Last Chance for $8  discounted Art Market tickets!

Last Chance for $8 discounted Art Market tickets!

(gentle music) – Hi Calgarians, it’s Nichole
from Art Market again, and I’m here to tell you
I’ve got a gift for you, an $8 ticket. An $8 ticket, what does that get you? Well, you buy the $8 ticket,
and you can come down to Art Market all weekend for free. And when you come through those
doors, that $8 ticket gets you access to 200 artisan
from all across Canada, even the Northwest
Territories and The Yukon. They will be here as well. There’s lots of Calgarian artists. Support local, support your
city, support your community. Not only does the $8 get you
that, but a live jazz band. You can come down for $8 and listen to a live jazz band on
Thursdays and Fridays. On Sunday, we have gift giveaway. We have six gift showcases
valued at over $1,500. Put that ballot in, and for
$8, you could win that, too. Why not come down? You can touch, taste, and
feel, talk to the artists, look at what you’re buying,
right in front of your face. This is not just a shopping experience. This is the event of the year. (upbeat music)

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