Lana Calls CM Punk Out For Being Misogynistic! Tyrus Responds On Lawsuit! AEW NEWS! Wrestling News!

Lana Calls CM Punk Out For Being Misogynistic! Tyrus Responds On Lawsuit! AEW NEWS! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for
December 12, 2019 We’re starting off with some huge
news from AEW today, as the
company has seen another personality appear,
who fans wouldn’t expect. On a recent episode of AEW
Dark, Tazz stopped by to help
provide commentary, and before this week’s episode of
AEW Dynamite in Garland,
Texas, it was Vickie Guerrero’s turn to don the
headset. The former RAW and Smack
Down General Manager isn’t
under contract with WWE, but we haven’t heard anything
about her signing with AEW
either, meaning this is probably just a one-off
appearance. With that said, this appearance
could become a regular thing if
AEW likes her work, as her shrieks of “EXCUSE ME!”
could become more common
on AEW Dynamite. Speaking of the new promotion,
it’s been clear over the past
several months that WWE doesn’t want their Super
stars going to AEW, but that
hasn’t stopped stars like Jon Moxley and Shawn Spears
from making an impact. With Luke Harper, Sin Cara and
the Ascension all being
released this week, it looks like the trend of WWE stars joining
AEW isn’t over yet, though this
works both ways. While speaking to Chris Van Vliet,
AEW’s Santana and Ortiz
revealed that WWE were looking to sign the duo, and this
interest level raised significantly
only after AEW showed up. In the interview, the duo confirmed
that there was a substantial offer
made by the McMahon-led promotion, but
Santana and Ortiz feared they
would get lost in the shuffle, as so many tag teams
have done. This was clearly the right choice
for Santana and Ortiz, who have
done big things as part of AEW, and thanks to their
allegiance to Chris Jericho’s
inner circle, are almost always in the main event picture,
something we doubt would have
happened in WWE. Back to WWE now, and whilst CM
Punk gave his ideas for how the
Rusev-Lana-Lashley saga should end on this week’s
edition of Backstage, not
everyone is a fan. During the show, Punk jested that
the Bulgarian Brute and the
Destroyer should wrestle at TLC, but in a Loser
Keeps Lana match, with the
Ravishing Russian being suspended above the ring in
a shark cage. Though many fans were
entertained by Punk’s idea,
one person who didn’t see the funny side was Lana herself,
who took to Twitter to brand
the comments misogynistic and asked Punk to try and move
forward with the company after
his many years away. This wasn’t the only big thing Punk
had to say about WWE this week,
as the Best in the World commented on the Roman
Reigns Dog Food segment from
SmackDown, as well as Seth Rollins’ heel turn on the
latest edition of RAW. Unfortunately, this appearance by
Punk didn’t help in the ratings, as
this week’s show brought in 127,000 viewers with
their 11PM EST time slot, down
from last week’s 138,000. There was also a fall in the 18-49
demographic, as this week’s show
brought in a 0.6 rating, which was also down from
last week’s 0.8. Out of the top 150 cable television
shows, WWE Backstage ranked in
at number 128, and whilst Punk may believe seeing
Lana in a shark cage is the best
way for this feud to end, the Russian will need some
serious convincing. We’re heading into the trenches
for the Wednesday Night Wars
now, as this week’s edition of Dynamite saw Chris
Jericho try to recruit Jon Moxley
to the inner circle. After the former Ambrose had
dispatched both Alex Reynolds
and John Silver, Le Champion came out with his
cohorts, and said he’d been
impressed with the Lunatic so far. Placing an Inner Circle shirt on
Moxley’s shoulder, Jericho
promised that joining the group would be a true Paradigm
shift, before leaving the ring
without coming to blows. In our first match of the night, the
new tag team of the Blade and
the Butcher impressed, as they picked up
the win over Cody Rhodes and their hand-picked partner
for him QT Marshall. This is just the latest in a series
of bad luck for Rhodes, who lost
his Full Gear match to Chris Jericho and was turned on
by MJF, but after this week’s
match, Darby Allin appeared to shake the former
NWA Champion’s hand. It seems that Rhodes has at least
one friend in AEW, but after what
happened with MJF, it’ll be interesting to see just
how far he can trust Allin. Speaking of MJF, the cocky heel
appeared next with Wardlow in
tow next, and despite Rhodes’ incentives last week,
was not in a fighting mood. After being promised money by
Rhodes to fight, MJF confirmed
that the pair will do battle, but only after calling the
VP fake and mocking his lisp. Saying that the match will have
special stipulations, MJF said
those steps will be revealed on the first Dynamite
of 2020, as it seems this feud
is far from over. Women’s division action next as
Big Swole picked up a win over
Emi Sakura, hitting her Dirty Dancing finisher to
get the win. With Hikaru Shida watching at
ringside, Swole made a big
impression in the contest, and we can’t help but suspect
AEW Women’s Champion Riho
was watching as well. After an interview segment with
PAC, it was time for Tag Team
action, as Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page
picked up the win over Kip Sabian
and Shawn Spears. Interestingly, it was Page who got
the win after hitting the Buckshot
Lariat, but this only came as he made the blind
tag on Omega, something that the
Cleaner may not be too happy with. A backstage video showed Bradi
Rhodes hyping up a new client
after insulting the entire women’s division, and up
next Chris Jericho and Jake
Hager joined Jim Ross on commentary for the next match. Seeing Sammy Guevara take
on Luchasaurus, the match
was a back and forth affair, but ultimately it was the Prehistoric
Powerhouse who got the win,
hitting The Extinction to get the win. This victory was short-lived of
course, as the Inner Circle
instantly attacked Luchasaurus, but the numbers
were equalized when Jungle Boy
and Marko Stunt joined the fray When Perry caught Le Champion
with a hurricanrana pin fall, Stunt
slid in to make the pin, and whilst Jericho may be
right with his screams of it
doesn’t count, it did give fans plenty to think about. In our main event, The Young
Bucks picked up a big win over
Proud and Powerful, as they defeated Santana and
Ortiz in a Texas Street fight. Despite the interference of
Sammy Guevara, the Bucks
were able to get the win thanks to a couple of Meltzer
Drivers on chairs and have
earned themselves a shot at AEW Tag Champions the SCU
on next week’s show. Whilst AEW Dynamite was a
jampacked show, the same
can be said for NXT, as the show kicked off with a huge
title change. After weeks of taking it to Lio
Rush, Angel Garza has
captured the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, and the match
saw both men take a page
from the other’s book. During the contest, Garza would
drop Rush with the Man of the
Hour’s own Come Up, though the then-Champion would
answer this with Garza’s own
Wing Clipper. After multiple pin fall attempts
failed to get the job done,
Garza would lock in the reverse full-nelson to force the
submission, ending Rush’s
reign, and becoming the first-ever Mexican NXT
Cruiserweight Champion. After that explosive opener, it
was time for Cameron Grimes
and Raul Mendoza to follow suit, and it was Mendoza
who got the win, getting some
retribution for being attacked by the Technical
Savage last week. Mendoza’s victory wasn’t all on
his own though, as he got a big
assist by Kushida, who distracted Grimes during the
match, and after costing him
the win, added insult to injury by taking Grimes’ signature
hat, and trying it on for size. In a prelude to next month’s
World’s Collide tournament,
NXT’s Jackson Ryker took on NXT UK’s Travis Banks, in a
hard-hitting match from the start. Though the leader of the
Forgotten Sons quickly
overwhelmed Banks with his brute strength, the Kiwi Buzzsaw used
his quickness advantage to
battle back, cutting Ryker down to size. Hitting the Slice of Heaven before
Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake
had a chance to get involved, the New Zealander got
the upset win on this occasion,
and gave some momentum to NXT UK. In the first one-on-one contest
between the two, Mia Yim was
unable to topple Dakota Kai, who is continuing her
mean streak that boiled to the
surface at Wargames. A sign of this darker side of Kair
came when she smashed Yim’s
face into the esposed turnbuckle, after distracting the
ref with the knee brace of Tegan
Nox that she still carries. Though Yim came up short, this
wasn’t going to stop her getting
revenge, as the Head Baddie in Charge got her revenge
by bringing Kai atop a platform
and sending her crashing through a table below
with a devastating back suplex. After Breezango picked up a win
over the former 24/7 Champions
the Singh Brothers, and Bianca Belair got the win
over Kayden Carter, it was time
for the main event of the show, which saw Finn Balor, Keith
Lee and Tomasso Ciampa battle
it out in triple threat action. A match with huge stakes, the
winner would receive a shot
at NXT Champion Adam Cole on next week’s edition of
the gold brand, giving all three
plenty of incentive to do everything they could to win. At one point, Bálor creatively
turned a Spirit Bomb attempt
by Lee into the Coup de Grace, while Ciampa evoked
gasps from the Full Sail crowd
with an unbelievable Air Raid Crash on The Limitless
Superstar despite a 100-plus
pound difference. Never one to miss out on a
chance to make the NXT
Universe bask in his glory, Lee also wowed the audience with
a massive second rope Moon
Sault. After the smoke was cleared
though, it was Balor who stood
tall, dropping Lee with another Coup de Grace to seal
the victory, and a shot at the
NXT Champion. Balor’s 2015-2016 reign with the
title remains to be the longest
title reign in NXT Championship history, and whilst
the Prince would love to add
another reign to his impressive career, that will be
easier said than done next week,
when he battles the leader of the Undisputed Era. We’ve got more news of the
legal action against former
WWE Superstar Brodus Clay, who is being sued for se**al
harassment along with Fox
News According to Britt McHenry, the
tabloid network quote “publicly
says it now has ‘zero tolerance’ for se**al harassment.
This is a dangerous lie. In
practice, Fox News remains a sanctuary for se**al harassers,
coddling and enabling the men
who abuse female employees.” McHenry has alleged that Clay,
who has his own show Un-PC
under his TNA name
Tyrus, sent her pictures of her
genitals, and threatened to do the
same if she spoke out against him. The former Superstar’s attorney
has released a statement on the
matter to the Wrap, saying: “As we have previously stated,
Ms. McHenry’s allegations have
been fully investigated and we are confident
our actions will be deemed entirely
appropriate in litigation. We expect all of her
claims to be dismissed.” This isn’t the first time a member
of FOX News has been accused
of se**al harassment, as the network’s Bill
O’Reilly left amid harassment
claims years ago, and even their founder Roger Ailes
stepped down due to similar
claims from multiple sources back in 2016. We’ll make sure to follow this
story as it progresses but for
now it’s obvious that Clay’s attorney doesn’t think their client
will be found guilty of any
wrongdoing, despite McHenry’s claims of having
evidence. Back to WWE now, and this week
marked the huge return of John
Morrison, who has come back to the company after
an eight-year absence. After the news was broken on
WWE Backstage, Morrison
made his first official WWE appearance in years on the Bump,
where he spent a lot of time on
the show. During one segment, the former
ECW World Champion was
even greeted by his old tag partner The Miz, who appeared
via satellite, and went down
memory lane with the Shaman of Sexy. Older fans may remember Miz
and Morrison’s antics on their
own web show The Dirt Sheet, and Miz commented on
the hit series, saying that they
would come up for material during the long drives.
He said: “Those four-hour drives suck, but
when we were riding together
doing The Dirt Sheet those drives would fly by because
we were laughing and coming up
with stuff the whole time.” During the Dirt Sheet, both Miz
and Morrison weren’t afraid to
imitate whoever they were feuding with at the time, and
when Morrison asked the A-Lister
if he remembers dressing up as Hardcore Holly, the
answer was an emphatic yes.
Miz said: “Oh, I remember. I told him I’m not
doing it; I’m not doing it. I asked
him, ‘Why don’t you do it?’ He said: ‘Because you
do it better.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not doing
it.’ So, then after like thirty minutes of conning me
into doing it, I do it and literally
I’m almost in a fight backstage because I did an
imitation that was pretty
good to be honest.” Morrison would go on to reveal
that after the pair next showed
up on RAW, Holly shoulder-checked the Miz in
anger, saying “I saw that episode
of the Dirt Sheet, you
think you’re funny huh?” Whilst the stoic Hardcore one
may not have been amused,
thousands of fans tuned in to the Dirt Sheet each and every
week, and with the two Super
stars back in the same company, a reunion show may
be in the works, if Vince
McMahon allows it. And finally, today we’re ending
with some news about copyright,
as the WWE is always looking to own as much
pro wrestling property as possible. This attitude has led to some
conflict with AEW Vice President
Cody Rhodes, who has tried to own anything connect with
his late father the American
Dream Dusty Rhodes, including hosting a January AEW
show called Bash at the Beach,
named after the famous WCW Pay Per View. Now, the PW Insider reports that
WWE applied for a ton of new
trademarks last week, many of which include WCW Pay
Per View names, such as Souled
Out, Greed, World War 3. These weren’t the only Pay Per
View names WWE applied for
however, as they also sent one out for former WWF
Pay Per View Fully Loaded,
as well as old ECW names like Hardcore Heaven and
Heat Wave. and living
dangerously Though fans have speculated
that this means these old
shows are returning, it’s much more likely that this has been
done to stop the names being
taken by AEW or any other promotions. In this list of applications, the
company also filed a trademark
for the Brock Lesnar Catchphrase “Eat Sleep Conquer
Repeat”, as McMahon is doing
some conquering of his own, at least in the trademark

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