s on top of your head? – [Daniel] What’s on your head? – [Chad] There’s a black
thing on your head. What is that? – What a spider? (clock ticking) – You know, PZ9, this
challenge could be totally over if you just give us Vy’s phone back. – No chance! – How did you get Vy’s phone anyway, PZ9? We left in, what we
thought, was your apartment. – [PZ9] It was actually just an AirBNB that I rented out, (laughing) and I fooled you all! – Okay, so yeah, Vy left her phone behind in that apartment, and you have it. But big whoop, because
you have to unlock it before you can even do anything with it. – [Daniel] That’s right, its pointless. – You of all people should know how long it takes to hack into an Iphone. – Oh yeah, well Vy has the newest, latest, and greatest Iphone. It scans Vy’s face to unlock it! You don’t have Vy’s face! – It a little difficult, but I’ll get it. – Yeah, there’s nothing
special on there anyways PZ9. – Oh contraire! Upon some of my earlier attempts, I did find something that
might surprise you guys. – Oh really, something
surprising on Vy’s phone, huh? You know what, Daniel? He did send me a picture
that was on Vy’s phone. It was a picture of her
and Daniel, together! – Wait a minute, what? What are you talking about? – [Chad] Inappropriate!
She’s my wife, Daniel She’s not your wife. – What the heck are you
talking about, dude? – Look at the picture
right here. You see that? – Oh! Chad, are you kidding me? You believe this Chad? – Of course not Daniel,
throw me my phone back. – I learned how to use
Photoshop on YouTube in just a few hours! Then I mad that little
masterpiece (laughing.) – Masterpiece? More like piece of poop. – Man its been so long. PZ9, just leave the circle already. – [Chad] Yeah! – I’m getting tired of standing here. – [Chad] Just give up PZ9. – Yeah, you’re sounding a little “hangry!” – Is that hungry and
angry at the same time? – You know what PZ9? I am
feeling a little bit hungry. I’m human, I’ve got to eat 3 times a day. – Contrary to popular
belief, I too am human, and I am quite hungry. – I’m pretty hungry too. Too bad we can’t leave the
square to get some food. – Lets all go right now!
Cmon, I’ll join you guys. – [Chad] Whoa! – Cmon man, we’ll follow you. – [Chad] Yeah, you go first. – You know what? I’ve got an idea. What if we use Postmates? – (screaming) Why don’t
we just use Postmates? That’s a fantastic idea. Isn’t it, Chad? – Where’d you get that bright idea, PZ9? – You know what, it can be your idea, PZ9 but you’ve got to pay for it. – With all the money I’m
going to be getting from all of these new subscribers I’ve gotten? Why not? – Hey PZ9, that’s not
the way YouTube works. You don’t make money off of subscribers. Speaking of new subscribers, we’ve got to make sure
that he does not pass us in subscriber count. So if any of you spy ninjas
aren’t yet subscribed to this channel, look
underneath the video. If you see a red subscribe
button, turn it gray, by clicking on it and making
sure it says subscribed. We shout out a bunch of
our notification ninjas at the end of a lot of videos. So be sure that little
bell symbol is rining. (bell noise) What should we order from Postmates? What should we eat? – You know what Chad?
I’ve got a great idea. Come over here a little bit. PZ9 has a huge fear of
peeing his pants, you know? And we’re trapped in these
squares for a long time he’s going to have to go
to the bathroom eventually. What if we just order a bunch of water? He just drinks and he
drink and he drinks it; he’s going to have to pee! – And to make sure he
drinks all that water, we’ll order some spicy food. – Yes! – Makes him thirsty. It is placed, it should
be here in 15 minutes! I guess we’ll just chillax
until he gets here. Stretch out! – [Daniel] What’s the matter PZ9? You can’t relax like us? – Your square too small? – Ah, shut up! (playful music) – Look who’s coming! – [Daniel] Hey! Postmates! – That took forever! You took too long! – [Chad] Thank you very much – What’d you do, drink all of
the water and eat the chips? – Hey leave him alone PZ9! – We shouldn’t tip him anything, because he’s late. – [Delivery Guy] Is something
wrong with your face? (screaming) – [Daniel] Good one, Postmates dude! – [Delivery Guy] I don’t like this guy. – You can’t talk to me like that. I’m a Project Zorgo member, and a YouTuber. – Project Zorgo kicked you out PZ9. – Ah! – [Delivery Guy] I get
the weirdest customers! – Extra spicy chips, coming your way. – [Daniel] Big ol’ bag. You know what PZ9? You
can eat the whole thing. I don’t really want any of that. – I lost my appetite, but I did get a lot of waters here. One for you, Daniel. One for me. And the rest for you PZ9. – Oh, jackpot! Ice cold! Silly Postmates guy, he
left his bag (laughing). Can you zoom in on this? – [Daniel] Yeah. What are you doing? – It says “Go ahead and flex!” What kind of chips are these? Delicious, extra spicy. – [Daniel] He’s taking off his mask! – Oh, that’s delicious! – [Daniel] Oh, yeah, yeah, dig in! – Hey, you might want
to slow down there PZ9, the spiciness kicks in after a couple. What are you doing now? You dancing? Those chips are so spicy
you’ve got to dance? Look Daniel, he thinks
he’s square dancing. – That’s spicy! – Well if its so spicy, you might need to wash it down with some water. Maybe a lot. – Yeah, I’ve got a lot
of waters to go through. – There he goes, he’s drinking
a full bottle of water right now. – [Daniel] He’s downing the whole thing! That’s it, yeah, keep eating. Or not. – I might as well save some. – He stopped eating the chips, Chad. – It’s okay, if I know PZ9, he gets hungry after like 5 minutes of not eating. So he’ll be eating some more real soon. Look he’s going at it again. – Don’t judge me! – Oh my goodness Daniel,
look at his water collection. They’re all empty! – [Daniel] Oh my gosh! Dang PZ9, you feel like you’ve got to go to the bathroom soon? – No, not yet! – [Chad] Your phones ringing PZ9. – Hold on. Its Regina. – [Daniel & Chad] What? – Regina would never call you PZ9. – Yeah, I don’t believe it for a second. – Well she’s not calling
me, she’s calling Vy. Remember, I’ve got Vy’s phone. – Oh shoot, that’s right. – Regina must have forgot
that PZ9 had Vy’s phone. – [Chad] He’s answering it! – [Daniel] Don’t answer it! – Regina. Yeah it’s- What’s happening? You’re in danger? – Why is she talking to PZ9? – He’s tricking us. – No, you idiot, she meant to call Vy. She needs help. She’s surrounded by Project Zorgo members. – Oh gosh, Daniel, I don’t know. Spy ninjas, what do you think? Is he telling the truth? – We need to go, forget the challenge. – Yeah, Chad, if Regina’s in trouble, we’ve got to just call off
the challenge and leave. – You’re right, you’re right, we can’t let a friend stay in danger. We better leave our squares. But wait a second, if it
really was Regina who called, you go ahead and leave your square first. – I mean, do you think
Regina would be able to defend herself five
Project Zorgo members? – She’s a pretty good fighter, but I don’t know if she can handle five. – Show us the phone, show us some proof that Regina actually called Vy’s phone. – [Chad] Yeah! – (laughing) I thought
I would have gotten you. – [Daniel] It was a trick? – You’re right! – I knew it – [Daniel] You were right Chad. – I knew he was tricking us! Good thing we didn’t
leave our squares, Daniel. We almost left our squares! – [Daniel] You almost left, yeah! I was so worried for a second. – You look like you were about to cry! – No, that’s not the case. I never cry over things. – Yeah, you look pretty
shaken up there Daniel. – Of course I’m going
to be concerned for her. Me and Regina are just
closest colleagues, okay? – More like “cry-lleague” because you keep crying about it (laughing). (awkward silence) Its not funny? (energetic music) – [Daniel] Oh my gosh,
what- what time is it? Look, everybody’s sleeping. PZ9 is sleeping, Chad is sleeping. I’m still in my square though. Everybody’s still in their square. Man, nobody left yet? Hey! Hey Chad, Chad, wake up! Yeah man, over here, over here. – What time is it? – [Daniel] Its 3am! – Nothing good happens at 3am, Daniel. – [Daniel] No, but look, PZ9,
he’s sleeping like a baby. – How does he not have to
go to the bathroom yet? He drank all that water. – [Daniel] I know, what the heck? – Daniel! I’ve got a great idea. Have you ever heard about when someones sleeping, if you put their hand in water, it makes them have to go to the bathroom? – Oh yeah, I’ve heard about that before. Is it really true though? I thought it was a myth. – If you look way over there by the pool- You see that orange bucket over there? – [Daniel] Oh yeah, right there? – We can move our squares
closer to that bucket and we fill that bucket with pool water. – [Daniel] Okay. – We’ll move our squares back over here, toward PZ9. – [Daniel] Yeah? – We’ll dip his hand in the water. Maybe we can try it. Maybe if it works, he’ll have to leave
his square to go inside and go to the bathroom. Lets move our squares. – [Daniel] Alright, lets go. Move it up, move it up! – I’m at the pool now. – [Daniel] Grab that bucket! – I’ve got to reach the bucket. Fill this with water. Oh, that’s heavy. We dip his hand into this bucket of water “Ah, I’ve got to go to the bathroom!” – [Daniel] Yes! – “I’ve got to go inside!” – [Daniel] Make some pee pees – “I don’t want to pee my pants! I’m PZ9!” Now lets move everything back. – [Daniel] Okay. – You ready Daniel? – [Daniel] I’m ready man! – I’ve got to get his glove off without him waking up. I got it, I got it. – [Daniel] There you go. (suspenseful music) – Uh oh – [Daniel] What’s happening? – It won’t fit! – [Daniel] Yes! Is it working? – Is he peeing his pants? Now I think we wake him
up and he’s going to have to go to the bathroom so bad. Hey PZ9! – [Daniel] Hey! – Wake up buddy! – [Daniel] Melvin! – [PZ9] Good morning. – Good morning, how do you feel? – [Daniel] Are you dry? – [PZ9] No! What are these shenanigans? Did you try to pull the classic “hand in the bucket” challenge? – Are you telling me that it didn’t work? – [Daniel] Wait, you didn’t pee yourself? – I’ve trained my mind and body to resist all counts. – Wait, you’ve trained your mind to never go to the bathroom? Is that what you’re saying? You’re potty trained! Ha! – [PZ9] The best potty trained. – Yeah, good come back PZ9! – [Daniel] It didn’t work! Chad, take the camera for a second. – [Chad] What’s up Daniel? – PZ9 is never going to leave his circle! We’ve got to figure out
a way to get him out. Square, I mean. What about this PZ9? New challenge. Everybody has to balance on one leg on top of their square. Oh shoot! – [Chad] Careful there,
you almost fell out. – Hopefully PZ9 falls out. Yeah? – [Chad] Oh (screaming and struggling) Oh shoot! Oh no! – [Daniel] Get off of me! – [Chad] Oh my gosh! That’s not fair, that’s not fair! – [Daniel] That’s cheating! – [Chad] Hey! So he combined the squares, he made them all one big square, and then he threw you out! – [Daniel] What? No, that’s cheating! – Well I mean, we have been moving our squares a lot, Daniel. So if that’s fair, I guess its fair that he combined our squares and was able to pass through them. I think that’s legal! It’s fine, it’s fine! I can out-survive him, I can last longer in my square, Daniel. I’m going to win this thing. – Okay, yeah! Chad, you can do this! Its all up to you now! Vy needs her phone, its up to you! – I’ve got this Daniel,
I can last forever. Take you stinky glove back, PZ9. I’m going to go ahead
and just, just relax. – That’s going to be easy for me to do, now that Daniel is out of the picture. Loser. – Daniel, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you come over here? Okay, Daniel, we’ve got
to come up with a plan to push him out of his square, okay? – [Daniel] You still have your
backpack somewhere, right? – Yeah! – [Daniel] Somewhere around here. – Yeah, its right over there. – [Daniel] Well what else is in there? – So I think in there, I have some- I have some stun stars! – [Daniel] Stun stars, yes! But Chad, your backpack
is all the way over there. You’ve got to find
yourself a way to get you- Oh shoot, Chad! – [Chad] What? – [Daniel] Watch out, watch out! (screaming and struggling) – [Chad] Oh no, my leg! – [PZ9] Lets end this
challenge already, Chad! – [Daniel] Persevere man! Oh God! No! Dang! – Its not fair! He used my own lasso on me. – [Daniel] No! – You stink! – [PZ9] Feeling a little tied up Chad? I won! – I need to rescue Vy’s phone! She’s going to be so mad – I won! And you all know what
that means, right Chad? – All right, I made a
promise, I’m a man of my word. I hold to my promise, so,
huge shout out to PZ9! If you want to subscribe to him, not that I’m encouraging you to, but if you want to, there’s
a little thing right here. – [Daniel] Oh God! – But, yeah. Lets do one more challenge PZ9. I want another chance
to win Vy’s phone back. Let go inside, right now,
we’ll get Regina and Vy, and we’ll play a game,
to win her phone back. Deal? – Deal. – [Daniel] Lets do it, lets go! – Kick bump to you Daniel. – [Daniel] Kick bump! – [PZ9] PZ9 is the best fighter!

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